Painter Mugger Put Away

By 4 May 2005 12

ABC Online has this snippet on Canberra painter Mark Crandell being sentenced to 18 months gaol for mugging people in Canberra including a pregnant woman and a 77 year old woman (which he failed).

Why we needed to know he was a painter I’m not entirely sure? Is he a good painter? Will he go higher on the Google rankings as a canberra Painter due to this? I don’t know.

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atnas2:39 pm, 04 May 05

I think all of Canberra ought be allowed to line up and kick him in the nuts, one after the other.

bonfire4:08 pm, 04 May 05

when i lived in the NT the gummint had an elegant solution to social trash. it was called a bus ticket to adelaide.

RandomGit4:12 pm, 04 May 05

I dropped some litter today, I blame the Stanhope governemnt!!

LurkerGal4:15 pm, 04 May 05

Shame on you Random! What would Davey say??

RandomGit4:16 pm, 04 May 05

He would blame the Stanhope government, because Davey is all about doing what seems popular at the time.

LurkerGal4:17 pm, 04 May 05

You grow on me more every day.

RandomGit4:19 pm, 04 May 05

Like fungus or cancer?

LurkerGal4:23 pm, 04 May 05

Fungus I think. I mean, it makes you feel really unclean, but it’s not malignant and you are unlikely to end up having chemo over it.

RandomGit4:29 pm, 04 May 05

Thats the nicest thing anyones ever said to me.

johnboy11:44 pm, 04 May 05

well to be fair to the stanhope government the housing and drug policies were much the same under the last incumbent.

bonfire10:35 am, 05 May 05

really ? can you say ‘injecting room stifled by federal intervention’.

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