Re-Roadworks on Cotter Road?

By 6 December, 2013 3

Hey Rioters,

I have not seen another thread regarding this, forgive me if this is a re-post. I am wondering if anyone else has noticed that the recent ripping up of the Cotter road / Streeton drive intersection and surrounding roads, has included ripping up nearly 100 metres of recently upgraded roadway. I’m specifically talking about the section located north-east bound, from the intersection of Streeton drive and Cotter road, to the intersection of Cotter road and Kirkpatrick street.

I’m wondering if this was part of the initial plan or a massive blunder. I would hope the latter as it seems like a fair waste of taxpayer funds to lay a new road and then rip it up intentionally.

Does anyone know any more than I do about this?

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3 Responses to Re-Roadworks on Cotter Road?
Holden Caulfield11:07 am, 06 Dec 13
Leo6112:47 pm, 06 Dec 13

I’ll be happy to see it completed

dpm2:23 pm, 06 Dec 13

They only ever did the ‘top part’ of the Streeton-to-Kirpatrick bit of Cotter Road properly, and left the bottom part alone, so it could be upgraded as part of this works…..

#2 According to this

looks like the new traffic lights at Dixon Drive/Streeton Dr will be finished in March 2014. However, I doubt that will also include the Streeton/Cotter intersection too, which *may* be a bit longer!? (I’m too hopeless to find all the roadwork details online!)


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