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Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: Common Grounds, Gowrie Shops

By 23 August 2014

For this week's café hot spot review I decided to head south again and try out suburban café Common Grounds found at Gowrie shops. I've been to Common Grounds once before ...

What’s on this weekend? 23rd and 24th August 2014

By 22 August 2014

As we approach our penultimate Winter weekend, there is plenty going on in the Capital. Suggestions from some of our team: Amy Birchall is indulging her not-so-inner nerd...

Searching for LIVE vongole in cbr

By 23 August 2014

As above! I can find 'fresh' vongole/clams but they're never alive (tried all the fish/seafood shops at and around fyshwick mkt). Any ideas?...

Victory for Tuggeranong United FC

By 23 August 2014 1

Tuggeranong United FC will host Melbourne Victory FC in the Round 16 match of the 2014 Westfield FFA Cup knock-out competition. Vikings Park, Erindale is the confirmed venue. ...

David Eastman’s murder conviction quashed

By 22 August 2014 17

David Eastman is set to be released from prison after his murder conviction was quashed in the supreme court today. The Director of Public Prosecutions must now decide whether Eastman will be hauled back before a jury for another trial. Holding an effective retrial could prove near impossible ...

Corin Forest snow report

By 22 August 2014

Corin Forest has a deep cover over the snow play area, up to 1.4m deep in parts, which means plenty to play in. There were a few nights of snow making during the week topping u...

Kingsford Smith School reviews?

By 22 August 2014 1

Hello all, I am seeking reviews on the Kingsford Smith School. Please help! This is our PPA school, but I have a few reservations about sending my little one there. Any info, thoughts, reviews would be GREAT! Don't hold back. Can also include thoughts on surrounding schools (within 5-10km)....

A Canberra Sunday tradition marks 20 years

By 22 August 2014

Canberra's Old Bus Depot Markets are celebrating 20 very successful years in operation next month. They will mark the occasion on Sunday 14 September. “The Old Bus Depot ...

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Medical care in the ACT

By 7 March 2008 18

I would like to share my experience with the medical care facilities in the ACT in the hope that some change in focus begins to occur. My three year old son was referred for a hearing test and paediatrician consult for a speech delay last week. Upon calling the ACT health number for a hearing test I...

Hip Hop Workshop

By 6 March 2008 36

Hip Hop Workshop with Karuna 2 - 5pm Saturday 15 March A youth workshop with the talented Karuna Bajracharya (ex-Bumblebeez). Participants will compose and write a song/sound piece, made from the ground up using only what’s available in the room. Everyone will be asked to contribute sonicall...

A functioning ACT Government work unit

By 6 March 2008 20

Yesterday my garbage bin was stolen.  Yes, a completely full bin was taken from the kerb, holus bolus - gone. Today I called the lost wheelie bin service on 6260 1547 - here's a summary of the conversation: Me: Hi, I would like to report my bin has been stolen Operator: No problems, giv...

Sanity Civic closing down sale 50% off everything

By 6 March 2008 14

They haven't got much left in the store and it was packed when I was there at lunch - the line at the counter consistently had a dozen people. Picked up the 3rd last copy of Die Hard 4.0 there for $10 and a pair of Sennheiser PX-100 headphones for $50. If you can, get in there today and get yo...

ACT economy screwed?

By 6 March 2008 6

The Canberra Times is reporting that, according to the latest Australian National Accounts issued yesterday, the ACT is the worst-performing economy in the country. Yes, even worse than NSW! As I am not an economist I don't understand all the figures and percentages, however, ACT Chief Ministe...

Pialligo Harvest Celebration, this long weekend

By 6 March 2008 1

This Canberra Day long weekend, there'll be a harvest celebration at Pialligo. After frost wiped out most of the apple crop last season, the  community is putting on an event to celebrate the return of the apples. Over the weekend,  most of the various businesses and farms will be running even...

Gallagher and Health Dept not responsible again.

By 6 March 2008 7

ABC online is reporting that part time Minister not responsible for health, Ms Gallagher has defended the treatment of a Canberra man who says he did not get chemotherapy for leukemia on time at the Canberra Hospital. According to Katie it is all okay because a review found the delay occurred bec...

Stanhope bags out Greens

By 6 March 2008 38

Chief Minister Jon Stanhope has, rightly in my opinion, criticised the ACT greens for their proposal to devote this year’s entire budget surplus to retrofitting every house and building in Canberra with solar hot water heaters and insulation. Mr Stanhope said that (this) "was yet further proof ...

Dallas Frasca at The Basement tonight...

By 6 March 2008 3

It's going to be a cracker - Dallas Frasca always is! If you haven't heard of Dallas or seen her live, this will be worth the trip out to Belcompton. Supported by The Andi & George Band & Marji Curran Trio, $10 on the door.  More info here...

poor driving habits increase

By 6 March 2008 148

Another bizarre driving habit has been developing on ACT roads - the practice of leaving a large gap between your car and the car in front when stopped at traffic lights.  Two or three metres is adequate, but i've seen people leave two or three car lengths, even more.  So what? you say.  M...

New early warning system for ACT hospitals

By 6 March 2008 4

ACT Health has introduced a new early warning system that aims to detect if a patient's condition is getting worse. IBN news reports that the new program is being rolled out to the inpatient areas of Canberra Hospital and Calvary after a four-month trial last year. It uses a new patient obse...

Glenloch "Major traffic changes"

By 5 March 2008 26

So this morning, I noticed one of those big ass signs, stating major changes to Glenloch as of the 7th. I can't find any info on the TAMS site. Anyone have any info on this ?...

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