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Seeking a planning minister for Canberra

By 2 September 2015

Canberra residents have the perception, or at least the aspiration, that the elected ACT politician appointed to be the planning minister will oversee the future planning and d...

Should we ban smart watches while driving?

By 1 September 2015 11
woman driving wearing smart watch

Using a mobile phone while driving has been an offence for quite some time now. But what about sending an SMS from an object that isn't a phone? My partner bought an Apple W...

The bright stuff: Project Lighting goes from strength to strength

By 1 September 2015
maryanne gore project lighting

If you’ve bought a light fitting in Canberra, Queanbeyan or the South Coast in the past 40 years, there’s a good chance you’ve visited Project Lighting. The Canberra-f...

Why we need safe access zones outside Canberra’s abortion clinics

By 1 September 2015
act health moore street

Many years ago, as a student of the Australian National University, I’d often ride my bike past the ACT Health building in the city and wonder why the front was often tassell...

Best of Canberra – Burritos

By 1 September 2015 10
stock photo of burritos

Burritos are seriously the best. Whether it’s for lunch, dinner or even a cheeky snack, a good burrito will always hit the spot. My favourite thing about burritos is their ver...

Strata managers in Canberra – Recommendations wanted!

By 2 September 2015

There are a couple of dated posts relating to this topic I can see (2007 & 2012), but we are looking for some updated information. Our units plan (class b) is interested...

$50 load ups in ACT pokies will be allowed – if it’s recommended

By 1 September 2015 1

Yesterday during the #CBRCabinet event held via the Periscope app, Minister Joy Burch confirmed that $50 poker machine load ups will be allowed if the current committee review...

Quality gym near Civic/Ainslie/Dickson?

By 1 September 2015 1

I am a student looking for a quality gym near Civic, Ainslie or Dickson. Hopefully I can get fit. I am looking for a price around $10 - $20 a week. Thanks in advance for you...

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Newborn Intensive Care Unit Cruise for Charity

By 24 October 2008 5

I found this at my local servo, at the counter, didn't know if anyone else had seen it... When: Sunday 16th November Where: Start at Phillip Ice Skating Rink car park, Irvine Street Phillip. Finish at Cotter for a Snag Sizzle Time: 11.00 am at Phillip, leaving there to cruise to Cotter a...

DIY Wotz on guide for the weekend of 24 October

By 23 October 2008 20

[First filed: October 23, 2008 @ 11:11] So much to see and do next week for Halloween, but what's tickling your fancy for events this weekend? Just leave your thoughts in the comments ...

George Smith gets the gong

By 23 October 2008 2

The ABC informs us that despite commentators bagging his performances all season the Brumbies George Smith has won his second John Eales medal. The first was in 2002....

Worse than 'ice' hits the streets?

By 23 October 2008 90

Anyone heard of the latest drug doing the rounds in Canberra that apparently is worse than 'ice' and makes people more aggressive than those using ice? Scary stuff....

The scourge of stolen trees?

By 23 October 2008 11

I have heard quite a few stories about plants being stolen from gardens around the suburbs. One story was artificial grass taken from a front yard ($1500 worth)!  Plants cost a lot of money and for some of us our garden is our pride and joy. A few years back we had 8 conifers stolen from our...

Pork Belly now has Porter on Tap

By 23 October 2008 13

I'll see if I can get away with what could be construed as a bit of shameless advertising... After months of trying to get venues to stock anything other than my German Ale (not that there is anything wrong with that mind you) I am pleased to let you know that the Pork Barrel Cafe next to the L...

Clea Rose killer gets more probation

By 23 October 2008 7

The Clea Rose saga has taken another turn another turn according to the ABC. The young man responsible has been in remand since breaching his bail but is now back out on the streets: "Today in the ACT Supreme Court, Justice Malcolm Gray said he understood that the bail conditions imposed had h...

Canberra Gals twirl their tassles in Lismore

By 23 October 2008 14

Probably not safe for work... TheYas76 posted the following on YouTube with the following text: Backstage shenanigans from Canberra Burlesque Artists Heidi Von Hottentot and Liberte' Belle at the 2008 Lismore Show's Cock and Bull Rodeo Ball Looks slightly painful to my un-tutored eye. ...

Election count - Where we're at

By 23 October 2008 47

Over on yesterday's story Jimbocool has produced an analysis of where the crucial Molonglo count is up to today: "Ok - a productive morning has been spent doing some analysis. Now a big caveat here is that the interim distribution of preferences is still too early for my projections to be reliabl...

Time to ease water restrictions

By 23 October 2008 93

Water restrictions have been very tough on gardeners. And likewise on car owners who like to keep their cars looking shiny and clean. The restrictions have been imposed on us for a long time now. Initially most people complied willingly with restrictions, as a short term measure to get us thr...

Impact Comics are having a Halloween Cosplay Costume Contest

By 23 October 2008 13

Canberra's beloved Impact Comics have announced they're running a Halloween Cosplay Costume Contest. So what the heck is Cosplay the older and duller amongst you ask? Wikipedia defines it thusly: Cosplay (???? kosupure?), short for "costume play", is a type of performance art whose part...

Canberra Irish Club Halloween Festival

By 23 October 2008 2

Entry is Fee! Come dressed up in your favourite Haloween Costume (Optional). It will be a family fun day full of activities, music and dancing! Hope to see you there! 6 Parkinson Street, Weston, ACT 2611 [Schedule of events below] 09:30   Breakfast (Bacon & Egg Roll + Orange ...

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