RBTs out in force already

By 31 December, 2013 4

Passed a substantial gathering of police at 2 PM blocking a major thoroughfare, clearly looking to get an early start to wishing as many motorists as possible a happy New Year.  

The constabulary revellers also seemed keen to share their party whistles with all and sundry.

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4 Responses to RBTs out in force already
Felix the Cat6:44 pm, 31 Dec 13

I saw a bunch of cops doing a RBT outside EPIC in Mitchell yesterday (Monday) at around 10am. Kudos to them for doing RBT but I would of thoiught there would be more likelyhood of catching more DUIers at 10pm rather than 10am? I know the argument is “random”, as in you probably wouldn’t expect to be pulled over for RBT at 10am but I still acertain that bang for your buck (ie catching more drink drivers) would be the evening. Or at the very least the afternoon.

Felix the Cat6:46 pm, 31 Dec 13

First time in years I’ve seen a RBT, let alone been tested. Result was negative, incase anyone was wondering.

goosepig7:07 pm, 31 Dec 13

Probably trying to get all the people who had too much the night before and drive home from wherever and are still over the limit.

Aeek7:47 pm, 31 Dec 13

Years ago I used to see them constantly on the other side off Adelaide Ave as I drove home from Woden.
Been tested more often interstate than here, and given I do most of my driving in the ACT…


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