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Local leaders – Jessica May (Enabled Employment)

By 1 April 2015
jessica may optus your shark tank

Canberra entrepreneur and disability advocate Jessica May has achieved more in just six months than what many business owners do in years. The former public servant founded ...

Cheap eats – Turkish Pide House (Woden)

By 1 April 2015 3

I love Turkish food. All of it. Whether it's Turkish bread smothered in hummus or beetroot dip (or both!), kebabs, pide, baklava, or even a bottle of sparkling Gazoz, I will be kee...

Concern as Braddon’s historic car yards in danger

By 1 April 2015 7
car yard braddon

There are reports circulating that the future of an important aspect of Braddon’s heritage is in danger of being lost. The Northbourne Historic Trust’s President, Sir Ke...

ACT electorate redistribution proposal unveiled

By 31 March 2015 6
electoral redistribution proposal

The ACT Redistribution Committee has today announced its proposed redistribution of the ACT into five electorates. Currently the ACT has three electorates: The electorat...

Addictive prescription drug use in Canberra

By 31 March 2015 3

Every day, general practitioners in Canberra are confronted with patients asking, often pleading, for drugs of addiction. The two most sought-after drugs of addiction are th...

Is Manuka dying?

By 31 March 2015 18

The shops at Manuka in Canberra's inner south have always been a hive of activity. The first work started there in the late 1930s and by the 1960s the shops were flourishing w...

Does anyone know Adam or Meg?

By 1 April 2015

I found a really nice Happy Easter note today (1 April) in O'Connor, between David St and Ormond/Condamine Sts (near the Alliance Francaise building). It would be a shame if th...

Recommendation to remove wood heater/flue and repair ceiling?

By 1 April 2015 1

We are looking for someone to remove our wood heater and flue (never use it as house has ducted gas as well), and patch the resulting hole in the ceiling. The tricky bit is th...

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National Day of Action for marriage equality

By 3 August 2008 190

I went to the National Day of Action for marriage equality.  It was small - about 60 people - but lively. My guess is that gay marriage is not that much of an issue for most gays, lesbians and trans gender people, or at least not enough to get them and in consequence supporters to a demo.  ...

Raiders lose big to the Broncos 34-6

By 3 August 2008 5

A team with finals aspirations should really be able to push Brisbane when playing at home in the dead of winter [Apologies, the game was in Brisbane]. Sadly the Raider's roll has come to a shuddering halt and they're now pretty much locked out of the top four. A 34-6 thrashing in front of a b...

Do we want a right to companion animals?

By 3 August 2008 85

It's a subject dear to my own heart at the moment, and something that's increasingly coming up in stories posted by other users. Body corporates and lazy property managers are imposing blanket bans on companion animals (aka pets). It's a problem that, for once, actually can be dealt with by le...

ACT Court goes easy on dangeous Internet Sex Predator

By 3 August 2008 15

The Canberra Times of Saturday 2 August reported the sentencing of 44 year old Johnny Oshana of Queanbeyan. Mr Oshana was arrested in June 2007 on multiple charges of using the internet to stalk, harass and groom teenage Canberra girls for sex. Police searches of his computers found he had used onli...

Todd Carney's open letter

By 3 August 2008 53

Todd Carney has chosen to speak directly to you. This is the original of his open letter. The text reads: "The purpose of this letter is to clarify some things to fans of the Canberra Raiders, Rugby League fans and the public in general. I feel I need to tell my side of the story rega...

Sister cities?

By 3 August 2008 12

Recently, large and attractive new signs have been erected at the entrances to Canberra welcoming people to Ngunnawal country, and listing Canberra's sister cities (Beijing and Nara) and friendship city (Dili). I am wondering, however, what happened to our two other sister cities, which I though...

Low energy globes roll out through streetlights

By 3 August 2008 3

Last Friday, on Chief Minister's talkback, Jon Stanhope let himself be monstered by a crank who thought street lighting was a waste of greenhouse emissions. One suspects that could be the motivation for an announcement of progress in converting the city's street lighting over to energy efficient ...

Unconsidered issues with the new prison?

By 3 August 2008

A comment from Miz that I felt deserved a wider audience on the subject of the new prison: One thing the ACT corrective services clearly haven’t thought of, is how many prisoners, either Territory or federal, who did their crime in the ACT but are currently in a NSW prison, actually want to com...

Another Me-Too Election

By 3 August 2008 2

Hot on the heels of the GDE "me too" farce, Jon Stanhope is showing great dexterity with another "me too". Here's his media release from Friday. [ED - Infrastructure Plan to build on Labor's billion-dollar first instalment] And here is the Liberal release from three months ago. [ED - "Infrastr...

Canberra rates a mention on Passive Aggressive Notes

By 2 August 2008 1

We've made the big time now folks. Passive Aggressive has a Canberra entry. Nice to see every stereotype about halfway houses and their management confirmed....

Who wants to be a Tim Tam consultant?

By 2 August 2008 4

Here's a headhunter looking for a Tim Tam Consultant in Canberra! Sadly it appears to be more about Tivoli Identity Manager and Tivoli Access Manager than chocolate biscuits....

History Lesson - The Patent Office

By 2 August 2008 7

Construction began on the Patent Office on the corner of National Circuit and King's Avenue in 1939 and was completed in 1941. It is classified by the National Trust of Australia as 'a significant public building for its time which contributes strongly to the King's Avenue streetscape and forms an i...

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