Raiders Carney and Irwin suspended

Two Canberra Raiders NRL players have been suspended pending a police investigation into a pursuit through Bruce last night.

According to AAP, Todd Carney and Steve Irwin are the suspended players.

ACT Police say a 20-year-old man handed himself into the City Police Station last night, and faces three charges including failing to stop when directed by police, negligent driving and driving whilst disqualified.

Whilst AAP, the Raiders, ACT Police and the NRL have failed to name the twenty year old, it is clear from the Raiders website that Todd Carney is twenty years old, and Steve Irwin is twenty-three.

As there is an ongoing police investigation here, I remind you that the traffic offences are only alleged at this stage.

Thanks to 2GB’s Continuous Call Team via 2CC for the tip-off.


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35 Responses to
Raiders Carney and Irwin suspended
brussel_sprouts 4:09 pm
21 May 07


i dont claim to be a brainiac by any means. i certainly dont intent to piss anybody off. i always appreciate constructive feedback.

Al 4:54 pm
21 May 07

Thumper – don’t forget people who write ‘your’ when they mean ‘you’re’.
And there’s ‘different to’ instead of ‘different from’. I REALLY hate that one…

brussel_sprouts 5:19 pm
21 May 07

now we’re back talking about footballers again!!! ha!

(oops – too many exclamations doh!)

Genie 9:29 am
22 May 07

How many times do the Bulldogs get to disgrace the NRL and they are still in the league!?!?!

Give Todd Carney a break.. he keeps stuffing up and now the law is going to make him pay. Perhaps by some miracle he has now learnt his lesson.

johnboy 9:41 am
22 May 07

How often do Bulldogs get convicted Genie??

Hell just throw the code of conduct out the door and be done with it.

Or only use it to penalise players you want to give the arse to anyway?

Ahh, there we have it.

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