Parking Milko style

By 1 March 2013 14


Damien has sent in a parking example worthy of its own post:

Putting the Tavern in Taverner…

If you’re going to try and get sideways on every corner when it rains then you should master the art of counter-steering first.

Corner of Drakeford and Taverner, Wanniassa.

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14 Responses to
Parking Milko style
M0les 1:20 am
01 Mar 13

They didn’t actually get it to the door though, did they?
Looks like they still had a ditch, a fence and some amount of garden to go before they fully met the terms of their contractual obligation.

Evil_Kitten 5:54 am
01 Mar 13

Wait…………… there are still milkos???

Jungle Jim 8:58 am
01 Mar 13

That’s a pretty big embankment to get up. He must have been seriously moving it around that corner!

I saw and heard so many cars practicing their drifting techniques yesterday – especially around my normally quiet street. I just hope one of them doesn’t end up in my front yard or worse.

Zeital 10:08 am
01 Mar 13

god that corner is death in the rain, even going around that slowly (like 20-30) in the rain I still slide a little, almost had someone slide into my rear yesterday because they where trying to clear that corner at a “dry” speed.

He would only have to be doing like 60 around that corner to get there…..

bundah 10:10 am
01 Mar 13

Well he was obviously off his tree!

Primal 10:25 am
01 Mar 13

Another victim of Apple Maps.

devils_advocate 11:51 am
01 Mar 13

Surely there are easier ways to make a milkshake?

Girt_Hindrance 11:54 am
01 Mar 13

Clearly too much juice.

Holden Caulfield 12:22 pm
01 Mar 13

The milkman of human blindness?

Alderney 12:37 pm
01 Mar 13

How embarressing.

Any publicity is good publicity, right?

Ben_Dover 12:42 pm
01 Mar 13

Holden Caulfield said :

The milkman of human blindness?

A Billy Bragg fan!

FXST01 2:18 pm
01 Mar 13

His milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard.

Boys in Blue that is.

Frustrated 9:16 pm
04 Mar 13

Evil_Kitten said :

Wait…………… there are still milkos???


I thought they disappeared back in the early 90s.

Sandman 11:09 pm
04 Mar 13

Aussie Farmers are a home delivery service for groceries, rather than a milkman.

As for the ute, it looks suspiciously like a white Triton, and it hasn’t been a great year for white Tritons in Canberra this year.

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