Police on John Cleeland

By 21 April 2008 7

While I was driving to work this morning, just after 8am, I noticed an Action bus stopped by the bus stop on John Cleeland Street in Florey.  It was surrounded by police cars and orange witches hats.  I couldn’t see anyone milling around or signs of an accident.

Anyone know what occurred?

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7 Responses to Police on John Cleeland
Holden Caulfield11:51 am, 21 Apr 08

I heard Police were investigating an incident.

Bungle11:53 am, 21 Apr 08

I heard on the radio that there was a collision between a bus and a car. I don’t know if anyone was hurt or anything.

kmoore12:01 pm, 21 Apr 08

I live on john cleland… looked like a white car rear ended a bus. Police had both sides of the street closed off at about 9:00 when I left for work. There was a white car with the front smashed in.

S4anta12:06 pm, 21 Apr 08

Its certainly an innovative way to start a neighbourhood car pooling program…

MrMagoo12:45 pm, 21 Apr 08

I was on the affore mentioned bus that the lady drove straight into. Now as my tag suggests I don’t see too well, but I’m sorry but how does one miss seeing a bus??

Fortunately she didn’t appear injured, but certainly shocked and yep the car was beyond all hope when i had a bit of a looksee. Fire Brigade and Ambos arrived pretty quickly but didn’t see any police arrive before ‘another bus’ came along.

Joe Canberran6:43 pm, 21 Apr 08

Orange witches hats? Sounds like something Terry Pratchett would right about if he based his novels in Canberra, Nanny Tucker introduces high visibility clothing for wielders of occult forces so to reduce the chance of them being hit cars when traveling in Patrician Stanhope’s new multi million dollar broom lanes

bd849:03 pm, 22 Apr 08

novel way of catching a bus after you miss it.

seems to have been a lot of accidents involving buses lately

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