Possible ideas for Valentines day in Canberra?

By 31 January 2012 11

Hey rioters,

I’m looking for a nice place to take my lady friend for Valentines day. Maybe somewhere a little special that stands out from the pack.

Any ideas?

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11 Responses to
Possible ideas for Valentines day in Canberra?
gentoopenguin 1:45 pm
31 Jan 12

Hi Havok, my wife took me to the Ginger Room (at the back of Old Parliament House, ) last year for Valentine’s. Staff were lovely, atmosphere was nice and the food was stunning – and definitely not everyday food! We had the 5 course dinner and were absolutely happy with it. Hope you would enjoy it too!

gospeedygo 2:25 pm
31 Jan 12

A case of woodies, the back seat of a 90′s commodore and a poorly planned contraception method.

astrojax 2:34 pm
31 Jan 12

would recommend sage at gorman house or lanterne rooms at campbell shops – neither a salubrious approach, but you can get a park nearby and the innards rock!

m00nee 2:36 pm
31 Jan 12

You could try the Valentines Day Resturant Train. It is run by the Australian Railway Historical Society. Runs to Tarago and back. Did this a few years ago now, wife loved it…


Jim Jones 3:55 pm
31 Jan 12

Picnic is always a winner – particularly if you can find somewhere nice and quiet.

Duffbowl 4:26 pm
31 Jan 12

Nothing says “you’re special” like saying it when just about everyone else is…. oh wait.

Or bypass the hype of Valentines Day and take her somewhere nice on a random day.

VYBerlinaV8_is_back 4:37 pm
31 Jan 12

gospeedygo said :

A case of woodies, the back seat of a 90′s commodore and a poorly planned contraception method.

Such a method would likely require only one woody…

rodent 4:39 pm
31 Jan 12

+1 for a picnic – at sunset (coincides with dinner time) perhaps atop one of Canberra’s mountains (Mt Painter for example)
or On Red or Alto restaurants? also good for sunset/mountain theme without the picnic part (may already be booked though)

MWF 8:50 pm
31 Jan 12

I’d suggest a tour of all the Canberra taverns. End the tour at the Chisholm Tavern “beer garden” where you can both smell and listen to the urine as it happens in the public toilets right next door – that’s romance right there. Finish off by watching a punch up and then smile and wave at all the pissheads as they drive home quite unencumbered by any thoughts of DUI charges. Laugh and clap as they do burnouts. She’ll love you forever – it’s like Summernats but almost for free.

bigred 10:19 pm
31 Jan 12

Deny all the profiteers additional revenue and leave town for the day on some flimsy excuse.

Deref 8:04 am
01 Feb 12

Ignore it and all other Hallmark holidays.

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