Poisoned Tree

By 28 April 2008 47

An old tree in my backyard died recently, which at the time I thought nothing of.  It wasn’t until my friend helping me cut it out with a chainsaw, we noticed a section of the tree had what appears to be a hole drilled in the side, and a plastic bag stuffed inside it.

The more I think about it, the more I suspect foul play, especially considering:

A) It was in a section of the tree my neighbours could reach by leaning over the fence

B) These neighbours have on other occassions chopped branches off my other trees, and which were not overhanging on their property, and

C) They have a monster veggie patch over the fence (which they break all the water restriction rules watering too, but that’s irrelevant)

I’m wondering if they used some kind of poison to kill my tree off, probably because they thought it was absorbing too much water for their precious vegie patch.  I’m especially miffed/worried as I have young kids who play around that part of the yard all the time.

Does anyone know if I can have it tested to see if/what they poisoned it with?  Do I have any recourse if I can prove they did something to it?

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47 Responses to
Poisoned Tree
Fiona 10:34 am
28 Apr 08

I dont know about testing, but I’d be considering dobbing them in re water restrictions… but only if my name wasn’t used at all, otherwise there could be an A Current Affair – worthy neighbourhood war on my hands.

Tempestas 10:45 am
28 Apr 08

If the tree was big enough to be significant its an offense to damage it, – of course proof is going to be a bugger.

Mælinar 10:54 am
28 Apr 08

Post it to the AFP HQ. If they close their mail centre, then it contained nasty stuff. Remember to put your neighbour down as the person who posted it, and await the report via the media release.

S4anta 10:58 am
28 Apr 08

Call APrks and Gardens, there is a bunch of folk whose sole job it is to adjudicate on tree health. damaging neighbours trees is an issue that they deal with on a daily basis. Ultimate result (if proven that neighbours were the culprits), costs to remove and replace with sensible shrubbery is theirs to bear.

skaboy12 11:08 am
28 Apr 08

It also likely that the plastic bag was just there to fill the hole. The best way to kill a tree is with copper. Although drilling a hole is a waste of time. I have killed the vines in my yard using just a copper nail, and i killed the tree in my front yard with a nail as well.

smokey4 11:39 am
28 Apr 08

Remember they are your neighbours and you will have to live next to them well into the future. IS PURSURING THIS WORTH THE AGRO?

It is very easy to make enemies of your neighbours and then almost impossible to repair the damage.

Now for confessional time. Recently the neighbour over the back from my property pumped/stole several kltrs of water from my rear dam and someone else has been stealing my fire wood however I am also guilty of the same crimes. My neighbour to the North persists with growing Prickly pear cactus on the fence line. But he is Southern Italian and has a fantastic restaurant. So by ignoring the nigglely things I am ahead on points.

benneh 11:46 am
28 Apr 08

smokey4 said: “Remember they are your neighbours and you will have to live next to them well into the future. IS PURSURING THIS WORTH THE AGRO?”

Do you reckon they thought about that when they allegedly poisioned my trees? if i find out for sure it was poisoned, damn right i’ll be persuing it.

Unless I can confirm it, it’s just heresay and I won’t bring it up with them, but I did place the piece of tree up on the wall next to the fence with the hole and bag facing over the fence, so if they are guilty they will damn well know I know what they’ve done!

Sammy 11:56 am
28 Apr 08

If they are the only ones that suffer any detriment as a result of the tree, then i’d say it’s odds-on that they poisoned it.

My condolences for having such shitehouse neighbours.

benneh 11:58 am
28 Apr 08

and the worst part is, it used to provide a good cover between the houses, now there is a big gap where we can see into each others backyards :(

It’s off to bunnings to buy some privacy screen fencing I think.

Thumper 12:12 pm
28 Apr 08

Buy a seriously barky dog…

ant 12:36 pm
28 Apr 08

That’s really rough. I’d follow the advice here and get it investigated. Was the tree shading their vegetable garden? If so, that might be why they did such a rotten thing. Well, two can play that game! bit of roundup in a spray bottle at 3am…

Mr Evil 12:43 pm
28 Apr 08

Spray their veges with Roundup.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 1:01 pm
28 Apr 08

Don’t kill their vege’s. Spray a chemcical (not sure what) that will get absorbed by the veges but is detrimetal to a persons health after consumption. If you continue to do this long term it is you who will have the last laugh.

Morgan 1:30 pm
28 Apr 08

Plant a pine, once it grows the falling foliage will kill anything growing under it. Also I love the Roundup idea.

S4anta 1:56 pm
28 Apr 08

if you want a tree that hurts things try a Pandanus. Anything with a 5-10kg kilo that drops once a year is a ripper.

Young (NSW) has a bunch of them on a main road, next to a school car park. At least once a year one of those nuts falls onto a car creating sweet havoc.

Bless em.

ant 2:09 pm
28 Apr 08

Is pandanus the pine that grows those humungous pine cones? I scored one of those cones when a kid, and I still treasure it. Pine cone the size of a very large football!

As for something harmful when eaten, you may not be gross enough to do this, but human pooh used to fertilise salad vegetables is why why a lot of people get dysentry in 3rd world countries.

Or you could fling handfuls of weed seeds on their garden (although you’d better hurry up if you want to harvest weed seeds, might be too late).

Or all of the above!

benneh 2:10 pm
28 Apr 08

Geez, glad I don’t live next to some of you guys!! Them’s some nasty retaliation suggestions for what is an unproven theory! :) At best it’d be an eye for an eye, I think slowly poisoning them, or throwing my poo over the fence might be a tad overzealous!

I love the idea of a pandanus though.

Perhaps I should collect a couple of hundred snails, and dump them over the fence one night, let em go to town on the vegies.

ant 2:14 pm
28 Apr 08

Or get some cabbage moth. If they’re growing stuff now, it’ll be caulis, broccoli etc. crucifers, winter stuff. Cabbage moth (from those green caterpillers) does a lot of damage to those things (easily detered with dust though).
Go the roundup, that’s fitting.

Thumper 2:15 pm
28 Apr 08

Go and buy large parrot mix bird seed.

Wait until spring and then throw it on the said vegie garden.

that stuff grows like, well, weeds…

AussieGal83 2:29 pm
28 Apr 08

Bastards. Spray cyanide onto their vege patch.

Bludger 2:49 pm
28 Apr 08

Re Thumpers advice, the birds will also tear into the vege patch trying to get the seed and ruin the garden. Double whammy.

toriness 3:11 pm
28 Apr 08

how i LOLed at the parrot seed suggestion – crap now my colleagues will know i’m not doing work :)

lemaChet 3:14 pm
28 Apr 08

poison their pet in retaliation.

la mente torbida 3:22 pm
28 Apr 08

Nasty words written on their lawn, with petrol, will let them know how you feel

p1 4:05 pm
28 Apr 08

how i LOLed at the parrot seed suggestion – crap now my colleagues will know i’m not doing work :)

I second that comment!

ant 4:20 pm
28 Apr 08

Sunflower seed will attract cockies, they are horrible! I feed them on my deck, and lately they’ve taken to snipping off my chili plants if the seed isn’t provided on time. So they’ll probably shred this veggie garden.

I-filed 5:30 pm
28 Apr 08

My neighbours blatantly killed a massive shade tree last year (nearly five times the height of their house) – ACT Govt did nothing. The culprits are ACT Government employees but claimed they ‘didn’t know about the tree protection legislation’. Neither the arborist nor my neighbours were investigated other than cursorily. The tree was deciduous, so didn’t shade them in winter.

If you need proof of the tree’s height, get a higher-res satellite image than the google ones. The shadows should indicate the height of your tree. Do pursue it – if the ACT Govt doesn’t start acting on this vandalism, people will continue to kill trees with impunity.

Spideydog 5:57 pm
28 Apr 08

Hint…your gonna need some proof or it wont go anywhere. Being in such close proximity with plenty of opportunity to do it without incriminating themselves will mean that your gonna struggle to find proof(if indeed they did it)

Plant a new tree, one thats already mature, if that one gets killed off, you may well be onto a winner and establish that the first one was definitely not a fluke …. lol Maybe a good fence vine would do the trick ?

One question …. had they ever complained about the tree before, or anything else for that matter?

el 6:34 pm
28 Apr 08

LOL. Best. Thread. Ever!

I second the crapping on the vegie patch suggestion. Even if they don’t get dysentery, you’ll know that at some point they’ve ingested your turd.

Pandy 6:51 pm
28 Apr 08

Place a horses head in their bed.

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