Pregnancy Massage in Canberra?

By 27 January 2011 13

Hi all,

I’m pregnant and desperately in need of a massage! Can anyone recommend anywhere on the Northside that does a good pregnancy massage?

I know this has already been discussed, but given that post is over two years old I thought I’d ask again.

Thanks for your help!

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13 Responses to
Pregnancy Massage in Canberra?
Manageable Ann 10:11 am
27 Jan 11

My partner is a qualified massage therapist who does a lot of pregnancy massages send me an email @ and I’ll pass on your details.

deye 3:35 pm
27 Jan 11

I haven’t had a pregnancy massage, but I regularly go to Therapy Masters in Civic for other massage styles and find them quite good. They offer pregnancy massage as an option.

Captain RAAF 7:29 pm
27 Jan 11

Giggedy giggedy..

snapper52 9:41 pm
27 Jan 11

Captain RAAF’s mother obviously never got a pregnancy massage, look how her baby turned out!
Giggedy giggedy..

Kerryhemsley 10:28 pm
27 Jan 11

I reckon the Captain has had one of them there pregancy massges.

dusty 7:36 am
28 Jan 11

Karool massage 0418201897

emd 11:06 am
28 Jan 11

Massage for Health in Ainslie do pregnancy massage, I’ve always had great service there. Also listed with health funds if you need that.

Snowflake 12:25 pm
28 Jan 11

Eby, you read my mind. Let us know how you get on, id be interested to know how much u paid and for how long etc

Eby 5:44 pm
28 Jan 11

Thanks everyone! Some excellent suggestions.

Snapper, I think you’re on to something… although judging from some of Captain RAAF’s comments in other posts, I reckon his issues go further than his mother not getting a pregnancy massage!

Snowflake, I will most definitely follow up with where I go.

Thanks again!

mrwoz 10:51 pm
28 Jan 11

+1 For Jill at Karool Massage. Extremely knowledgeable and capable. My wife was very impressed with her pregnancy massage.

Eby 2:48 pm
29 Jan 11

Snowflake said :

Eby, you read my mind. Let us know how you get on, id be interested to know how much u paid and for how long etc

Just wanted to let you know I have booked in with Massage for Health in Ainslie, for Tuesday evening. I thought about Therapy Masters, having had a good experience there before, but Massage for Health is a little easier with parking; and they have pregnancy pillows so I can lie face down (which I’ve been desperate to do for months!). The price looks to be about about $78 for 60 minutes, and seem to have quite a few out-of-business-hours appointments available. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Eby 7:57 pm
01 Feb 11

I just had my massage at Massage for Health in Ainslie – it was really nice. It ended up being $75 for a 45 – 50 minute massage; and I was able to lie face-down on a pregnancy pillow. The masseuse was absolutely lovely and made sure she tailored it to what I was after (she even asked before she touched my feet).

The place isn’t super fancy – there’s no soft music playing, but for what I thought was a reasonable price (for a specific pregnancy massage) it did the trick.

I will probably try out a few other places over the next couple of months (if ever I had an excuse, now is it!) so I’m happy to keep reporting back. It would be excellent if other pregnant women did too!

missbling 11:46 pm
03 Feb 11

I live on south side, but every month I drive up to the north and get my massage done at Foot and Thai
I haven’t had a pregnancy massage, but they offer a great range of different types of massage. The place books out very quickly, so would be a good idea to book a week in advance.
Hope you will enjoy your massage.

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