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ACT electorate redistribution proposal unveiled

By 31 March 2015
electoral redistribution proposal

The ACT Redistribution Committee has today announced its proposed redistribution of the ACT into five electorates. Currently the ACT has three electorates: The electorat...

The Battlefield Challenge comes to Canberra

By 31 March 2015

The paintball grounds in Pialligo were filled with people in camouflage gear and carrying plastic guns for Operation Blackhawk “Battlefield Challenge” over the weekend. ...

Addictive prescription drug use in Canberra

By 31 March 2015 1

Every day, general practitioners in Canberra are confronted with patients asking, often pleading, for drugs of addiction. The two most sought-after drugs of addiction are th...

Is Manuka dying?

By 31 March 2015 9

The shops at Manuka in Canberra's inner south have always been a hive of activity. The first work started there in the late 1930s and by the 1960s the shops were flourishing w...

Best of Canberra – Sushi

By 31 March 2015 7
sushi platter

Exciting times for me this week. I'm filling in for the Best Of Canberra series while Bec is on holidays - lucky thing! I now have an excuse to eat all in the name of work. ...

Alexander Maconochie Centre a complex challenge

By 30 March 2015 9

I have written many times on corrective services in relation to rehabilitative and restorative processes, and the lack of them, concerning offenders and victims. Perhaps it ...

Ram raid at Gungahlin

By 31 March 2015 1
g ram raid

ACT Policing is investigating a second aggravated burglary in which a stolen vehicle has been used to force entry inside a shopping centre, and also used to force entry to an arcad...

Should I move to Canberra?

By 30 March 2015 29

I own my own villa in Oxley Park suburb of Sydney and currently living there with a 7-year-old and my wife who stays at home. We are on PR right now and I will be getting my ci...

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Are you ready for the CLAW?

By 13 August 2008 2

Canberra Living Artists Week (CLAW!) is running from 22-31 August. Dead artists are so predictable, whereas you never know what living artists will come up with. Arts Around Canberra have a listing of what's going to be happening when. Apparently the dead Starbucks on City Walk is goin...

RiotACT Sim Challenge Rolls On. Greg Tannahill for the Democrats

By 13 August 2008 31

[First filed: August 08, 2008 @ 15:28] We're proud to announce that following Norvan Vogt's starting round last week our next contestant has committed to the RiotACT Sim Challenge Canberra. The Democrats' Greg Tannahill has confirmed that he'll take on the challenges of city building SimCity4 ...

Civil partnerships exceeding expectations

By 13 August 2008 41

One thing which should never surprise us is the capacity of the ACT Government to be surprised. The ABC reports that while the Office of Regulatory Services planned for 15 'civil partnerships' between gays and lesbians each year, they've had 23 already in the last three months. Apparently they...

A really bad idea in the history of bad ideas

By 13 August 2008 34

The Canberra Times reports that electronic scanning is going to count the vital preferences on our ballots. Having spent more years than I care to think of working with the results of electronic scanning I wish I could say I share their faith in machine ability to accurately read hand-writing. ...

Mad hoax bomber in the dock

By 12 August 2008 12

The ABC brings word of Tamara Batterham, 32, who has plead guilty to a string of bomb hoaxes late last year and earlier this year. The court heard on the first occasion, guests had to be evacuated from Government House while police conducted an extensive search of the property. A psychiatrist ...

Junk Mail in the ACT?

By 12 August 2008 14

Does anyone know how junk mail for places like JB, Woolies, Big W etc is handled in the ACT? Is there a central company or lots of small operators? I recently removed a no junk mail sign and am noticing plenty of  Vietnamese takeaway pamphlets and ACT Liberals advertising, but nothing of interes...

Public Servants - What are the going mileage rates for private use of your ve

By 12 August 2008 6

To all you dedicated public servants out there on RA, can you tell me what your Enterprise Bargaining Agreement gives as the current rates paid for mileage when you use your own vehicle for business purposes? I am not in the public service, but I do provide some services which are "to be reimbur...


By 12 August 2008 5

Get down to Bar 32 in Civic this Thursday night where Birds Love Fighting presents GANGBUSTERS once again. This week features three of Canberra's finest indie bands: The Cherry Marines, Variodivers and Margaret Helen King. Doors open at 8.30. Entry only a fiver ...

Can the NGA beat this?

By 12 August 2008 24

Our own national art gallery seems so tame when compared to Switzerland. When can Canberrans expect to see giant turds on the south side of the lake? A giant inflatable dog poo by American artist Paul McCarthy blew away from an exhibition...

Trouble in Watson this morning

By 12 August 2008 29

I stopped by the Watson shops on my way to work this morning to find three police cars and a paddy wagon in the car park.  Apparently there was a man loitering outside the local school there, holding a knife.   It didn't appear as though he was apprehended, and after taking statements, the pol...

"Big Things" on this Saturday

By 12 August 2008 15

The War Memorial seems to be doing a good job keeping their best kept secret - well - secret. This Saturday they have their annual "Big Things" open day at their Mitchell stores. This is well worth taking the kids to - two big sheds chockko with everything from the two German V2 missiles (one ...

The shocking state of the ACT Internal Omnibus Network

By 12 August 2008 34

 Since Action has now had a couple of months to work out the bugs in it's new schedule I'm forced to ask: is this as good as it gets? On my run we have five buses running between 8am and 9am This isn't enough buses by far but it would work a lot better if the service could run anywhere near on t...

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