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Local leaders – Phil Preston and Duncan Amos (Red Robot)

By 6 May 2015
phil preston duncan amos red robot

Canberra may not be a city renowned for its manufacturing prowess, but it is home to the largest photo booth manufacturer in the southern hemisphere, Red Robot. Founded by C...

Cheap eats – Red Brick Espresso (Curtin)

By 6 May 2015
red brick espresso coffee

Red Brick Espresso at Curtin shops is one of my favourite neighbourhood coffee haunts. It’s been around for a few years now, and on weekend mornings the line for coffee can s...

Civic an urgent urban planning problem

By 6 May 2015 15

Several decades ago, the centre of Canberra provided a very different shopping experience. Civic was a series of pedestrian plazas with a small complex named The Monaro Mall. ...

Fatal collision in Fadden overnight

By 6 May 2015

ACT Policing is investigating a collision in Fadden in which a male rider has died. About 6pm last night (Tuesday, May 5), police responded to a report that a motorcyclist on ...

Northside vs southside – is one really better than the other?

By 5 May 2015 38

Northside versus southside. It's pretty much the greatest rivalry since Springfield versus Shelbyville. I've never really understood it. I currently live in Canberra's north...

Best of Canberra – Vanilla slice

By 5 May 2015 17
vanilla slice

When it comes to vanilla slice, there seems to be no middle ground. You either love them enough to travel to the other side of Canberra for a good one, or you think the nickn...

Share your ideas on improving Tuggeranong

By 6 May 2015

Community Brainstorming session, Saturday 9 May Tuggeranong Action Group (TAG) is a new grassroots organisation established to advocate and represent the interests of the Tuggeranong Valley. We are proud to live in Tuggeranong, and aim to get locals more actively involved in the decisions aff...

Did you witness an armed robbery in Calwell this morning?

By 5 May 2015

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an armed robbery which occurred in Calwell early this morning (Tuesday, 5 May). Around 1am two women entered the Woolworths Petrol servi...

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An email interview with Tess Ryan - Independent Canberra Escort and Companion

By 18 August 2008 70

Last week we had a look at the world of Tess Ryan [NSFW], a go-it-alone sex-worker in Canberra. Many of us were surprised to learn that the ACT has laws against threesomes at home with sex workers. Even more of you had more questions and wanted me to do an interview with her. Some of you sug...

Tuggeranong pool redevelopment failure

By 18 August 2008 13

Brendan Smyth is making merry with delays in getting the redevelopment of the Tuggernong Pool finished in time for summer. The Minister for Sport has a number of important questions to answer about this latest Stanhope Government fiasco: -- why has the Tuggeranong Pool project been so poorly pl...

New education policy? - actually just consultation on school leaving ages

By 18 August 2008 24

[First filed: August 18, 2008 @ 09:59] Apparently we're getting a new education system today when the relevant powers bestir themselves to release it. Early TV reports suggest the school leaving age will be raised to 17, but more vocational/trades education will be made available. That will...

KarismaKatz CD release

By 18 August 2008 6

Local duo ‘KarismaKatz’ release the eagerly awaited album ‘Spirit on the Rise’. Aptly named, the album is a major new work from award-winning musicians, DJ Gosper and Christo Carlsen. The recording of ‘Spirit on the Rise’ took place between April 2007 and July 2008.  During this time ...

CIT restaurant

By 18 August 2008 6

Has anyone dined at the CIT restaurant? I haven't been there in years but it sounds pretty good and very reasonable $26.50 for 3 courses....

Police Wrap - 18 August

By 18 August 2008 18

Never underestimate the power of a whinge on RiotACT. ACT Policing have updated abundantly this morning and here's what they have: 1. A $4,000 Woden jewellry heist has ended badly for the alleged thieves: Acting on information received, male and female persons of interest were sought by police...

The Gershon Report

By 18 August 2008 4

Has anyone been affected by the fine tooth comb of Peter Gershon yet? I understand that he is looking at the inner workings of the Federal Government very closely, and is due to release a report on his findings very soon. Are there any departments starting to sweat yet? From my industry perspe...

Candidate questionaire - call for questions

By 18 August 2008 62

[First filed: July 31, 2008 @ 09:42] Every election we get you, the readers, to nominate questions they'd like to ask candidates in the upcoming poll. We pick the best 10 and send them to everyone who's running and a surprising number of them knuckle down and fill them in. The better ones even...

Lies, damned lies, and police statistics

By 18 August 2008 1

Simon Corbell has announced that police statistics are all looking great on the lead up to the election. "I'm delighted to announce that ACT Policing has met or surpassed all of its response time targets when attending to incidents across the Territory," Mr Corbell said. "This is a commendable re...

New wind sculpture on Adelaide Avenue - Dinornis maximus

By 18 August 2008 78

[First filed: August 14, 2008 @ 13:47] When approaching Woden's great Round-a-bout 'O Destiny from the North drivers can now be distracted by a majestic wind sculpture. It went up yesterday and the blokes building it reckon there are no motors, just the wind on the blades. I think I saw...

More pain at John James

By 18 August 2008 18

The Canberra Times has a story on further financial turmoil at the John James private hospital. The hospital administration is not doing a great job selling their story with a degree of snottiness creeping into the story: The company's chief executive, Peter Hedge, refused at the weekend to d...

Actew running political ads?

By 17 August 2008 30

Did Actew have the election in mind when they began their intense bombardment of TV ads (ie: 'we are fixing up the water shortage, so no need to worry about the dithering over the past seven years'). It is no secret that Michael Costello of Actew Corporation is a Labor old boy and used to be Kim Bea...

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