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Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: Cafe Gaudi, Westfield Woden

By 20 September 2014 4

Time to put the south side to the test again! This time I decided to try out Cafe Gaudi which you’ll find at the Coles and Woolworths end of Westfield Woden. It’s nestled right...

What’s on this weekend? 20th and 21st September 2014

By 19 September 2014 2

With Floriade in full swing and predictions for some pretty cracking weather for the Capital, we’ve got a few suggestions for weekend activities. Add your own tips in the...

road rage on Monaro today almost killed us

By 20 September 2014 1

My partner and I are very lucky to be alive this afternoon.... At approx 3:10pm this afternoon, we experienced horrific road rage directed at us on the Monaro Hwy. It happened in the direction going from Civic to Hume about 1km or so of the Alexander Maconochie Centre. An "electric blue" coloure...

missing dog

By 20 September 2014

One One went missing midday on the 19th from Franklin. She is very shy, but an extremely sweet girl. We are very frightened for her. If you have any knowledge of her whereabouts, please call Caitlin on 0400158765. Reward....

Police investigate fatal collision in Belconnen

By 20 September 2014

ACT Policing is investigating a single vehicle collision off Kirinari Street, Belconnen today (Saturday, 20 September). About 10am this morning, security at the University of Ca...

Canberra Startup Snapknock – looking for feedback!

By 20 September 2014

Hey guys! I would like to introduce to you a new Canberra startup company, it is a recently created social auction website named Snapknock. We are celebrating this launc...

Isle of Man TT style race for Canberra / region?

By 20 September 2014 6

I've been reflecting on recent RA posts about events in Canberra (i.e whether or not Canberra is a boring place), and this prompted me to think what sort of event would put our fair city on the world stage. Now, we already have Floriade and Summernats, the Balloon and Folk Festivals, various NGA...

Man charged after disturbance at Majura

By 20 September 2014

ACT Policing arrested a man after causing a disturbance at Brindabella Business Park yesterday afternoon (Friday, 19 September). About 2.55pm, a 43-year-old Farrer man was driving a red coloured Nissan Navarra northbound along Brindabella Circuit when he proceeded through a roundabout adjacent t...

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Someone Important is in Town

By 22 February 2008 14

So, as I was leaving the Stacks at the airport on my way home this evening (I don't normally park up there) I noticed a very big, very fat, very white plane, over on the Fairbairn side of the airport. It has United States of America plastered down the side. If it's not Airforce 1, it's someone e...

Fixed Speed Camera nobbled

By 22 February 2008 16

Well, it was bound to happen - the southbound facing speed camera on the Monaro (adjacent to the Isabella roundabout) has been damaged by someone obviously pissed off (and no - it wasn't me!).  The police are in attendance taking happy snaps of the ground for footprints etc. In the end we as tax...

Canberra developed game shines at developers awards

By 22 February 2008 12

Bioshock. I've seen it on the shelves at EB and GW, but had absolutely no idea that it was developed here in Canberra. The ABC are reporting here that Bioshock won top honours for story writing, visual arts, and audio.  This may just be the persuasive touch for me to finally get off my ass an...

Wireless Internet?

By 22 February 2008 36

Does anyone know of venues around Canberra that offer free wireless internet? I know the Front in Lyneham has it, Wig and Pen in the city... any other ideas? Southside (esp. Kingston) venues?...

High Tea At The Hyatt

By 22 February 2008 12

Has anyone ever been to high tea in the afternoon at the Hyatt? Was wondering how much it costs. I can't find anything on their website about it....

new editor for The Canberra Times

By 22 February 2008 53

And not a moment too soon!  Leave your suggestions for new editor Peter Fray below. I'll start us off : Dear Peter, as well as a generous round of sackings,  please give us more serious and entertaining news and stop focussing on every pinko, greenie, leftie, bleeding heart, nimby, animal...

New flight paths opened for Canberra Airport?

By 22 February 2008 13

From about 5 am this morning (don't know exactly as no clock in bedroom) a series of flights went low over my humble (lower) Red Hill abode...this hasn't happened before (and no it wasn't the Careflight helicopter, they always detour round my place since I got useful with the .303)....What gives, is...

DIY Wotz on Guide for the weekend of 23-Feb-08

By 22 February 2008 13

Share with us O reader your exciting plans for the weekend so that we may revel in your Joy. or some such. Amongst the exciting things happening this weekend is the ACTEWAGL Canberra Show out at Exhibition Park, the Brumbies first home game of the Super 14 Season, and the Snowy Hydro Southcare B...

A-League confusion

By 22 February 2008 17

This born and bred Canberran still can't work out what team to support.  Should I pick one or just hold out till we get our own team??? ...

Babyfaced Brumbies v Hardened Highlanders

By 21 February 2008 5

The newlook Brumbies make their Canberra Stadium debut for the 2008 Super 14 season on Saturday night with even more new faces. Following injury to two-dads and the genie last week, we will see yet more colts running with the Brumbies this week. Of note is the unpronouncable Afusipa Taumoepeau, who ...

Duty of No Care!

By 21 February 2008 88

As most of you are aware this week is O Week in our fair city, and all the uni students swarm on Civic for a wave of parties, special events and cheap drinks. One of the highlights of O Week for the last couple of years has been Academy's famed Foam Party boasting the title of biggest in the Southe...

Red Light Cameras

By 21 February 2008 31

I know there is a bit of an anti-camera sentiment amongst Rioters, and so I offer this story. I recently received a traffic infringement notice for "proceed when traffic arrow red". It said that just after midnight on January 28 (note: public holiday = double demerit points) I went thru a red ar...

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