Phased implementation of the new ACTION buses

By 15 May 2008 33

Following from a previous RiotACT story, I’ve been a little surprised not to see any commentary on the new plan for a staged implementation of the new network due to “the need to recruit more bus drivers to accommodate the requirements of the new Network“. How quickly the wheel turns! [bad pun intended].

Anyway, the skinny is that the new weekday networks are being implemented first, with the changes to the weekend network happening at an undetermined time.

Why not delay the implementation until you’ve recruited the new bus drivers? One of the stated aims of the program is to get bus numbers and times consistent across days and weekends and it seems self-defeating with the new staged implementation.

I also live near one of the bus services cut back. They’ve just installed a new snazzy bus stop with lighting and advertising for a bus stop that will be gone past only 6 times a day (currently it’s more than 14 runs a day). Guess they’re not getting a lot of bang for their advertising buck now!

Anyway, the new timetables will be available from Monday 19 May 2008 for the implementation of the new services on 2 June 2008.

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33 Responses to
Phased implementation of the new ACTION buses
caf 10:57 am
15 May 08

It does seem like an odd thing to do.

I doubt the advertisers care about the timetable changes though – the ads seem to be more directed at passing traffic than waiting bus users.

MrMagoo 11:45 am
15 May 08

I want to know how they propose to get the new timetable right when they struggle with the old one already?

BTW, they might want to ensure they don’t; repeat last nights events by having the Belconnen Bus Interchange in darkness when I arrive dthere on a cennecting bus at about 5.35. Its not the best place to be at night anyway, without sitting there in the dark.

AussieGal83 5:26 pm
15 May 08

Yes! The 729 is coming back!

canbaron 6:08 pm
15 May 08

Maybe some of the $$ from the advertising on the (snazzy) new shelters could pay for these new drivers? If we’re going to sully the city with its first billboard ads, we might at least be getting something good out of them.

bd84 8:17 pm
15 May 08

The shelters are provided and paid for by a private company, the advertising helps pay for their building etc. But agreed with the point that they’ve built a whole heap of them where I’ve never seen one bus stop or places where a couple of buses pass a day while well frequented bus stops remain in the open.

MrMagoo said :

I want to know how they propose to get the new timetable right when they struggle with the old one already?

exactly, they don’t have enough buses or drivers.. though they are getting more of both. in the very near future But I hardly expect these changes to make one bit of difference in getting people to use buses as the changes replace the services they removed some 2 years ago, nothing more. They still haven’t listened to people who want buses that run conveniently i.e. reliable not jam packed and don’t take an hour to get somewhere that would take 15 minutes to drive. Until they do that there will be little impact.

sepi 8:59 pm
15 May 08

Do the snazzy new bustops actually have bins?

Or are they just putting them at the more deserted busstops so they’ll remain nice and clean.

stray 10:20 pm
15 May 08

poo. the 33 is the best ever….now have to have to rely on the crappy 34 that takes a bazillion years to get to the city?? bler, better buy a bike and join the other inner northerians on the roads – good on ya action….

CanberraResident 10:46 pm
15 May 08

Egh. Someone will always complain. That’s why they keep changing it every couple of years. They cave in to all the whingers. Canberrans have it too good, but dikeheads will still whinge when the bus takes 5 minutes too long to get ‘em to Civic to buy their drugs …

Deadmandrinking 11:08 pm
15 May 08

They’re getting rid of the 33? Motherf*ckers! Don’t they look at the amount of people who get on at dickson/o’connor etc. and get off at the Museum? There’s like, no-one pretty much. I’d walk, but the 33 is a lot quicker when I’m late.

stray 11:09 pm
15 May 08

Once again Canberran Resident,you miss the point.

When was the last time you experienced a bus ride like the one bd84 described?
in peak hour, to avoid the bunfight for parks each day (in woden esp! gah!) (not to mention the tickets if you get caught out short in the short hour parks that are the only ones left! and before i get lynched, i know i know!! – thats why i started getting the damn bus) and hopefully do your small bit for the enviroment and to put support behind public transport in Canberra at the same time? 5-35 mins each way is enough to drive anyone mad…but instead of whinging here at the risk of being labelled by you, i’ll be doing something about it…

but, what would i know, im only heading out to get my drugs…. ;-)

Deadmandrinking 11:17 pm
15 May 08

Actually the public transport in Melbourne is a hell of alot better than it is here, Canberra Resident.

I’m also sick of my comments being moderated! wtf? I used the star thingie

CanberraResident 8:30 am
16 May 08

I know, I know … there’s the legitimate stories Stray, but it just seems to go on and on and on and on and on. How many “new” timetables have there been over the past decade? Seems like there’s been several.

Tell me … have the public ever been involved or consulted in the process leading up to the implementation of new timetables? Public meetings. Call for submissions, that kind of thing?

I apologise if I’ve offended …

DMD; is that right? Funny how Canberra can’t get many things right hey …

tap 9:49 am
16 May 08

I was under the impression that they only re did the timetables when they wanted to cut services/make things cheaper (could be wrong). Which basically means making it worse.

Melbourne public transport is good, trams are really good. I think it gets less good (to bad) in the far out laying suburbs, but you get that.

jenny green 9:55 am
16 May 08

I heard about the recruitment drive just before the Federal Budget and was hoping that I could take a PS redundancy and go drive a bus for a couple of decades… alas, the swingeing was inadequate…

Ian 12:28 pm
17 May 08

These changes look mostly like they are putting in services they’ve taken out previously. “New and improved” seems to equal “restored”. I suspect a lot of their driver recruiting will end up being rehiring ones they gave redundancies too last time they cut back … great planning and more money pissed down the drain.

sepi 3:05 pm
17 May 08

They are also removing services from the Inner North and Inner South and putting new services into Gungahlin.

AussieGal83 7:58 pm
21 May 08

The new timetables are so disappointing. They reckon they’re reinstating the 729 which goes direct from Weston to the City without having to pass through Woden. This is great, but there’s only 2 buses in the morning and 2 at night. The first one going home leaves at 445. Tell me, who on earth who works in the city leaves work that early.

I want to catch the bus so I dont have to spend so much on petrol and reduce my carbon footprint, but this doesnt help me at all.

So disappointed.

green_frogs_go_pop 10:42 pm
21 May 08

would someone please explain to me how it takes only 10 minutes by car, but now 30 minutes to get from calwell to tuggeranong?

i am so driving to tuggeranong to get my dru..i mean, go to school, yes, thats right.. :D

ozinaussie 12:35 pm
22 May 08

I sit on a bus and watch some people who were waiting at the bus-stop, then decide to fumble around for their money or ticket once they board the bus and block the other organised passengers behind them. People present maps to the drivers and want a detailed explaination to their mysterious destination along with timetable information. People hand drivers $20 & $50 notes and think it’s okay for the rest of the passengers to wait whilst the driver counts out their change. People fail to show their concession cards when they ask for a concession fare and the rest of the passengers have to wait while that person finds their concession card or debate with the driver why they shouldn’t have to show their concession card. I watch cars pass my bus which is already traveling at the speed limit and then that car merges in front of the bus only to slow down or take the next left turn. I watch as passengers “have a chat” with the driver as they board or disembark, thinking it’s being polite and neighbourly. & people wonder why there’s continuous cries for a new Network or it takes a bus 3-4 times longer to get somewhere than a car?

As a passenger, some of my ilk contributes to the Network’s sluggishness.

As for ACTION’s public consultation, they did hold a Public Forum from which I listened to the participant’s comments on ABC-666 AM with interest. ACTION seems blissfully ignorant of what the public and drivers do want to see. Canberra is a challenging city in which to provide public transportation in an affordable and efficient manner. We are quite spread out and the vast majority of Canberrans don’t use the buses once the sun goes down. I see many empty or sparsely populated buses running around at night. Each Canberran household pays an average of $500 a year in taxes to subsidise ACTION.

I wonder if we’re getting bang for our buck by ACTION strategists who may never have been drivers or seldom been passengers themselves?

Thumper 12:56 pm
22 May 08

On the plus side, I’ve seen two bicycle racks in use this week.

that makes two sitings since…ah… since… they installed them ;)

Thumper 12:56 pm
22 May 08

sightings, that is…

peterh 1:38 pm
22 May 08

bring in a light rail network – up the guts of northbourne ave. get rid of the gum trees in the middle strip, they only produce oxygen / killer falling branches / attack magpies etc, and allow people in the city to go to dickson every day to a multistorey carpark built on the lyneham playing fields to get in their cars and drive to gungahlin. Then I can get a park in the city after driving from tuggeranong and the environment is saved. – no large amounts of traffic per day…..

shanefos 1:56 pm
22 May 08

Thumper said :

On the plus side, I’ve seen two bicycle racks in use this week.

that makes two sitings since…ah… since… they installed them ;)

Civic Interchange yesterday evening:
Two bikes on each of the two Intertown buses (heading to Belconnen) picking up passengers and four other cyclists waiting at the stop.
Had I waited all of five or ten minutes more I would have seen the bike racks being utilised eight times in the space of about fifteen minutes, all on the one bus route!

Your comment is like saying “I’ve never seen a kangaroo get hit by a car before, so it mustn’t happen. So why not pull down the fences in Lawson and let all the Death Row roos run free?!”.
I guess all of those dead kangaroos on the side of the road must have been run over by all of the cyclists NOT using the bus!

Sir Fondle 12:57 am
30 May 08

A few points to address…From the top,

the ‘snazzy’ new bus stops as someone else has said were installed and payed for by private company AdShel, they are in locations that get the highest advertising revenue for themselves and are not placed at bus stops which get lots of passengers. Stop complaining, the government paid nothing for this and we now get some bus shelters where there were none previously so it is better than no new shelters at all.

The 33 has not been cancelled it has now been split into two ends, the 9 is the campbell end and the lyneham end is now the 6.

As for light rail, i love the idea and would support it fully, if the federal and local governments could build the infastructure and have the services run privately with integrated ticketing with action, yeah it would work, but its just too expensive.

People will always complain, you cant please everyone all the time with new bus networks, there will always be someone annoyed it now takes an extra 3 minutes to get to work. But they are doing the best they can under hargreaves who has probably caught the bus twice ever. Blame him if anyone.

Also as ozinaussie says, the reason buses run late half the time is idiots who try to pay with $50 notes and wait at the stop for ten minutes, complain the bus is late and then fumble for their change. I saw a good trick used tonight on the bus, two guys got on and asked for two ticets, the driver said $6 and they held out a $50 note, he asked if they had anything smaller to which they said no, so he handed it back and told them, go get change and catch the next bus.

This is hilarious, if people arent organised enough to get change or buy a ticket they shouldnt be able to catch the bus, drivers only have a small amount of change and cant change your notes all day and will usually tell you to take a seat, hence giving you a free ride much to the annoyance of everybody else on board who has done the right thing. Perhaps drivers should be issued witha bag of 5cent pieces so that when someone pays a big note they get tiny change..then they would think again before trying to get free rides or be inconsiderate to everyone else.

The problem with the new network is not enough drivers for the weekends because most drivers prefer to work on weekdays. Their pay or conditions are not the problem as they are the best in the country just about and pay much more than the major capitals, the problem is no one is applying to be a bus driver, probably because of all the whinging passengers who think they are the boss and can say what they want, just let the drivers do their jobs and get over yourself, or drive your car to work and pay $10 a day parking plus $80 a week to fill up your car and then complain when theres no parking or traffic jams.

el 1:14 am
30 May 08

What a load of crap. $50 note = legal tender. If ACTION can’t provide a sufficient float for the drivers to issue change, why should the person, sorry, CUSTOMER be penalised?

Absent Diane 8:32 am
30 May 08

i got told to fck off for having $20 a few years back. I felt like kick baby panda’s.

Absent Diane 8:32 am
30 May 08


Spitfire3 11:34 am
30 May 08

Upstanding citizen #1: Hey knobhead, ja hear about the buses? They have to carry enough money to change 50 buck notes now, ay.

Upstanding citizen #2: Oh fahkn awesome! Where’s me pocket knife…

RiotACTors: Finally govco’s going to spend some money on Action, but not to improve the service. Nooooo, instead we just get drivers behind security screens.

Eirlys 4:08 pm
02 Jun 08

I am sorry el but you obviously don’t see the ridiculousness of arriving on a bus at 7.30 in the morning with a 50 dollar note. 1 it holds everyone up while the bus driver has the get the 47.00 dollars change. And two You obviously don’t read because you can’t be bothered following direction. (It does say use correct change). See I am the opposite I cannot belive there are people out there who consistently catch the buses who think using a 50 dollar note or even a 20 dollar not is reasonable when paying what is likely to be a THREE (or less) dollar fare.

As for the new bus service, they removed the fastest service to Deakin West, the 30- yes available from Giralang to Civic but not Civic to Woden. Instead replaced it with the two which is the first half of the 38 to Civic and then the second half of the 31 to Woden. Obviously they don’t believe people travel cross city from Inner North to Woden direction.

I am lucky that I live in the Inner North (although Watson has been a bit hard done by and as a Downerite I get the FULL buses that come from Watson).

As most people I see getting on buses have prepaid cards I think anyone even contemplating getting on a bus with a 50 dollar note should seriously think again.

el 4:26 pm
02 Jun 08

Eirlys: What about those who are not regular bus commuters (ie people that AREN’T you), but find themselves suddenly needing to catch a bus – just once in a blue moon? Refusing a fare simply because someone doesn’t have exact change is ridiculous.

el said :

I cannot belive there are people out there who consistently catch the buses who think using a 50 dollar note or even a 20 dollar not is reasonable when paying what is likely to be a THREE (or less) dollar fare.

Can you show me where in this thread that it was implied that people think doing this consistently is OK? Because it certainly wasn’t me. Or is that creaking sound the sound of goalposts being shifted?

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