Require Technical Learning Help

By 30 October 2012 5

Can the Hive point me in the direction of a local course/individual who might be amendable to providing instruction on the casting of metal in Canberra?

Bit off the wall, but I have a strong interest.

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Require Technical Learning Help
Bonejac 10:19 am
30 Oct 12

Depending at what type of metals your looking at casting – ‘low temperature’ like lead, pewter etc you could try the local TAFEs and community centres that run short courses for jewellery making or sculpture – they should cover lost wax and sand casting for simple shapes, if you want more complex shapes or to make multi part moulds – I dont know of any locally but there is Barnes in Newtown in Sydney – they have dvds and run courses on casting – mainly with silicon and resin but do some metal I think, friendly and helpful staff – Link:
Hope that helps

Solidarity 11:12 am
30 Oct 12

Build a flowerpot furnace, melt some cans.

Kiriel 1:19 am
18 Mar 14

Belatedly, I can put you in touch with someone to teach pewter casting if you haven’t found anyone yet.

Pork Hunt 6:05 pm
18 Mar 14

Might be a bit of a long shot, but Karim Haddad at Tharwa is a blade smith. To be a blade smith you would need blacksmithing skills. Maybe blacksmiths also learn casting? Hope this helps.

Roundhead89 7:23 pm
18 Mar 14

The casting of metal? I would have Iron Maiden in scene one and Def Leppard in scene two.

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