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The Importance of Being Earnest – Canberra Theatre Centre (Review)

By 22 August 2014

The Importance of Being Earnest can feel like fairy floss: sweet, yes, but when you start to pull it apart it becomes insubstantial. The play is an outright farce and this prod...

A Canberra Sunday tradition marks 20 years

By 22 August 2014

Canberra's Old Bus Depot Markets are celebrating 20 very successful years in operation next month. They will mark the occasion on Sunday 14 September. “The Old Bus Depot ...

What’s on this weekend? 23rd and 24th August 2014

By 22 August 2014

As we approach our penultimate Winter weekend, there is plenty going on in the Capital. Suggestions from some of our team: Amy Birchall is indulging her not-so-inner nerd to see astronaut Chris Hadfield speak at Llewellyn Hall for National Science week on Sunday 24th of August Josh Mu...

The Deck at Regatta Point

By 22 August 2014

I am looking to book "The Deck at Regatta Point" for a function. The most recent reviews on RIOTACT are from 2011 and they are pretty woeful (actually, truly woeful). Has anyone been there lately? I have heard that it has changed hands, and seeing that my function will mainly have interstate vis...

Analysing the New ACTION Network – Part 2

By 22 August 2014

This is the second of my three part series looking at the ACTION network 14. My first post focused on changes north of the lake. This write up focuses of changes Southside. P...

Winners of the Canberra Women in Business Awards

By 21 August 2014

The winners of the 2014 Canberra Women in Business Awards were announced last night at a gala dinner hosted by Canberra Women in Business (CWB) at the Hotel Realm. The event b...

Studio Underground – A season of secret theatre at the Canberra Youth Theatre

By 21 August 2014 1

Come and join us in the Underground... The Canberra Youth Theatre Teen and Senior Ensembles have been bringing their considerable talents to bear for STUDIO UNDERGROUND – ...

Real estate’s best and brightest play the long game

By 21 August 2014
jonathan charles

As homeowners demand increasingly high levels of service from their real estate agents, the best in the industry are playing the long game and focusing on building client relat...

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Watson highest unlawful entries in ACT.

By 2 January 2008 37

It makes me wonder......... since moving into quite Watson in 2006, I have seen a surge of unlawful entries, graffiti and vehicle hooning in the area. My question is why the AFP have not yet set up a taskforce to target the the criminals carrying out these acts?? Especially since an article in the C...

Israeli embassy evacuated

By 2 January 2008 5

The SMH is reporting that the Israeli embassy was evacuated this morning after the discovery of a suspicious package containing white powder. Nothing more at this stage....

Canberra first time mums are older

By 2 January 2008 15

The ABC is reporting that Canberra mums are choosing to have their children much later in life which is apparently against national trends. ACT Health Minister Katy Gallagher says the report by the ACT Health Department shows women having children in their mid 30s. Canberra residents are also ...

Fatal hit and run in Gungahlin NYE?

By 2 January 2008 26

I just caught a quick blurb on the news about this. From the footage it looked like the road that the (unoccupied...) cop shop is on just out the front of the townhouses there. Anyone have any info on this? I tried the online Canberra Times but of course there was nothing there....

Mandatory internet filtering

By 2 January 2008 68

Look everyone, Kevin wants to filter the internet. What I want to know is what effect this may have on sites like RiotACT? Who, exactly, gets to say which site falls which side of the line? On what basis? I actually don't expect such a place as this would be sidelined, but mebbe dissent will b...

Happy New Year Rioters

By 1 January 2008 9

Happy New Year to everyone. Hope everyone had a blast last night, or at least that nothing disasterous happened. I usually find that New Years Eve has a lot of hype and expectation but at the end you've stayed up far too late, had too much warm champagne and finished it off by waiting over an hour...

No More Neighbourhood Watch For Dickson

By 1 January 2008 4

Dickson Neighbourhood Watch is shutting up shop after 21 years. It is a bit sad - I'm not sure whether they couldn't get anyone to deliver the newsletter, or perhaps to produce it. Or maybe noone turned up to their meetings. My inner north neighbourhood watch is fairly active (in the sightly h...

Capitalists in Capitol Theatre

By 1 January 2008 51

I went to the movies in Manuka yesterday to see No Country for Old Men.  About half an hour into the movie I went downstairs to buy some water but they were closing up.  The guy working in the candy bar said it wasn't too late to buy something but that I'd need the exact change. I asked how mu...

DIY Wotz-on-guide for NYE 07

By 31 December 2007 4

We had a limited response to this earlier story about NYE plans (must be the silly season). Fortunately the ACT Govt hasn't dropped the ball this year, and there will be big fireworks displays in Civic at 9pm and midnight. There is also outdoor music at Garema place and Civic square, both events...

Standby for Easter

By 31 December 2007 8

Oh dear... they talk about the first magpie of spring and the first fly of the summer. What about the first sign of Easter? My wife has just arrived home with Hot Cross buns. THE POST-CHRISTMAS SALES ARE STILL ON!!!...

Another year, another Summernats

By 31 December 2007 84

Whilst making the return pilgrimage from the coast, I came up past E.P.I.C. (anything 'epic' needs the fullstops) and noted the signs: Summernats Competitors entrance, Summernats Parking entrance, and the Summernats Entrants entrance. Hang on, I thought to myself, why do the people plying their cars...

Dirty Water

By 31 December 2007 11

Hi, I've just discovered that the water coming out of my tap is pale brown. Is anyone else having this problem?...

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