Ralph’s entry to the Christmas Tree Comp

By 13 December 2005 9

Ralph has sent in his entry to the Christmas Tree Competition.

(All entries to please)

Ralph's Christmas Tree

A separate category for external trees might be needed, and shall be considered. Bonus points for the cut-out Santa I say.

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9 Responses to
Ralph’s entry to the Christmas Tree Comp
Absent Diane 11:35 am
13 Dec 05

looks like the house is on fire

Thumper 11:36 am
13 Dec 05


K, I think you may need a few more lights on yours.

Maelinar 11:51 am
13 Dec 05

Hate to be a party pooper, but where’s the christmas tree ?

All I see is a decorated house, and a decorated tree (the not-christmas type)

Indi 12:24 pm
13 Dec 05

I heard an MLA (I believe it was Mary Porter) talking about ‘regulating’ the use of festive season lights in the suburbs – now that would be a downer…

Indi 12:29 pm
13 Dec 05

oops – just saw the previous post on Ms Potter’s efforts on the Chrissie lights…apologies.

johnboy 12:38 pm
13 Dec 05

it’s a tree, it’s decorated for chrismas, it’s a christmas tree.

ssanta 2:19 pm
13 Dec 05

If it a bunch of sticks decorated for christmas, Its a bunch of sticks decorated for christmas.

A christmas tree decorated for christmas is at the corner of Dungowan and Erldunda St Hawker.

terubo 4:16 pm
13 Dec 05

What a scoop photo! Yes, AD, that joint is on fire, Santa lit it and there he is bolting…goddam arsonist.

Kerces 6:39 pm
13 Dec 05

Thumper, my mother came and looked at it and said it needed lights so I went through the cupboard and found some lights and they looked hideous on the tree so I sat and looked unhappily at the then-hideous tree until my mother came back and said the lights looked awful and maybe it didn’t need them after all.

We have lights in other places instead.

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