Queanbeyan is poxy! Close the border!

By 12 May 2006 20

The ABC, via Yahoo, is reporting an outbreak of chickenpox in Queanbeyan.

Sounds serious!

Actually they’ve got a whole two cases and you wonder why it’s news. But any excuse to put the boot into Queanbeyan to gain a vicarious sense of superiority must be taken.

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20 Responses to
Queanbeyan is poxy! Close the border!
emd 10:36 am
12 May 06

The only reason this made the news is there’s a company making a profit selling the vaccination.

Mr_Shab 11:01 am
12 May 06

Ooh! A conspiracy theory!

Nah, I’d say it’s a lazy journo looking for a story to beat up. Look at Today Tonight. They make a good living out of this kind of thing…

Thumper 11:05 am
12 May 06

Let the bloody kids catch it! At least then they get an immunity.

So they itch and scratch for two weeks, so what…

Good for them.

VYBerlinaV8 11:15 am
12 May 06

I’m with Thumper on this, a few standard childhood illnesses are nothing to get too worried about.

Spectra 11:23 am
12 May 06

Mr Shab: TT (and others) make a good living out of this thing in part because they’re often paid to beat up the stories by those who stand to profit. Next time they trundle out the “the germs in your kitchen are going to kill you” story, check out the ads that they run in the breaks. There’s invariably a sudden spike in ads for cleaning products.

Mr_Shab 11:28 am
12 May 06

Interesting theory Spectra. I might just do that.

atnasS 12:18 pm
12 May 06

utter wank. why cant it be Ebola or something fun.

Absent Diane 12:36 pm
12 May 06

Well a lot of research is suggesting that the fact that so many people are over bearingly clean that our children are not getting access to enough germs to naturally immunise them against various illnesses. Diabetes (sp?) increase is one of their major areas of research..

Ebola virus fascinates me…..

Back On topic… isn’t chickenpx dangerous for adults to contract… correct me if I am wrong but can’t it render someone sterile…

Ari 12:41 pm
12 May 06

Perhaps it depends how hard you choke the chicken.

Mr_Shab 1:31 pm
12 May 06

You’ll go blind like that Ari.

And AD – I saw something that made me laugh, then cry the other day. Apparently one of the major drug companies is releasing a “dirt capsule” loaded with natural pathogens (live bacteria, fungi and viruses) for new parents to give kiddies to stimulate their immune systems. They say it is likely to be highly profitable.

Umm…(insert observation here)

I really hope it was a hoax.

And yes, Ebola (and it’s lesser known, but equally unpleasant cousin Marburg) virus is quite fascinating (but exceptionally nasty).

Thumper 1:39 pm
12 May 06

A dirt capsule?


WHat about, go outside and play son. Climb a tree, sit on the fence, catch frogs and taddies in a dirty swampy dam, chase goannas up trees, wrestle angry bandicoots…

Bloody hell…

emd 2:05 pm
12 May 06

Well, it is true that chicken pox can cause a nasty fever leading to meningitis in small children – which is why 7 people die each year from chicken pox complications. But because 75% of Australians have had chicken pox, you can reduce a baby’s risk just by breastfeeding (assuming the mother has immunity) instead of using formula. So the kid doesn’t get it til their internal thermostat is in a better position to cope with the fever.

RandomGit 2:09 pm
12 May 06

Absent Diane, thats mumps actually, a swelling of the glands.

Absent Diane 2:17 pm
12 May 06

dirt capsules… unbelievable…

aahh the mumps… that sounds more like it…

BattleKath 2:42 pm
12 May 06

So what happens if you get chickenpox as an adult then?


LurkerGal 2:44 pm
12 May 06

Dirt capsules? For God’s sake! Get the kid a dog and send them outside to play together. I am obsessive about germs, and clean things to within an inch of their lives. I am aware this has a negative effect on a child’s immune system, but figure her running around outside with the dog and coming in hours later covered in filth evens it out.

el 4:48 pm
13 May 06

It’s called Shingles, IIRC. Can be some nasty, nasty shit and makes Chickenpox look like a walk in the park.

Nik_the_Pig 7:56 pm
13 May 06

Bloody hell it’s not called shingles, it’s still chickenpox!

Shingles is also caused by the varicella-zoster virus, a form of herpes, but you can’t get shingles UNLESS you have had chichenpox as shingle is caused by the sneeky virus hanging out in you spine.

Clik on the links and get informed.

ant 11:19 am
14 May 06

Yeah, chickenpox as an adult can lead to Shingles and it’s nasty, and often can re-occur. Itching is just part of it.

Les Whinin 12:08 pm
15 May 06

I didn’t get Chickenpox until I went to Uni, where I must have brushed against one of the unwashed arts students. I got off very lightly compared to the members of my family I unwittingly exposed the disease to – adult chickenpox certainly did suck the big one.

As a side note, and somewhat related to the “dirt” pill, I read somewhere last week that 1 in 20 children these days has an alergy to nuts. This, along with an overall rise in the level of all allergies in children can be attributed to an overly sterile environment which does not allow children to develp a natural immunity against even the most basic things. I’m sure you can all see the implications this will have for future generations.

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