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State of the Capital Weekly Political Wrap 27/11/14

By 27 November 2014

Katy Lundy prepares to leave politics Generally, politicians are quiet for a reason. Either they are hiding something or they want to rise through the ranks by avoiding a mi...

Would you trade in stability for free rent?

By 27 November 2014 1

With a big question mark over future stable employment for some Canberran’s, it has seen the rise of a new, but old kind of trend. There is no doubt and well documented that ...

Local Leaders Deborah Hill (Canberra Roller Derby League and Skate Nation)

By 26 November 2014
Deborah Hill Skate Nation

By day, Deborah Hill is an exhibitions coordinator at the National Gallery. But after hours, she’s better known as Bambi von Smash’er, one of the capital’s top roller der...

Diversions to ACTIONs services on section of Constitution Avenue

By 27 November 2014
Constitution Avenue diversion map

Commencing Monday 1 December 2014, ACTION will implement diversions to all bus services that use Constitution Avenue in the City between London Circuit and Coranderrk Street. T...

World-class activity centre wins ACT Chief Ministers Challenge 2014

By 27 November 2014

A world-class activity centre on the shore of Lake Burley Griffin has been announced as the the winner of the Chief Minister’s Challenge. Challenged to develop ideas on in...

Reliability, safety and security of ACT electricity supply at risk following unprecedented AER draft decision

By 27 November 2014

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has today released a draft decision drastically reducing and backdating expenditure allowed on the ACT’s electricity distribution network for the period 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2019. ActewAGL Chief Executive Officer Michael Costello said, “This decision do...

COZMO (Capital of Australia Mandolinata) Annual Summer Concert

By 27 November 2014

Come and enjoy a program of beautiful music played by COZMO and our Learning Group COZYMO! COZMO will present delightful music from Australian composers Stephen Lalor and Rob Kay, and traditional Italian  and light classical tunes. COZYMO will also delight you with a short program that includes t...

Community celebrations this weekend for official opening of The RUC at Turner

By 27 November 2014

This weekend the Canberra community is invited to celebrate the official ‘birth day’ of The RUC at Turner after the merger of The ACT Rugby Union Club, known as The RUC Bar...

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Weston park gone to seed

By 28 April 2008 50

Spending time with my daughter these holidays, I decided to take her and my nephew to Weston Park.  It was a favourite of mine as a child, and remember many a day exploring the treehouses, playing with the water park, riding the train and going in the hedgemaze.  It was the best damn park in the w...

RiotTube of Storm cell hits 50,000

By 28 April 2008 3

Over a year ago now the then Riot regular Johnboy posted Youtube footage of the Feb '07 hailstorm set to "we eat young souls" by local Canberra Band the Lavans. Well that footage has recently clocked over 50,000 views. Good exposure for a local band - anyone know what they are up to these days? ...

$850,000 set aside to investigate an alternative for the Mugga Lane tip site

By 28 April 2008 19

The ABC News Online has a story that the ACT Government are about to investigate a new land fill site to replace the Mugga Lane tip. John Hargreaves was interviewed this morning on ABC 666 and he let slip that there would be $850,000 allocated in the upcoming budget for the consultancy to investiga...

Poisoned Tree

By 28 April 2008 47

An old tree in my backyard died recently, which at the time I thought nothing of.  It wasn't until my friend helping me cut it out with a chainsaw, we noticed a section of the tree had what appears to be a hole drilled in the side, and a plastic bag stuffed inside it. The more I think about it,...

Reflecting on the Torch

By 28 April 2008 15

It's been a few days since the Olympic Torch graced Canberra and I, like most others I would assume, had put the whole thing to the back of my mind with the knowledge that issues of sport, symbolism and politics would once rise again in the media spotlight come the kick off of the games. Then I...

Dirty Energy Power Plant in Canberra

By 28 April 2008 117

Readers may be interested to learn that the Canberra energy company ActewAGL (which has the ACT Chief Minister and Deputy as voting shareholders) is planning to build a 2 billion dollar gas turbine operated power plant, just 600 metres from a residential suburb. This type/size of plant will emit a...

Snow snow! (maybe)

By 27 April 2008 78

Well, looks like winter's beginning to well and truly dig its heels in...(if you couldn't already tell after today) Below is a road weather alert issued by BOM at 4:18 today. Looks like it's time to crack the gloves and scarves out again. Sigh.. But then again - if it's this cold now, looks like ...

Info on Rusty Chambers, main street of qbn ?

By 27 April 2008 14

Sorry needs pics desperately but WHAT is that huge, foul rusty developers monstrosity that is looming over the road from the bowling + croquet green and a couple of small museums in Qbn, main drag ? It sits where the council used to park some of its vehicles on the oval. This was discovered durin...

New police intel tactics?

By 27 April 2008 48

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but I was out with a couple of mates in civic the other night doing a photography assignment and saw something quite strange. Police vans doing were laps around the main venue block of civic (i.e. the phoenix, ICBM, mooseheads - the latter two I'm more than ...


By 27 April 2008 33

I'm currently living in the Hackett area and there are several dogs that bark almost continously - sometimes until about 5 in the morning... I'm wondering what could possibly be so wrong with an animal that barks non-stop until that time in the morning. Is it the full moon, hunger, mal-treatment b...

Straw Poll - ABC logos

By 27 April 2008 29

I would like to condust a quick straw poll of Canberra viewers who watch the ABC regularly. (Please if you don't watch the ABC regularly, pass by this topic and refrain from leaving comments) Basically the questions are: 1. Do the new ABC logos lessen your viewing pleasure? 2. If yes, by...

Changes to bring the Supreme Court in line with the rest of Australia

By 26 April 2008 22

The Crimes has the following story on changes Simon Corbell is looking at implementing to change how the ACT Supreme Court does business. Basically it will remove the option of trial by judge alone (both side must agree to this option) and increase the minimum maximum sentence of a matter that ...

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