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By 30 June 2008 40

Event Schedule
  • 13 July 2008 at 3:00 pm

This was orginally posted by Clownkiller but seemed to get chopped in half by our over zealous auto save. I took the liberty of interpreting the remainder for those on the southside interested in a Meet & Greet

Given that some of us (me included) have suggested that we’re too lazy to travel all the way to the South Yass Tavern George Harcourt Inn, is there any interest in a get together on the south side?

Having a beer and recognising that there’s a real person to behind the online alias seems like a good idea

Southside drinkies will be at Soul Bar in woden, 3pm 13 July.

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40 Responses to
RiotACT Drinks & Socialising – Southside
peterh 2:19 pm
30 Jun 08

where is best to organise for southside? I have to admit, I mentioned the burns club as it is an easy walk across the ovals for me….

AussieGal83 3:53 pm
30 Jun 08

Burns Club or the Southo could work.

realityskin 4:25 pm
30 Jun 08

Mawson Club, garden bar.

Clown Killer 4:30 pm
30 Jun 08

I know that the Mawson Club has Zierholz on tap. Then again the Burns Club is a short although potentially sobering climb home for me. I’m kind of easy but to avoid being a fence sitter I’ll throw my support behing Reality Skin and go with the Mawson Club.

madman 6:57 pm
30 Jun 08

i’m up for it…. Mawson club is my 2 cents…

BerraBoy68 7:03 pm
30 Jun 08

Burns club!!! (please, oh please…)

Aeek 8:12 pm
30 Jun 08

Mawson Club, if its on a different day so I can go to both.

Mess 8:12 pm
30 Jun 08

Mawson club would be good, please not on a Friday or Saturday night. If I want to wait a half hour to get a beer, I’ll go to civic, oh and you have to be a member to get in now.

Thumper 8:37 pm
30 Jun 08

PJs Tuggeranong..

Come on, don’t be pussies, The bogans are not that bad…

Okay, yes they are..

Glad I’m on the north side ;)

sexynotsmart 8:39 pm
30 Jun 08

Sorry people, but I just ‘outed’ myself for having impure thoughts about Anne Fulwood in another post. So it’s best that I maintain anonymity.

Mess 9:17 pm
30 Jun 08

Chisholm Tavern anyone?

ant 9:36 pm
30 Jun 08

Mess said :

Chisholm Tavern anyone?

That’s where the scum are! We should go there.

Scott 10:39 pm
30 Jun 08

I went to Mawson last Saturday for a feed and then fronted up to the Mawson Club for a few drinks with friends – I’m a member, but apparently they don’t allow anyone from Canberra / Queanbeyan to enter ther hallowed shithole now unless they are all members!

Be prepared to pay a few dollars just to get in the door, otherwise do as I did and tell them to get stuffed and go somewhere else.

ant 11:51 pm
30 Jun 08

Having to purchase “membership” to enter a club is exactly how Utah run their bars. What a rort.

Clown Killer 9:12 am
01 Jul 08

If you’re a member at the Mawson Club, you can just sign-in your non-member buddies. That’s part of the liquor licensing laws, it’s not at the discretion Mawson Club. That’s unless you’re not really just dropping by casually and have in fact been there every Friday night for the last month or so – in which case they probably do have the right to ask you to join.

For ages I used to try and avoid joining by claiming to be a “country member” then one night the manager said, “yeah, we remember … now join up of piss off”

There’s no membership reqired for the bar out the front though.

Clown Killer 9:14 am
01 Jul 08

Apologies for double posting.

If we don’t hold it on the same night then those wanting to attend both could make it. If that’s the case I’d go for this Sunday arvo, say around 4.00pm in the front bar (for those afraid of having to join).

NH 9:48 am
01 Jul 08

Has this been on yet?

Clown Killer 10:20 am
01 Jul 08

Nup. Could be this weekend if we manage to pull our fingers out. I’ll be enjoying a quiet ale this sunday arvo at the Mawson Club from around 1600hrs anyway – so whoever wants is welcome to join me.

imarty 10:58 am
01 Jul 08

Yeah Mawson Club is run by an idiot but 57 (bar outside) has $3 schooners Wed-Fri 5-6. I’ll be there Friday arvo but also would be happy to meet other rioters there at another time as it’s close for me. CK, I’ll try and get down Sundy arvo.

realityskin 11:14 am
01 Jul 08

Clown Killer said :

If you’re a member at the Mawson Club, you can just sign-in your non-member buddies.

Not anymore, as of about a month ago.

Clown Killer 11:30 am
01 Jul 08

I signed my partner and a friend in just over a week ago.

Clown Killer 9:54 am
04 Jul 08

If you enjoyed a couple of beers out at the George Harcourt on Friday and thought you might back it up with a couple of quiet ales on Sunday arvo and the chance to meet at least one RiotACT bod, then I’ll be having a beer at “57″ which is apparently what the bar at the front of the Mawson Club is called from around 4.00pm on Sunday.

Just look out for the fat bastard and you wont miss me.

Jazz 10:10 am
04 Jul 08

OK, being a northsider myself i’ve no idea where the best place to go down south is but there seems to be a fair few votes for the mawson club or nearby. Given the mawson clubs members only policy (and we like to be more inclusive) I’ll propose Bar 57 an to take advantage of happy hour, On Friday 11 July at 5.30pm.

any violent objections?

Thumper 10:24 am
04 Jul 08

There’s OJOs at Tuggeranong, as well as PJs Bogan bar, also at Tuggeranong.

Thumper 10:24 am
04 Jul 08

Sorry, that is PJ O’Bogans…

Clown Killer 10:31 am
04 Jul 08

5.30 next Friday. No do. With any luck I’ll be propped up in front of a roaring fire, sipping single-malt and watching the sun set over the snow covered peaks of the Victorian alps.

Meconium 11:02 am
04 Jul 08

Why not early afternoon on a Sunday? Everyone should be able to get there if it’s around say 2pm on a Sunday arvo, at Bar 57.

But dare I suggest another respectable venue that I doubt many would object to: The Soul Bar, Woden? (formerly the Contented Soul)? No membership requirements there, and close to the Interchange. Not that any buses leave after six on a Sunday night, but I doubt it’ll last that long…

What do you say?

Skidbladnir 4:46 pm
04 Jul 08

I will be at Bar 57 for a bit this afternoon, before graduating to karaoke at the Weston Irish Club.

Next week, I’m up for the Bar 57, the Soul Bar, or anywhere else southsidely.

notdingers 5:15 pm
04 Jul 08

Soul Bar is a good idea!

realityskin 11:08 pm
05 Jul 08

Clown Killer said :

I signed my partner and a friend in just over a week ago.

Don’t know how you managed to that, I was talking to them last night, and you can only sign in interstate visitors, all locals need to become members, this will become madatory across ALL clubs in the ACT by the end of July.

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