Police to sniff around the brothels

By 26 May 2010 7

The Canberra Times brings word that the new Chief Police Officer, Roman Quaedvlieg, wants to get the police more involved in the crime surrounding the legal sex industry.

Mr Quaedvlieg said police forces regularly received information concerning criminal activity regarding prostitution.

Those issues often related to drugs, overstaying of visas and occasionally sexual servitude or exploitation of minors…

”Whilst a prostitution industry can be regulated, it still attracts the kind of people around which crime fringes do occur,” Mr Quaedvlieg told an ACT budget estimates hearing.

On the other hand, if the Office of Regulatory Services could manage more than one pre-arranged inspection every five years the dodgy element might move on to less regulated pastures.

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7 Responses to
Police to sniff around the brothels
georgesgenitals 1:20 pm
26 May 10

Although ORS regulate, do they actually have any enforcement powers? I thought it was up to the police to do enforcement.

PBO 1:37 pm
26 May 10

So Police will be in the Brothels on “Official” business now?

DJ 6:24 pm
26 May 10

… and you think they are now there for un-official business?

Surely you can back this up with something tangible? Ah, another baseless remark… or was it an attempt at a wit?

takahe 8:12 pm
26 May 10

Roman who?

bd84 9:40 pm
26 May 10

something smells fishy?

CanberraCreative 11:11 pm
26 May 10

The function of the ORS is as “registrar” as defined in the Act. In this role, they are responsible for the registration of operators and for making further regulations in relation to operators. The Act does not actually define any inspection regime to be carried out, either by the registrar or by Police.
The only provision for inspection and enforcement of the Act is s28 which allows Police to enter a premises if an offence against s20,21, or 23 of the Act is being or is likely to be committed or they need to do so to prevent an offence or apprehend an offender.

p1 10:12 am
27 May 10

… and you think they are now there for un-official business?

Of course they are. Not all of them, and I am not alleging corruption of any sort, but if you think that cops are not represented in the clientele of these businesses you are kidding your self.

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