Return of the mad bomber? kids? or an angry ex?

By 18 April 2005 13

Mystery surrounds the ABC’s report of a car set aflame in Hawker over the weekend.

What had the 19 year old owner down to deserve this? A woman scorned? Local kids upset? Or was it the random machinations of our old favourite, the mad bomber?

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LurkerGal 9:47 pm
18 Apr 05

It’s Hawker!!!!! You don’t have to do anything to deserve it except park in Hawker.

johnboy 9:50 pm
18 Apr 05

They’ve got a better than average shopping centre, I’ve parked there a few times without trouble.

they do lack a decent pub but i’m sure that will be rememdied with time.

andy 12:07 am
19 Apr 05

eh i never had any problems when i lived in hawker. And i lived in those flats too.

Thumper 8:10 am
19 Apr 05

Hmmmm….. All the hallmarks of our mad bus shelter bomber.

But a car in Hawker?

Seriously, if it is he needs to lift his profile.

Whatever the case, its a worry when cars are getting blown up, or torched in suburbia.

Thumper 9:07 am
19 Apr 05

Good point Santa,

I’m sure there’s plenty of loonies in Belconnen who could have done the deed….

RandomGit 9:19 am
19 Apr 05

Lived in Hawker for two years and never heard boo of a crime like this. Despite the mass of high density housing up from the shops.

As for pub, the soccer club has cheap prices….. thats about all its got going for it though.

Ralph 9:26 am
19 Apr 05

The bloke who had his car blown up might have rubbed someone up the wrong way.

Don’t forgets its school holidays as well at the moment.

Apocalypse 11:09 am
19 Apr 05

who cares, its a toyota corolla, he’ll probably replace it with a datsun anyway

Apocalypse 11:26 am
19 Apr 05

just finished looking at all the ‘mad bomber’ history

I think they are seperate incidents unrelated to eachother.

Kids are pyro psychos these days, usually in the range of 12-18 and above

but the 12-18 year olds are the ones you gotta worry about.

when i was in highschool (this is about 5-6 years ago) aqcuiring explosives was no hard task (then again, i did go to a public school in northern tuggeranong) people use to blow up all sorts of crap, i guess in my suburb it was just a common occurance and nobody created a fuss about it..

the burning of council wheelie bins would be a pasttime for the adventure playground half-pipe, i dont know if kids still do this crap these days, but it was the norm back in the 90s

Jazz 11:53 am
19 Apr 05

jeez, I should have paid more attention in chemistry, then I could make bombs too. Unfortunately I usually spent that time doing economics assignments.

seepi 7:08 pm
19 Apr 05

My friend’s car was torched in Scullin. She then spent 2 days trying to ring the police to let them know what was missing from the vehicle, but the Belco police station phone juswt rang out constantly. In the end she went there in person, and they told her they were too short staffed to leave the counter to answer the phone.
Heavan help us if there is an actual crisis in Canberra needing more than 2 police in one place.

Apocalypse 11:09 am
20 Apr 05

apparently the issue with the cop shops will be resolved now.

Just out of pure curiosity…

Can you join the police force if you have a history of provisional driving offences??

im sure you cant but im just checking anyway.. I have my name linked to burnouts in the woden area by wodens police, and i have an agrivated burnout (the only agrivated burnout recorded in 2003)

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