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Northside vs southside – is one really better than the other?

By 5 May 2015 5

Northside versus southside. It's pretty much the greatest rivalry since Springfield versus Shelbyville. I've never really understood it. I currently live in Canberra's north...

Best of Canberra – Vanilla slice

By 5 May 2015 11
vanilla slice

When it comes to vanilla slice, there seems to be no middle ground. You either love them enough to travel to the other side of Canberra for a good one, or you think the nickn...

Did you witness an armed robbery in Calwell this morning?

By 5 May 2015

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an armed robbery which occurred in Calwell early this morning (Tuesday, 5 May). Around 1am two women entered the Woolworths Petrol servi...

Warren Miller’s 65th ski and snowboard film

By 5 May 2015

Introducing Warren Miller's highly anticipated 65th ski and snowboard film. Take a journey with Warren Miller to the deepest of destinations, from beneath the blankets of powde...

Computer recycling services in Canberra?

By 5 May 2015 1

Sydney and Melbourne have services for low income people to buy refurbished computer stock from volunteer organisations at low prices. Most of the computers are ex Government a...

Oh please, show me a sign!

By 5 May 2015 2

Living in Canberra my entire life, I have witnessed first-hand all the changes - good and bad - that this city has gone through to accommodate the growing population. There ...

Police responding to suspicious package at Indonesian Embassy

By 4 May 2015

UPDATE: The white powder found in a package at the Indonesian Embassy has been deemed safe. ACT Policing is responding to reports of a suspicious package located at the Indone...

VoIP quality in Canberra

By 4 May 2015 6

We are thinking of switching to iiNet's Naked DSL to save on the phone rental. We are in Crace so were automatically put on their NBN + Fibre Phone two years ago - but recentl...

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Holiday Distractions

By 29 September 2008 51

For the next two weeks, those Rioters amongst us who have bred are wondering what time-wasting (but preferably not money-wasting) activities there are in our fair city. I have a 9yo son, who has expressed a desire to visit the War Memorial these holidays. But I am trying to think of what to ...

Canberra Capitals First Game

By 29 September 2008 8

Canberra's most successful sporting team, the Canberra Capitals commence their season this weekend with a double road trip to Melbourne and then make their first home appearance on Friday October 10 against the Sydney Flames at the AIS Arena. The team looks pretty good this year, with high profil...

Police Wrap - 29 September

By 29 September 2008 32

1. There was a death on the roads of Forrest over the weekend: ACT Policing is currently investigating a fatal collision that occurred today (28 September) in Forrest. At approximately 7.40pm an 87 year old woman was struck by a car at the intersection of Canberra Avenue and National Circuit...

Candidate Questionaires for 29 September

By 29 September 2008 24

Candidate Questionaire number three is now in from Adam Verwey, Independent for Ginninderra and veteran of the RiotACT Sim Challenge. It's well worth reading for the kicking he gives celebrity candidate Mark Parton. Adam's answers to your questions are online here....

Courts as fortresses

By 29 September 2008 22

Simon Corbell has announced that a security upgrade at the courts has come into effect today. So our learned friends will need to allow more time to get in and out while they pass through the metal detectors and get their bags x-rayed. Apparently it's not due to any rise in violence in our courts...

RiotACT on Stateline

By 29 September 2008 55

[First filed: September 26, 2008 @ 20:10] Well that went quite well. Much thanks to The Front for letting us disrupt their morning on Wednesday. Video to come shortly. In the meantime why not knock yourselves out telling us what you think? While we wait for that upload to complete here's a ...

Nightfest a success

By 29 September 2008 10

Despite some grumbling on this site about the Nightfest at Floriade the ABC is declaring the event a success. "We'll sit down ... and go through all the things which can be improved and all the things which worked and based on that we'll make a decision on next year. "But I'd be very surprised...

Forget about Gungahlin Drive Extension - what about Gungahlin Drive Original!

By 29 September 2008 12

Gungahlin Drive Extension has received a lot of scrutiny since its opening, and rightly so, particularly as we now witness the farce of roadworks beginning again. However, I would like to shine a spotlight on the deplorable state of the "original" Gungahlin Drive, between Barton Highway and Kosciusz...

Aussie Junk at Mitchell

By 29 September 2008 22

This is not a whinge, but moreso a heads up for prospective punters. On the weekend Ms Thumper and myself went out to Aussie Junk at Mitchell to look for some cheap second hand building material. Sadly we could not find what we wanted. However, Ms Thumper found a nice piece of stained glass we...

Election Wrap - 29 September

By 29 September 2008 3

Greens: Meredith Hunter is calling on Defence to reveal all that it knows about the dangerous chemicals left behind at the Naval Transmission Station at Lawson. --- Liberals: The CT has the unsurprising news that the shopkeepers of Calwell would very much like to see the Liberals get int...

RiotACT server outage - Sunday evening

By 29 September 2008 30

[First filed: September 27, 2008 @ 22:01] On Sunday evening, the new RiotACT server will be going into the Transact data centre to replace our current box, which has really been struggling recently. We expect the server to be offline between 6pm and 9pm, while we get the data transferred and the ...

Why oh why do Labor funds play and rape at the Canberra Times?

By 29 September 2008 11

By way of disclosure I should say I applied to run the Canberra Times website last year, and will confess to being a little surprised to not even get an interview. Because of that I've tried to avoid being seen to have a poke at their site, and have even canned the submissions of others that have...

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