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Normal drivers caught as chronic speeder in Tuggeranong Pkwy

By 30 October 2007 104

I have serious concerns over the speed camera/s installed near/under the bridge of Cotter road overpass on Tuggeranong Parkway. It appears to be a notorious speed camera that detects regular gentle commuters as traffic speed offenders! I have heard of a number of people receiving 5-7 speeding ticket ...

Finding your inner-Elton

By 30 October 2007

In a world where many musicians believe they can charge outrageous prices for their concerts, it’s nice to know that it’s still possible to win free tickets… 666 ABC Canberra is currently offering the chance to attend the upcomming Elton John concert at Stage 88 – all you ha ...

Gungahlin - Smoke Signals now required

By 30 October 2007 23

I understand why nobody else had posted this from Gungahlin, as the region has suffered a Comms blackout last night. It seems a contractor may not have Dialled before he Dug, and the fibre optic cable to Gungahlin Exchange has meant that much of Gungahlin is home telephone and broadband free since a ...

Flying Tigers

By 30 October 2007 23

The Canberra Times reports that Tiger Airways will be flying initially from Canberra to Melbourne from February 2008 with fares ranging from $40 to $50 one way and special fares of $10, taxes included. Fortunately the flights go to Tullamarine. Well I went and made a booking today for a holiday in V ...

Northside Infants School 40th Birthday 3rd November

By 29 October 2007

Northside Infants School turns 40 this year, and there’s a party on at the school on Saturday 3rd November. They’ll have all the usual attractions for kids, plus lots of old girls/boys turning up, several of the old teachers, photos and other memorabilia. There’s a sausage sizzle a ...

Brumbies start pre-season training

By 29 October 2007

The 2008 Super 14 season seems far far away, but Brumbies Rugby reports that the boys are back training for their next games in February. Dirty George looks to be a certainty for Captain, as Choker recovers from his shoulder reconstruction. Meanwhile Gandalf has thrown his hat in the ring for the to ...

Frank Fenner Honoured

By 29 October 2007 2

After what seems a pretty good innings in anyones book, Emeritus Professor of the John Curtin Scool of Medical Research, Professor Frank Fenner, has been honoured ahead of his pending retirement. ABC Online have a couple of brief artciles here and here on the man who cured smallpox and along with Cl ...

Tax Cuts or Health & Education spending?

By 29 October 2007 67

CT had this story thismorning on a recent poll in the marginal seat of Eden Monaro which showed an overwhelming majority of respondants wanted more spending on health and education rather than tax cuts. Now those of us over the border here are far more savvy and know that such polls are usually str ...

Govt contemplating Fireworks Ban

By 29 October 2007 62

Fireworks on the Queens Birthday long weekend is one of those issues that always gets Canberran’s going. You either love them, or spend long hours afterwards trying to find your dog who’s run away. ABC Online have a brief snippet this morning on two public meetings that will be held shor ...

Man cleared of assaulting security guard

By 29 October 2007 5

According to this article on the ABC new’s website, the charges were dropped due to “inconsistencies in the evidence of all of the prosecution witnesses and doubted Connors was the correct defendant.”. Video survalence and witnesses both said it was the person who did [was accused ...

Desperates camp out for land at Forde

By 28 October 2007 12

It must be real estate weekend. Today’s CT has this report, of people camping out overnight for the latest land release in Forde. The keenest punters camped out from Thurday morning through to Saturday morning to ensure they got the best block. With blocks ranging in price from $198,000 to $39 ...

Federal Golf Club Land Sale

By 28 October 2007 17

According to the Canberra Times, the Federal Golf Club in in Red Hill is preparing to sell off 4 hectares of primo land for housing. This has property developers circling the ailing club like sharks, while the Red Hill NIMBYs are up in arms. Federal is a great golf course and club (I actually had my ...

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