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By 10 February 2014 10

We have a wall of new built-in bookcases which, after my well-meaning but amateurish start, now need the professional touch so that they match the woodwork in our new house.  So we need a fastidious professional painter who does small jobs willingly.  Any suggestions?

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10 Responses to Painter recommendation
BelcoMan1:47 pm, 10 Feb 14

Gabriel de Vries 0421-359-062.

Good service, good price and a nice young guy to boot

curmudgery1:51 pm, 10 Feb 14

I recommend Richard Murfet –

I’ve used him twice. Semi-retired so he may or may not be available. Takes his work seriously. A good man.


cynical_rendering10:00 pm, 10 Feb 14

After a bad experience with an alleged “painter” I had Adrian from Azzika Painting re-do my Cedar frames. He was punctual, transparent about job detail, and delivered a quality finish. Not sure if he does small jobs, but no harm in asking. 0424836575.

Shercom11:16 pm, 11 Feb 14

Thanks for the quick response – RiotACT has lived up to the plug given to it by eldest daughter.

Holden Caulfield12:29 pm, 12 Feb 14

Shercom said :

Thanks for the quick response – RiotACT has lived up to the plug given to it by eldest daughter.

Is her name Dorothy by any chance?

Junglejack5:31 pm, 13 Feb 14

xtreme painting and decorating

ben, good fella, good work.

Shercom12:05 pm, 18 Feb 14

No Holden Caulfied, not Dorothy.
Richard not available for six weeks, so if you can wait, then his busyness is a good sign. I can’t so I’m currently waiting for Gabriel to visit.
Thanks for the later recommendations.

zorro293:12 pm, 18 Feb 14

“after my well-meaning but amateurish start”

haha, I know /exactly/ how you feel…been there, done that! They make it look so easy on TV…then all of a sudden you have a mess :)

Shercom3:48 pm, 03 Mar 14

The recommendation of #1. BelcoMan, is now supported by well-painted bookcases and a bank balance reduced by a not unreasonable sum.

Roundhead897:38 pm, 03 Mar 14

Do *not* call Glendinning Painting. I absolutely *loathe* their ads on 2CC.

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