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Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: A.BAKER, NewActon Pavillion

By 20 December 2014 1

My day job sees me frequenting A.BAKER ... once ... more like twice a day. I am always experiencing food envy at 9am when I am waiting for my extra hot skinny latte. Eye-catching b...

A Look Around Canberra: Calwell

By 19 December 2014 6

Heading down the Monaro this week to check out the Tuggeranong suburb of Calwell. Like last week’s visit to McKellar, I’d never been to Calwell before (with the exception o...

Jobs for the Boys – Take that Zedley!

By 19 December 2014 3

So, let’s get this right? The Labor Party, particularly in NSW, wrote the rulebook around jobs for the boys. For rewarding faithful servants of the cause with sinecures over...

Emergency Services unite for bushfire arson warning

By 20 December 2014

Minister for Police and Emergency Services Joy Burch is urging residents to be vigilant in reporting suspicious activity following several grass fires across the ACT in the past few weeks. ACT Fire & Rescue, the ACT Rural Fire Service, along with ACT Policing, see an increase in deliberately lit...

Don’t forget the tree this Christmas…

By 20 December 2014

RSPCA ACT have just had a delivery of fresh, beautiful Christmas Trees! Don't miss out on your tree this year, come down and visit us at 12 Kirkpatrick Street Weston ACT 261...

Police gearing up for a Safe Summer

By 19 December 2014
Rudi Lammers, Joy Burch and Brad Watts

Minister for Police and Emergency Services Joy Burch and Chief Police Officer Rudi Lammers yesterday launched ACT Policing’s 2014-15 Safe Summer campaign, urging the communit...

Canberra Centre Parking Machines – Out of Order

By 19 December 2014 6

When you consider how much the Canberra Centre must be earning from its paid parking in the city, I find it incredible that they seem incapable of keeping their money spinners in working order. I guarantee that on at least 50% of visits to the centre, one or more machines are not working.  I can...

Katy Gallagher Endorsed for the Senate

By 19 December 2014

ACT Labor’s Administrative Committee last night endorsed Katy Gallagher to replace Senator Kate Lundy as the Labor Senator for the ACT. “At the close of nominations, our...

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Best cafes for breakfast?

By 28 May 2008 150

I am a fan of going out for breakfast on a weekend. It seems to have more appeal than going out for dinner, probably because I know the rest of the day stretches ahead and is more enticing with a some protein and a couple of good cups of coffee under the belt. But I'm running out of interesting p...

More taxis for Canberra

By 28 May 2008 4

ABC online is reporting that there will be 25 new taxis on the road in Canberra over the coming weeks to help ease the shortage of cabs in the city. Territory and Municipal Services Minister John Hargreaves says hopefully it will make it easier for Canberrans to catch a cab. We'll see. ...

Torch relay expensive. No-one really shocked

By 28 May 2008 14

According to the ABC, a Senate Estimates Committee has heard the cost of policing for last month's Olympic torch relay in Canberra was $723,000. The figure was confirmed by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Mick Keelty during an estimates hearing today. ...

Parkway woes

By 28 May 2008 159

Last Night, as I was heading home, I found myself in the closest thing to gridlock that we ever face in Canberra. The parkway towards Sulwood Drive was crawling along, and the radio update re traffic did not even mention the delays. so - 2 lanes crawling, crawling slowly towards Tuggeranong. wow. ...

McMuppet to front Jim Hensons new project - the Burma show

By 28 May 2008 15

The Age are reporting that local man Bob will be representing Australia in the falling-over-themselves world effort to to administer aid in Burma. Since he's already got $25mil on the table, its quite a responsibility. I mark this about 8 months since the Federal election - no need to point to th...

Immigration Bridge

By 28 May 2008 38

The NCA and the ACT Government still want to build the so called Immigration Bridge from Lennox Gardens to the museum on Acton Peninsula. The bridge will alienate a third of the area  of West Basin from yachts and create a navigational hazard for other lake users such as rowers and kayakers. ...

Is Canberra really warmer than it used to be?

By 28 May 2008 48

I remember coming to Canberra in the early 1990s and it was colder and we had this thing called 'ski fields' just up the road.  What'shappened?  Has global warming wiped out cold weather?  Is May warmer than it should be? Canberra just doesn't seem to be as cold as it used to be....

Power Station scaled down

By 27 May 2008 59

Just come from a meeting with Jon Stanhope at which he told us he'd just been at an announcement that the Mugga Lane power station will be scaled down, leaving the DA essentially just for the data centre concept. ABC 666 is reporting already that there will be some generation capability to the propo...

Rego doesn't want fuel to feel lonely.

By 27 May 2008 18

For those of you that missed it, the ABC tells us that Car Registration, 5 Year License Fees, Parking Permits and Number Plate fees are all going up. They also point out that this is Yet Another Burden in these days of rising fuel prices. From what little they say, I'm assuming that how much ...

Where there's smoke there's fire?

By 27 May 2008 13

Canberra chief executive Don Furner has angrily slammed a report which suggested the Raiders could relocate to south-east Queensland in the future. The Courier-Mail newspaper said there was growing speculation the Raiders would be forced out of the nation's capital and could look to move to Logan Ci...

Truck Accident - Queanbeyan

By 27 May 2008 7

Just quickly. A removal truck has tried to go under the bridge there by Coles in Queanbeyan. Well, I should say he did go under the bridge,,,but he is also now missing the roof off the back of his truck. Detours are in place for obvious reasons. (i.e. no going off the main steet down to the under...

Hail Storm

By 27 May 2008 23

It was a decent little hail storm last night, not a super cell like last year, but enough to do some damage and overflow the gutters. Anyone see or hear about anything spectacular?...

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