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Theyre ripping up parking lots

By 4 May 2016 1

Canberra’s planners in the 1950s and beyond delivered an infrastructure made for cars. There were even major freeways planned (a story for another day). The road infrastru...

Budget 2016 | Fee deregulation scrapped but universities still face big cuts

By 3 May 2016
university generic

The Turnbull Government has abandoned full university fee deregulation but is still banking $2 billion in savings from higher education. Scott Morrison’s maiden budget dit...

Budget 2016 | ACT reaction

By 3 May 2016 1
Budget generic

At a glance - Chief minister says more than 1000 public service jobs will be lost - Business welcomes tax concessions, intern scheme   ACT chief minister Andre...

Budget 2016 | Little joy for Canberrans

By 3 May 2016 1

At a glance - $2 billion cut from departmental budgets over four years - No jobs growth for public sector - No new infrastructure money for ACT   Scott Morr...

Budget 2016 | Morrison refuses to splash the cash

By 3 May 2016
Parliament House

The Turnbull Government resisted an election-eve pork barrel, opting instead for a modest suite of budget measures geared to avoid antagonising voters ahead of the July 2 poll...

Inmates are in prison for a reason

By 3 May 2016 2
Alexander Maconochie Centre

Prison reform has returned to Canberra and we are advised indigenous detainees at the Alexander Maconochie Centre has risen to 27 percent of our prison population – up from a...

Document ‘drafted by the devil’? Hardly.

By 2 May 2016 11

I noticed recently how Jeremy Hanson, for the time being the Leader of the Opposition in the ACT likes to talk about the Government/Unions Memorandum of Understanding as though...

Marc Urlich, 43, pleads not guilty to accessory to murder charges

By 2 May 2016
Andrew Carville

A man who shares the same surname as the man accused of murdering Andrew Carville last November has pleaded not guilty in court this morning to charges he was an accessory to t...

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The return of the IVF compo case

By 12 February 2009 109

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the IVF clinic the hated "Melbourne Lesbian Couple" are hitting back with an appeal according to the ABC. For those who came in late... the couple want all the costs paid to them of a second child they had after IVF treatment. To get this they're pu...

Milk Crate Man looks out over Garema Place

By 12 February 2009 32

Mad Kiwi has spotted this fellow dominating the skyline of the Civic. How did he get there? Where is he from? How long will he be there? Anyone got any answers? UPDATED: Apparently the Canberra Times' Today column (now adorned by the exiled WIN'ner Geraldine Nordfeldt) had this a co...

Etiquette question - Kiddies and the shopping centre bogs

By 12 February 2009 69

Dear Manners Aunts, Based on an observation that got me thinking: Dad and young Maddison Sophie (age 4 1/2!) are shopping in the Canberra Centre, when Maddie announces she 'NeEEeeDs to GO to thE ToiLET, Dad!' Should Dad: 1. Take her into the unhallowed depths of the men's toilets? 2. ...

Celebrating the Hundred Days

By 12 February 2009 12

"The Hundred Days" is best known as the period between Napoleon's return from exile and his Old Guard breaking at Waterloo. (Although the phrase also has other less catastrophic historical antecedents.) The increasingly Napoleonic Jon Stanhope has announced that celebrations may commence to mark ...

Virgin Blue commencing Canberra-Hobart direct flights.

By 12 February 2009 16

Finally the day has arrived which I have been wishing for, as a former Hobartian, for almost a decade now. And this is that Virgin Blue is opening a Canberra-Hobart direct route in April! Flights on sale for $99 each way at the moment. This is great for ex-Tasmanians such as myself, Canb...

Second-hand bookstore suggestions?

By 12 February 2009 56

After perusing eBay last night, I decided it was about time I stopped lining the pockets of greedy overseas sellers ($30 postage fees - gasp!) and instead spent my hard-earned moola right here in Canberra. So, if you have any suggestions for second-hand bookstores I'd love to hear them. I'm no...

A Canberra derived mopo?

By 12 February 2009 31

Mock motivational posters are a source of endless amusement around the less savoury parts of the internet, whole lifetimes have been wasted giggling at them. This one has crossed my desk this morning, and it's been suggested to me that it looks very much like the overpass between Florey and B...

Dress Standards at Canberra Bottle Shop

By 12 February 2009 52

Just for interests sake, had the following experience at a local store recently... Last week in the middle of a heatwave, on holidays prior to driving down the coast I walked into a franchised liquor store in Braddon and was denied service for wearing the Australian summer uniform - boardshorts, ...

Police Wrap - 12 February

By 12 February 2009 28

1. ACT public disappoints again, this time in school zones: A total of 39 motorists have been detected by ACT Policing speeding in school zones during a targeted operation conducted in a number of Canberra suburbs this morning (February 11). The motorists were detected between 8.00am and 10.00...

More bushfire stuff

By 12 February 2009 21

Earlier in the week we had a lengthy look at things being done in the ACT to help the Victorian bushfire appeal. Here's a look at a few more that have come to our attention. 1. Coles donating profits tomorrow (Friday). Be a little wary when the profits are being offered rather than the takings...

If you don't like our crappy information you shan't have any at all

By 12 February 2009 4

The Canberra Times has word on threats by a seemingly increasingly irate Jon Stanhope to stop giving briefings to the Liberals if they're going to do underhanded things like quote just how vague and breezy the briefings are. But maybe they won't need the briefings for long. Another story in the C...

The Domino's Car Surfers

By 12 February 2009 103

[First filed: February 11, 2009 @ 09:56] In the recent disussion on Southside Domino's Pizza FeNc3y made a comment which caught my attention: I’ve refused to use any Domino’s since I took photo’s of one of their drivers in uniform, letting his mates “car surf” on the roof of a Do...

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