Palavi charged with belting a cop

By 18 January 2007 11

AAP, via News, informs us that the Brumbies’ David Palavi has been in court.

“Palavi is charged with two counts of obstructing, hindering, intimidating or resisting a commonwealth official and one of causing harm to a commonwealth law enforcement officer.

He is also charged with common assault over another incident last year.

Palavi came to rugby after playing league for the Raiders and the Storm.

You can take the man out of mungo but you can’t take the mungo out of the man.

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11 Responses to
Palavi charged with belting a cop
Kramer 3:45 pm
18 Jan 07

Give him a slap on the wrists (like everyone else in the ACT courts), and send him back to Brumbies training. We need everyone we can get this year…

lateralis 8:02 pm
18 Jan 07

This has the stink of George Gregan all over it….

cranky 8:11 pm
18 Jan 07

Just arrange to get him in front of Pat O’Shane.

The Commonwealth Officials will be jailed!

jellen 8:54 pm
18 Jan 07

If you take the leagueies out of Union you can be guarandamnteed that the nancy boy private school boy teams you send to NZ will get the absolute shite beaten out of them. Tough choice.
Uncyclopedia – great site – says it all about rugby –

vg 7:03 am
19 Jan 07

“nancy boy private school boy teams”

Just like the one I went to NZ with that thrashed every school we played, including those with the over-age islander ‘kiddies’?

What bollocks

Typsy McStaggers 10:30 am
19 Jan 07

Cynicism will never equal intellect, no matter how many sour grapes you eat.

TrapperKeeper 11:21 am
19 Jan 07

“causing harm to a commonwealth law enforcement officer” Doesnt mean he belted anyone…

terubo 11:32 am
19 Jan 07

Yeah, I think he just blew smoke into his/her face.

simto 11:49 am
19 Jan 07

Subjected him to a severe taunting?

TrapperKeeper 12:31 pm
19 Jan 07

The smoke might have hurt their eyes. You can “cause harm” by accident, i know someone that ran from police and they caused harm because a female cop grabbed his belt and was dragged along.

Big Al 4:22 pm
19 Jan 07

Rugby Union needs ex-league shitbags like a hole in the head.

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