Poor hygiene at Dickson Noodle House? Say it ain’t so!

By 25 October 2006 48

Just received this in my email.. would have deleted it as a generic ‘my friend’s friend was date raped in blah blah Park’ .. but for the pics.

Anyone eat at Dickson Asian Noodle House?

Can I recommend that you don’t? the noodles were left to cool on the a/c unit.

Colleagues – I thought a health warning was in order. A bunch of us (we’re on third floor overlooking carpark of restaurants) have just seen guys out the back of the Dickson Noodle House tenderising meat on a thin plastic chopping board on the ground near the bins – choice!! Meat was mostly on the chopping board.

Noodles were also being pawed through in a big dish on the ground amongst the oil spills. You had to see it to believe it… !

Sad really. Apparently they’re the best noodles in town! Though the one time I tried eating there, it was far too busy to get a table (which would line up nicely with the ‘best noodles in town’ tag).


[ED - well now you know what they need to do to make the noodles so good]

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48 Responses to
Poor hygiene at Dickson Noodle House? Say it ain’t so!
Mr Evil 4:42 pm
25 Oct 06

It’s the bird poo and dead ants that make their noodles just so good.

Send them all home!

johnboy 4:43 pm
25 Oct 06

So, where to get my duck chea quay tao now that I suspect I’ll be unwelcome in future?

Any recommendations?

Unbeliever 4:50 pm
25 Oct 06

Is there a picture of the actual meat tenderising in progress?

Ari 4:52 pm
25 Oct 06

What a brave photographer – I expect they’ll shortly face an enraged Chinese cook with a meat cleaver.

Absent Diane of the 5:00 pm
25 Oct 06

could it be a set up from a competitor?

captainwhorebags 5:14 pm
25 Oct 06

I’ll keep eating there until I personally have a bad experience.

If motor oil is a key ingredient in their tasty food, so be it.

Special G 5:45 pm
25 Oct 06

I’m with whorebags. I’ve seen worse in China and Malaysia and ate the food there. It still tastes damn good.

Mr_Shab 6:08 pm
25 Oct 06

Trust me – that’s child’s play compared to some of the more unsavoury practices I’ve witnessed in the industry.

Danman – you out there? Back me up here.

Woody Mann-Caruso 7:29 pm
25 Oct 06

I heard a (wild, completely unsubstantiated) claim that a certain upmarket Chinese eatery leaves their partially-cooked meat out in trays in the back alley behind the restaurant ready to be warmed through or flash grilled for serving. “Nice chair, man,” I said. “Yip. Sure is!” he replied.

As for DNH, I’ll be back. It’s all fried and boiled, so I couldn’t care less. I eat biltong, and that’s nothing more than old meat left around to dry out in a cupboard.

Pandy 8:08 pm
25 Oct 06

Reminds me of the Chinese place in Woden that used to scrap together the left over rice from patron’s plates then place it out the back to dry, before serving it up once again as stir fry. They were shut down.

Fiona 8:34 am
26 Oct 06

They have alot of paper towel…

Thumper 8:35 am
26 Oct 06

Nice clean car park…

Ari 9:14 am
26 Oct 06

That bike lying on its side … it’s almost like it’s trying to be recumbent.

Absent Diane of the 9:19 am
26 Oct 06

thats not a bike. its a noodle trap. damn that dickson is a bizzare place.

bonfire 9:37 am
26 Oct 06

did i hear the words recumbent and bike ?

whaaaat ?


Mr Evil 9:54 am
26 Oct 06

Maybe the bike spokes are used to dry meat on?

Ari 9:55 am
26 Oct 06

Hey Evil, that looks like your Mum’s bike.

Perhaps she ducked in for a bit of pork.

VYBerlinaV8 10:19 am
26 Oct 06

I like the dead-duck-inn over the road – at least you can see all the stuff hanging in the window.

James-T-Kirk 10:21 am
26 Oct 06

It is part of the culture.

We need to be sensitive. How about we book a banquet for all riot-act supporters.

That will weed out those with delicate constitutions…

Mr Evil 10:58 am
26 Oct 06

“Hey Evil, that looks like your Mum’s bike.”

My Mum is a bike! But lately she’s become a one man bike – after AD came into her life.

She’s even waxed her back for him!

Ari 11:05 am
26 Oct 06

So the back wax is her imminent present to AD?

Mr Evil 11:07 am
26 Oct 06

“So the back wax is her imminent present to AD?”

LMAO. :)

Absent Diane of the 11:17 am
26 Oct 06

hehe – I got nothing

Avy 11:44 am
26 Oct 06

I’m with special G.

Nixon Doodle can never lose.

ant 10:18 pm
26 Oct 06

Quite a few restaurants use the area outside the back door as a food prep and storage area, actually. And the ones I’m thinking of, of which I have personal experience, are listed in the tipety-top of Canberra find restaurants.

Many kitchens are too small, and bloody hot. So sticking out a few milk crates and working outside makes a lot of sense.

DenMother 12:09 am
27 Oct 06

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh soooooooooooooo! Now we shall have the China Man curse! Which is almost as bad as the much feared “May You Live in Interesting Times” one. From now on all our noodles shall be acclimatised!!!

bonfire 9:11 am
27 Oct 06

thought id share the google ads for this page:

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footyboy 3:30 pm
27 Oct 06

My guess is the outside prep area sparkles compared to the kitchen, and its Kitchen photos we would not want to see.

mandaACT 11:08 am
28 Oct 06

Their laksa’s are so good i wouldnt care if they are ritually sacrificing most of the zoo to make it.

junkeeee 11:08 pm
29 Oct 06

obligatory lat / long for google earth:
149° 8’11.16″E :)

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