Parking Woden style, again

By 4 November 2012 4

woden parking

Girt_Hindrance has sent in this gem:

A familiar spot for creative parking, this Mitsubishi had a notice taped across its windscreen, and the next day the number plates had been removed.

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4 Responses to
Parking Woden style, again
Mr Gillespie 11:29 am
04 Nov 12

The one on the left, well who cares? but granted — the one on the right does leave a lot to be desired.

PennyG 12:03 pm
04 Nov 12

The silver car has been there for at least 2 months, probably longer.

Girt_Hindrance 2:11 pm
04 Nov 12

It’s been there maybe 10 days at most… I’m past there everyday weekdays and hadn’t seen it til Thursday. Friday and it was sans-plates.

Pitchka 9:36 am
06 Nov 12

How do you not know the black and/or silver car are infact police cars, i mean, do you expect police to have to park correctly, what if there was an emergency, we wouldnt want themt o have to walk ages to get to their car to attend an emergency woudl we.. I dont see anything wrong with it, stop your whinging, WTF, LOL, ROTFLMFAO… YOLO!

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