Rescuer waits to be compensated for injuries

By 2 June 2008 24

ABC online is reporting that Warren Masters who was injured saving the life of a four-year-old boy from a vicious dog in Canberra last year says he still has not received compensation. He jumped into a backyard at Banks and grappled with a dog that was savaging the boy.

Mr Masters asked the ACT Government to cover $29,000 in medical expenses and time off work.

The Government says it is working on compensation, but Mr Masters says he still does not know if he will be left out of pocket.

I’m not sure that there is any way the government can compensate him. Can anyone add anything?

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24 Responses to
Rescuer waits to be compensated for injuries
VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 4:59 pm
02 Jun 08

Compensate him as the victim of a crime. The owner of the dog is reponsible for its actions, and it effectively assaulted him.

Then attempt to recover the costs from the owner of the dog.

sepi 6:00 pm
02 Jun 08

The owner has no $ I think – they were in a govt house next door to his house. He jumped the fence to get the dog off the child.

Surely the govt could do something about this if they really wanted to. They can use ‘call in’ powers to approve huge developments overnight if they really want things to happen. Why not just pay his medical bills and be done with it. I remember reading about this ages ago – over a year.

Woody Mann-Caruso 6:23 pm
02 Jun 08

Not sure if he meets the criteria for an act of grace payment under the Financial Management Act 1996. If the government indicates that it would happily compensate him, but cannot do so because of a loophole in existing legislation or lack of legislation, then the Treasurer may well be able to make such a payment.

Whatsup 8:37 pm
02 Jun 08

This bloke should get some money to cover his costs. If he was attacked by a person in the neighbours yard he would be a victim of a crime and be looked after, its a dumb legal loophole that he has fallen in. I hope some common sense prevails and he gets some cash.

VicePope 9:04 pm
02 Jun 08

There’s an obvious public interest in what the bloke did. If it was as reported, he should get a medal as well as compensation for his injuries. I like the idea of the government paying him and then squeezing the dog owner.

There’s a bigger issue here, though. Should anyone who owns a dog (large or small) have to insure against damage it might do to third parties? It could be run as part of the dog registration process, and I imagine the market would send signals that owning large savage beasts is a Bad Thing. (Pomeranians would be cheap to insure. Horrors such as the hypothetical StormTrooper/Rottweiler crosses would be expensive. A combination of capacity to inflict damage and temperament – so the urban kelpie would be pricy as well). Load the premium for those who let their beasts wander and chew on passing pedestrians.

Of course, the morons who don’t register their dogs at all should have to pay up by selling their utes or their collections of vintage flannelette or their hovels or whatever.

Headbonius 9:11 pm
02 Jun 08

The issue here is a lot deeper than just cash. We want a society where people help others in need. I have no doubt that had this man not stepped in the young child would have suffered serious injuries that would have cost the taxpayer many hundred and thousands of dollars in medical expenses or worse still been killed. This type of hesitation from the Government (who are willing to pay stupid, faggy artists hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax payers dollars to put up “Public Art”) flies in the face of common sense. Then again when has Jon shown much at all. What if Jon “The Brave” Stanhope had suffered injuries rescuing the helicopter pilot from the dam during the bushfires? Would he have received adequate compensation? Oh yes. Next time someone goes to put their life on the line – unless they are truly living for the benefit of their fellow man may think wice. Better yet, start up a public charity fund. I’ll contribute to it and save Jon, Andrew – Isn’t he a cute bloke – Barr and the other idiots the trouble of weighing up whether to pay or not.

el 9:15 pm
02 Jun 08

Surely the Govt can come up with a measly $29K.

It’s an absolutely miniscule amount compared with your ‘standard’ overblown compensation payouts (crunt-heads that fall over in shopping centres due to their own stupidity and clumsiness and then walk away with 7 figure sums come to mind…)

Mike Crowther 9:37 pm
02 Jun 08

Woody Mann Caruso raises an interesting point. If he can’t be compensated because the law needs amending, then for god’s sake, knock the top off the bloody pen and amend the law.

The amount in dollars is not even half the cost of one Al Grasby statue. The cost to the collective soul of this city in hanging this hero out to dry is substantially more.

Thumper 1:07 am
03 Jun 08

It really would be sad if this guy, who without doubt, displayed bravery, is left to regret waht he did for the rest of his life because of injuries.

What sort of message does this send out?

Don’t help anyone, because if you get hurt then no-one is going to help you.

That is really, really sad and society will be the worse for it.

zee 5:30 am
03 Jun 08

From the ABC Article:

“I’ve been through the channels. I’ve been to victims of crime. I went to the Magistrates Court,” he said. “I’ve sought legal advice on the situation. I contacted the Labor Party, John Stanhope’s office. They palmed me off to the Attorney-General’s office [and] they told me they couldn’t help me.”

God, there’s no need for this guy to put in all the hard yards himself. Living in Brindabella, he has 5 local members – 3 Labor, 2 Libs. Surely one of them can pull their frickin finger out, do some actual constituency work, cut through the red tape and sort this guy out. It’s a heartwarming instant winner for the first one to knock on his door and get a happy photo as the check is handed over!

Snahons_scv6_berlina 10:26 am
03 Jun 08

Very sad on the legal, political, social and every other front where a person doing a civic duty can’t even receive compensation for the honourable act they have performed, and we wonder why society is going down the drain – just disgraceful.

Roadrage77 10:33 am
03 Jun 08

The owners of the dog and parents of the attacked child are junkies, so unless Warren Masters would be happy to accept some discount electrical appliances as compensation, he’ll have to continue to fight for it elsewhere. Its a shame that worthy claimants like him have to fight their way through red tape as a result of all of the fraudulent personal injury claims that were rife in the last 10 years. Specifically I’m talking about all of those young ethnic lads walking around with neck braces looking for an easy way to pay for body-kits on their WRX’s while heros like Warren Masters are left severely out of pocket.

Whilst I’m off the topic, whilst walking around the Tuggeranong Hyperdome, I can’t help but wonder why it is that that junkies invariably feel the need to procreate. Can anyone explain this social phenomenon to me? Is it because they’re too dumb/lazy to use contraception? Or is it to collect the governments baby bonus to be spent on stuff to put up their veins? It makes me so depressed, wondering if the only people who are breeding are the ones who should have been sterilised long ago.

BTW the dog in question had a history of violent and aggressive behaviour, yet the parents of the attacked child let him play in the backyard unsupervised. What happened was no accident.

Maybe we can start a charity drive for ole Wazza. If you’re reading this mate, send us your bank details. I’ll get it started with a $50 donation….

barking toad 11:08 am
03 Jun 08

The mayor will plant an extra tree in his aboretum.

That will solve everything.

VicePope 3:36 pm
03 Jun 08

Practically speaking, the government could make an act of grace payment, or find some way of running a payment from a budget item. More creatively, it could do what (I think) the Commonwealth did in relation to tuition fees paid by would-be students in Australia at the time of the Tien An Min Square protests etc – pay a fair amount to the person affected in exchange for his right to sue for his injuries. And then sue the person responsible.

But it may be quicker of those who care put their hands in their own pockets. And a contribution from the Kennel Club (or whatever the dog owners’ lobby is called) would be a good start. RoadRage has made an offer. I’ll match it.

Thumper 4:50 pm
03 Jun 08

I’ll match it as well.

el 5:24 pm
03 Jun 08


Skidbladnir 6:01 pm
03 Jun 08

According to the article, Stefaniak says they’ll pay him immediately should he be able to form Government at the election…

I’ll chip in $100 now primarily so Warren doesn’t have to put up with waiting that long, but also so we don’t have to put up with Stefaniak as Chief Minister.

SheepGroper 9:33 pm
03 Jun 08

SheepGroper said :

the dog in question had a history of violent and aggressive behaviour

About 15 years ago my cat was attacked by two dogs as she sat on my front doorstep, she was partially disembowelled but the vets were able to repair her. I reported the attack to Dog Control and gave them a good description of the pair, who were regularly seen around my neighbourhood. They said they weren’t interested unless the dogs attacked a human, but if I found out where they lived they might do something. Two months afterwards I found out where one of the dogs lived, and passed the information on to Dog Control, but they weren’t interested.

A year later a child was attacked, neighbours complained that the dog had previously attacked their pets and been wandering around acting aggressive to people, but Dog Control weren’t interested unless people had been attacked. A spokesman for Dog Control declared that was a lie and they always took dog attacks seriously.

I suppose nothing’s changed much as far as following up dog attacks on non-people.

Roadrage77 9:32 am
04 Jun 08

So does anyone know how to get in contact with Warren?

madman 11:27 am
04 Jun 08

You can’t be wanting to hook up!!! LOL

smeeagain 12:28 pm
04 Jun 08

The owners of the dog weren’t charged with any offences, which is why he can’t pursue the victim of crime payment

ant 8:50 pm
05 Jun 08

In today’s unread paper, it said the gov’t is going to pay his medical bills and lost wages (he’s a landscaper).
Apparently, he didn’t qualify for Victims of Crime payment as the perp. was an animal.

sepi 8:55 pm
05 Jun 08

Good stuff. Just a pity it took media attention before they got around to doing anything – this happened ages ago = at least a year.

cranky 9:10 pm
05 Jun 08

Astounding how a payment by Gov in this case, and recompensing the unfortunate widow of the car crash on Barry Drive a couple of months ago, are just sooooooo dificult for this bunch of hopeless clowns.

But just see the alacrity they can introduce speed cameras, the efficiency of their parking inspectors, the zeal of the fine gathering component of the local plod.

The greatest payroll tax take, the highest vehicle rego fees, in fact, according to the CT, we are the highest taxed State/Territory in Aust.

The ACT Labour Gov have become consumed by revenue raising, and how to hang on to that revenue.

Not a good image to carry into an election.

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