Registering a trailer

By 7 July 2014 4

I know I can find this out from Canberra Connect, but I can’t be a*^ed waiting on hold for 40 minutes, not lining up at one of the speedy shopfronts.

Does anyone know how much it is to register a trailer?

I am trying to work out the maths of purchasing vs hiring, and I can’t find any information about registration fees. Basic 6 x 4 trailer, no frills single axel etc etc… Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Registering a trailer
1967 12:32 pm
07 Jul 14

I think, from memory, I paid about $50 last year for renewal.

As to initial registration and / or transfer from interstate, it was so long ago I can’t remember the cost, but I do remember the absolute joy of finally jumping through all the hoops, in the right order, with the correct paperwork.

Good luck.

shirty_bear 12:52 pm
07 Jul 14

If it’s currently unregistered you’ll need a roadworthy certificate. Likewise if it’s registered to someone else and you want to transfer ownership. From memory, inspections cost 50-odd bucks, plus whatever repairs are needed. Probably stamp duty on a transfer too (3% of value? Not big bikkies on a trailer).

Then the rego itself is another 60-odd bucks. But renewals are trivial (just send off your $$) and you’ve got a trailer whenever you need.

Gismondo 1:28 pm
07 Jul 14

If new, wouldn’t same rules as a car apply ie. no roadworthy required?

FWIW I had an older car that i allowed to go unregistered for under 12 months. Had it re-registered just before 12 months was up and avoided the requirement for a roadworthy.

aleayr 5:36 pm
07 Jul 14

Here are the details from the rego.act site:

From the PDF, the cost seems to be $51.10

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