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Canberra International Film Festival Opening Night – David Cronenberg’s “Maps to the Stars”

By 24 October 2014

“What better celebration of independent world cinema than to tear Hollywood to shreds?”  Canberra International Film Festival director Lex Lindsay is introducing the openi...

Can anyone recommend a bobcat service at reasonable price

By 24 October 2014

Hi All, I am looking for a bobcat service at reasonable price, please advise if you know someone....

Whats on this weekend? 25th and 26th October 2014

By 24 October 2014

Krystal Sanders is attending the launch of Harry Hartog (the bespoke old school book store) at 6.30pm tonight at Westfield Woden - with special guest Dr Andrew Leigh (Federal M...

ACTs largest drug seizure; man arrested

By 24 October 2014 2

ACT Policing seized approximately 28 kilograms of a substance suspected to be methylamphetamine during the search of a vehicle in Curtin yesterday (October 23). The search w...

Buying a new car – should it have a full tank of petrol?

By 24 October 2014 16

I'm interested on hearing thoughts on this, I recently purchased a new car from a dealer in Phillip that shall remain nameless (although it does rhyme with shommonwealth boaters).  Anyway, I went to pick it up and when the salesperson was handing over the keys and going through some features (its p...

Fitzs Challenge Heroes – Riding for a Reason

By 24 October 2014

With Fitz’s Challenge just a few short days away the excitement of the riders testing their capabilities and pushing themselves to their limits is building. But it is wor...

Canberra Shenzhen intern program connects future innovation leaders

By 23 October 2014

A new StudyCanberra student intern program between Canberra and Shenzhen will attract the best and brightest students from Shenzhen to Canberra and will give local students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in Shenzhen, the home of a major technology company in the world, Chief Minister and M...

Tell us your ideas for better services in West Belconnen

By 23 October 2014

Do you use human services? Does the term 'human services' mean anything to you? It refers to the range of programs or supports that can respond to a person's needs and can include public/social housing, health and wellbeing, education, disability, childcare, care and protection and justice. Navi...

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Chloe Dallimore appears in Canberra.

By 2 April 2008 1

Chloe Dallimore, one of Australia's foremost leading ladies of musical theatre is appearing at Teatro Vivaldi Restaurant at the ANU this Friday and Saturday. She recently starred as Millie Dillmount in The Production Company's ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ to critical acclaim. She also starred ...

Total Fire Ban today

By 2 April 2008 3

There's a total fire ban on today - N/NW strong winds expected later today, on top of pretty dry conditions. Certainly getting pretty crispy around our parts. And this just days after the official end of the fire season......

Holy Grail owner ignorant of Downs Syndrome

By 2 April 2008 50

I am totally outraged that Ian Meldrum the owner of the Holy Grail businesses was reported on page 3 of the Canberra Times today: "You can't have a Down syndrome person serving tables-as cruel as it sounds-because you can't have someone dribbling saliva over people who are eating." Is this Ian...

HP to acquire TOWER Software

By 1 April 2008 9

Most of the Public Servants here will have at least heard of or used TRIM Context at some stage. Well the company that started it all out of a garage in Canberra is now in the process of being acquired by HP. For those that don't know who TOWER Software are: Tower was founded in 1985 and i...

Defence Calls Off Roo Cull. Hippies win.

By 1 April 2008 40

The Belconnen kangaroo cull has been called off, with the Department of Defence now determined to go ahead with its original plans to relocate the animals to NSW. Defence announced last night it would seek the ACT Government's cooperation in conducting "a scientific trial of kangaroo management tec...

LBG to be expanded?

By 1 April 2008 22

A freind of mine who works for Environment told me something interesting the other day. he was at a meeting with people from the Water Australia National Committee. The discussion was on enlarging Lake Burley Griffin and, from what I overheard, it would entail removing Scrivener dam and building ...

Neil Henry to leave Raiders at the end of '08

By 1 April 2008 14

Various news outlets are reporting that despite his earlier comments that it would not happen, Raiders Coach Neil Henry has secured an early release from his contract and will depart the Raiders at the end of the current season (thanks to Staria for breaking the news on RA in the Raiders v Dragons t...

MIX 106 bad joke...

By 1 April 2008 41

Mix 106 are talking about some bad taste joke they said this morning that seems to have upset a few Canberrans. Anyone know what the joke was? ...

Where is my Neko?

By 1 April 2008 17

My cat has been missing from Kambah since last Sunday. She has a name tag "Neko" in the shape of a cats head with a phone number, is a domestic medium-long hair and has a white: back leg, chest and front legs and is tabby coloured mostly with big beautiful green eyes and a big fluffy tail. See a pic...

Body in Qbn river near the suspension foot bridge

By 31 March 2008 45

Telegraph has the following: Body in Qbn river I was wondering why the SES were paddling up the creek yesterday. ...

DAHAHOO's Last Gig - Tonight!

By 31 March 2008 4

Rafe Morris is going away for few years. Be overseas or into a correctional institution for the criminally musically talented no-one is really sure but what is known is that it is tonight will be Dahahoo's LAST GIG EVER! When and Where? - Tonight, Monday, March 31, 2008 at 8:00pm @ the Phoenix Ba...

RAAF 87th Birthday Flyover

By 31 March 2008 10

The Royal Australian Air Force celebrated its 87th birthday today with a ceremony at the Air Force Memorial on ANZAC Parade and a fly past by 3 RAAF Hawks from No. 76 Squadron. For those who missed to flyby I have linked some photos. ...

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