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Pills, kids and the big hush up!

By 28 July 2015
childcare stock image

I've known about this incident for a few days now. At first mention it left a sickly feeling inside. Three children were apparently hospitalised after ingesting adult medicatio...

Fact checking statements about Dickson Parklands

By 28 July 2015 7

There have been inaccurate media statements and comments online by the bureaucracy and others about the actions of residents to save the Dickson Parklands. Here are some key p...

Best of Canberra – Hangover food

By 28 July 2015 6
bacon and egg roll

A thumping headache, a dry mouth and dizzy spells – all signs that last night consisted of one too many tequila shots or a little too much gin.  Despite what you might think ...

The ACT deserves better federal representation. Here’s why.

By 28 July 2015 5
mount ainslie view over parliament house and war memorial canberra

Following the flurry after it was announced that the Northern Territory may achieve statehood by 2018, politicians, pundits, and the media alike were quick to quell the cries t...

Weekend cafe hot spot: High tea at the Burbury Hotel, Barton

By 25 July 2015 1

Is there a woman out there who doesn’t love high tea?! It’s such a wonderful event and makes for the perfect excuse to get frocked up. I have been to high tea at the Hyatt a nu...

And the AHA winners for 2015 are…

By 28 July 2015

Canberra’s newest and most popular licensed bars, restaurants, nightclubs and accommodation hotels were applauded at the 2015 Australian Hotels Association (AHA) ACT Hospitality Awards last night. Following a record number of entries, more than 460 industry, political and hospitality leaders atte...

Recommendations for motorcycle service in Canberra

By 28 July 2015 5

Hello fellow rioters I recently inherited a BMW K100 (1983). It's hasn't run in a fair while and I just want to get it serviced to make sure I don't ruin anything by getting...

Salvos’ style army comes to Canberra

By 28 July 2015
faye de lanty

As part of National Op Shop Week, Salvos Stores is bringing its style army to Canberra this September. From the media release: The Style Army encourages consumers to shop i...

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A-League bid finds a white knight - Who the hell is Melissa Fischer-Massa?

By 7 November 2008 8

The Age informs us that "Millisa Fischer" has ponied up the cash to make a go of Canberra's A-League football team bid. We strongly suspect they're referring to one Melissa Fischer-Massa. Cursory googling indicates she has a colourful history with a variety of soccer teams across this wide brown ...

Rudd St collapse site partially re-opened.

By 7 November 2008 3

The ABC reports that the QEII site in Civic, host to last week's spectacular building collapse has been partially re-opened. It sounds, however, like there's still a long way to go before they can get back to work: "The ORS [ACT Office of Regulatory Services] says it is still waiting for e...

DIY Wotz on guide for the weekend of 7 November

By 7 November 2008 10

[First filed: November 06, 2008 @ 09:05] Greetings once more to the hive-mind. It might feel like we haven't had much of a week, but the weekend is again upon us. Share in the comments below what events can be enjoyed this weekend! ...

Waistcoats, Whiskers and Whiskey

By 7 November 2008 8

[First filed: October 23, 2008 @ 14:56] The Canberra Musicians Club has announced its next big deal, Waistcoats, Whiskers and Whiskey @ Corroboree Park Hall, Ainslie. Don your waistcoat, eschew your razor, decanter your favourite hard licker and mosey, saunter, sashay or stroll down to Cor...

How long's too long?

By 7 November 2008 28

Ok, so I'm not really the patient type anyway, so am interested in opinions on whether this is the norm in Canberra, or if it is a bit excessive. After hunting around for some time for a recliner for my partner that wasn't too big and wasn't too small we eventually found one at Cusacks/Furnitur...

Volunteer applications are open for the National Folk Festival, Easter 2009 (

By 7 November 2008

Volunteer applications are open for anyone who would like to get involved in a hands-on way with the 2009 National Folk Festival. Vacancies currently exist in: advance ticket purchasing, Axis youth, bar cashier, bar setup, billet accommodation, caretakers, childcare, cleanup, comms centre, commun...

Cost of Fuel in Phillip

By 7 November 2008 12

There seem to have been some pretty wild fluctuations in the cost of fuel in Phillip this week.  For most of the week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), both the Shell and BP outlets on Melrose drive were selling fuel for about $1.22 per litre, there was a difference of about 2c PL between the two se...

Sharon Mortlock a no-show in court

By 6 November 2008 41

The ABC informs us that Sharon Mortlock has failed to front court today over the fatal Wanniassa hit and run of Luke Stefani from August for which she is facing charges. It seems she had another pressing court date in Bega today. So go the days of our lives....

Handmade Canberra's Upmarket

By 6 November 2008 2

  Handmade is now only 2 weeks away. There are over 50 fabulous stall holders booked in. Inside sites are now full but I can still squeeze in some out door stalls. (Especially food orientated) I hope to see you all at Albert Hall on the 22nd Nov from 10am. Cheers Market girl...

ActewAGL to impose Dog Owner Charge

By 6 November 2008 37

I have two dogs, but am also the unfortunate owner of a gas meter residing in my back yard (which ActewAGL put there a few years ago). Speaking with ActewAGL today, I have found out that with the billing system upgrade currently underway there will no longer be the facility for customers to ring...

Problems with private certification of buildings.

By 6 November 2008 18

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) has just given a private certifier (those people responsible for checking the quality and safety of new buildings) a serve for failing in his statutory duties.  When the Stanhope government introduced private certification several years ago, many Canberrans...

Come to Australia and see the ACT Legislative Assembly

By 6 November 2008 12

While looking up sitting dates for the Legislative Assembly* I was surprised to see this high up the google rankings. It seems Holidays Hub rates the Legislative Assembly as a "Major Attraction" in Australia. Along with some history (and missing date fields) it helpfully informs international vis...

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