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Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: Loading Zone, Canberra City

By 7 March 2015

Living close to the city, I am always looking for delicious breakfast spots; breakfast being one of my favourite meals. A couple of months ago Loading Zone popped up as a recomm...

Weekend garage sale guide (7th and 8th March)

By 6 March 2015

To include your listing in an upcoming allclassifieds Canberra weekend garage sale guide, upload your garage sale details for free on Friday 6 Marc...

A Look Around Canberra: Hackett

By 6 March 2015
Hackett Shops

With leafy streets, an oval of bounding dogs, quirky characters and bustling businesses, the suburb of Hackett harbours a unique and vibrant community. The suburb was named aft...

What’s on this weekend? 7th and 8th March

By 5 March 2015 3

The Night Noodle Markets and Enlighten continue, but it’s the kick off of the Canberra Balloon Spectacular that has us excited for this long weekend. Canberra’s skies wi...

Top historic Canberra sights you’ve never visited

By 5 March 2015 4
photo (2)

Canberra is well known for the Australian War Memorial, Parliament House and Lake Burley Griffin, but I’ve also recently come across some lesser known sights across the capital s...

Podcast: ScienceAlerts journey to 6.4 million Facebook likes

By 6 March 2015
Startup Capital podcast

The Startup Capital is a locally produced, biweekly podcast discussing startups and innovation.  In this episode, ScienceAlert's Journey to 6.4 million Facebook likes, Mitch a...

The Guitar Cases host March Blues Jam

By 6 March 2015
guitar cases band

The Guitar Cases band create their own brew of laidback outlaw country and folk influenced blues. Don't just expect to hear hypnotic riffs, blues-tinged licks, solos, and st...

Seeking Inward Bound ANU runners

By 6 March 2015

Looking for those mildly crazy people who have run in the ANU's Inward Bound Event over the years.... Unfortunately, there hasn't been a great record of who ran, where end p...

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Are we happy with our library service?

By 1 August 2008 13

RiotACT commenter, and Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, John Hargreaves, has returned from lunch and fired out a flurry of media releases including this one triumphantly claiming an improvement in satisfaction levels relating to our public libraries (the ones he hasn't closed at any ra...

How do you break a lease in the ACT?

By 1 August 2008 14

We simply can't stand our house any more. It's overpriced and dull. There are gorgeous properties for lease in Bungendore, Gunning and towns like those for half the cost. The petrol sums add up. The only problem is that we've still got six months on the rental contract left to run. None of us hav...

State of the Riot - July 2008

By 1 August 2008 57

We're re-instating the State of the Riot as a monthly feature. For new players there's some fun stuff in the keywords down the page. In the meantime, well, that's a gratifying bounce on my return! Better than I hoped for and thank you all for reading and, where appropriate, for contributing. ...

Traffic Behavior in Phillip

By 1 August 2008 16

How many people have to have an accident in Phillip before they work out which way the roads go? Yesterday, someone tried to go up the one-way down road, and met a car coming the other way. There is a sign that says "no entry" but they tried to anyway. I have seen several accidents where people d...

The Zierholz Brewery bar/cafe - opening real soon now Now op

By 1 August 2008 43

[First filed: July 19, 2008 @ 10:03] With the fitout and paperwork nearly complete Christoph Zierholz invited a select group to have a look at the bar/cafe he's built into his Fyshwick brewery. The slideshow tells you most of what you need to know. Everyone there seemed to like it, mor...

Are you ready for NightFest

By 1 August 2008 21

It appears we're going to have a NightFest. The first I heard of it was a media release from the industrious Andrew Barr. Some snooping has unearthed a page on TAMS' website: Get swept up in the magic of Floriade NightFest during five special night openings, when Floriade transforms in...

Stormwater storage?

By 1 August 2008 38

Andrew Barr's having a busy day. He's just announced that the ACT government is going to start pumping stormwater into aquifers for use watering ovals. The Government will tomorrow release a draft variation to the Territory Plan which will allow for storm water to be stored in aquifers and recove...

Andrew rolls out more parking, can you smell the election?

By 1 August 2008 13

The ABC brings word that Simon Corbell Andrew Barr is going to roll out an extra six hundred FREE parking spaces in Civic by the end of August. Well, near Civic anyway, it's the Acton car park that's getting the expansion. After Floriade (co-incidentally - we're sure - after the election too) ...

Southside Road Blocks...

By 1 August 2008 7

Did anyone else spot the road blocks early this morning (12am/1am) around Erindale Drive and the Tuggeranong parkway? Many police cars were out... I think the curious side has got the better side of me! I just hope everything is ok ;) But something was definatly going down in the southside tonigh...

Norvan Vogt in the Sim Canberra challenge - The Verdict

By 31 July 2008 30

In our open challenge to candidates in the 2008 ACT Election the Community Alliance's Norvan Vogt was the first to man up and sit down in front of a rowdy audience in All Bar Nun to show off his city management skills. Norvan kept his population happy and managed a major disaster well, but al...

Random Woden pictures...

By 31 July 2008 6

Just bought a new SD card for the camera from JB HiFi so I tested it by taking some shots from the 2nd level of the multistorey carpark at Woden Plaza.  I know they're not works of art, strictly experimental, but I thought I'd share them with other Rioters: ...

Being mean to Hummer drivers

By 31 July 2008 49

Pictures doing the email rounds. This Hummer was apparently parked near the police station on London Circuit. Surely they meant to use a question mark! ...

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