School students nationwide invited to write a poem about Canberra

By 15 May 2009 55

I’m not sure this is a good idea.

Chief Minister Stanhope has announced that the The Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Awards will include a Centenary Of Canberra section in which students across the country will be invited to write a poem about what they think of their nation’s capital.

    The award is for the best poem ‘telling your story about the nation’s capital and how Canberra tells Australia’s story’.

    Mr Stanhope particularly encouraged ACT students to get involved and to write about their city and what it means to all Australians.

    “The Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Awards consistently attracts more than 11,000 entries from around the country and this is a unique way of engaging school children at this early stage in the lead up to the city’s 100th birthday,” Mr Stanhope said.

We can only hope the local students make the most of the opportunity.

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55 Responses to
School students nationwide invited to write a poem about Canberra
justbands 11:48 am
15 May 09

I’m sure school kids that have been to Canberra have only fond things to say…they bus in, do a whirlwind tour taking in Parliament House, War Memorial, Museum, Mint, etc…maybe stay a night (great opportunity to sneak into the girls/boys rooms) & then bus home. How bad could it be!

motleychick 11:55 am
15 May 09

I’m trying to think of something I’d write in a poem about Canberra. All I can think of is how boring and sh1t it is. Would be interesting to see what the kids come out with though.

ant 11:56 am
15 May 09

A poem? What is the use of a poem? Bloody hell.

Jim Jones 12:05 pm
15 May 09

I love a small-town city
A land of concrete plains
Of rugged public servants
And the Tuggeranong Parkway

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 12:15 pm
15 May 09

Of wankers in the right hand lane
A judge who sets crooks free
I get to whinge and laze around
The Guvvy town for me

ant 12:16 pm
15 May 09

The trouble with poems is, someone’s got to read them or worse, listen to them.

Now, Jim Jones’ effort is not a poem, it is Doggerel and as such quite entertaining. Can’t we have a Canberra Doggerel competition instead?

ant 12:16 pm
15 May 09

Here we go, looks liek we’ve got one! Bewdy. Nice effort VY.

Mr Evil 12:22 pm
15 May 09

Jim Jones said :

I love a small-town city
A land of concrete plains
Of rugged public servants
And the Tuggeranong Parkway

No, no, no – you’re not thinking like a teenager!

Canbra is a grate and fully sik town,
Its got big rounabouts, the ‘nats, firecracks and sh1t.
You can really be the baddest azz nigga there,
and no judge bitchez will never send you down.

Thumper 12:25 pm
15 May 09

The lake it is big
the lake it is green
and if you going swimming in it
you never again be seen.

justbands 12:26 pm
15 May 09

Nah Thumper…I swim in it all the time & I’m perfectly healthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ighghisdo t4gtraj h8935y89

Thumper 12:29 pm
15 May 09

Is this sufficiently wanky?

For so stand atop mountains grandly proclaim
Lands that lay soundly plains of limestone
For lakes that radiant shine brdige
Among trees gold and red the leaves thou shall fall
In winter no snow doth this land touch
In cold, bleak july frost touch thy breath
Morning crisp grass your feet they do break
But summer still passes glaring heat of shimmering mirage

ant 12:29 pm
15 May 09

The lake’s not green, it’s brown. Now get THAT to rhyme!

ant 12:30 pm
15 May 09

That looks suspiciously like a Poem to me, Thumper. Go back and make some proper Doggerel.

GB 12:32 pm
15 May 09

“Poetry is no use whatever.”

ant said :

A poem? What is the use of a poem? Bloody hell.

“The whole notion of usefulness is irrelevant to what are called the fine arts, as it is to many other things, perhaps to most of the things that really matter. We who call ourselves “The West,” now that we’ve stopped calling ourselves Christians, are so imbued with the zeal for usefulness … that we find it difficult to escape from utilitarianism into real life.”

Thumper 12:41 pm
15 May 09

Damn, and I spent a whole 20 seconds writing that…


VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 1:08 pm
15 May 09

And it didn’t even fcking rhyme.

H1NG0 1:17 pm
15 May 09

There once was a dope named Stanhope…

H1NG0 1:26 pm
15 May 09

I wrote this one for Gungahlin Drive:

I love a single lane extension
a land of northern shame
of random driving dangers
of frustration and bloody pain
I love her initial intentions
I love her if dual and free
Her sculptures of terror
Looks like Nothbourne for me

Jim Jones 1:52 pm
15 May 09

O’er limestone trail
Wandered a lonely lass
Lizzy by name
Her profession quite crass

And should you halt your carriage
To enquire of news
For a tuppence
She’d handle your doodle for you

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 1:58 pm
15 May 09


H1NG0 2:09 pm
15 May 09

^^ LOL! I’m glad I read that before it got deleted. 10 points.

ant 2:10 pm
15 May 09

Oh poop! I missed it. Can we have a synopsis?

johnboy 2:11 pm
15 May 09

You can all go into mod if you want to keep being offtopic.

Similarly poetic efforts need to at least be relevant to Canberra.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 2:19 pm
15 May 09

I love Canberra
It’s really, really cool
It’s where I live
It has several pools

trevar 2:27 pm
15 May 09


A chappy from Sydney commented
In Melbourne he’d be misrepresented.
So he took out his pen
Drew New South Wales again,
With Canberra in the bit he’d segmented.


A woman from Melbourne complained
That Sydney’s too far on the train,
So they picked a location
For the capital of the nation,
And henceforth treated it with disdain.

Loose Brown 2:33 pm
15 May 09

Oh Canberra oh so fine
We’ve got a lake that’s filled with slime
Driving around and get lost on the street
You’ll be circling forever, oh what a treat

Everyone’s rich in this government town
And there’s plently of booze n pills going around
And if you don’t believe in me
Just take a look inside Lot 33

There’s hooner-head drivers in sh1tbox cars
But you know that their stereo’s getting five stars
Their cars are for sale – but that’s not the case
The number’s for ringing when you want to race

Everyone here is working for the man
It comes with much stress at times you just can’t stand
At least in the service one knows of the fact
Occasional relief can be found – RiotACT

H1NG0 2:35 pm
15 May 09

There once was a blog called RiotACT
for Canberra and Canberrans alike
Its keeper is named johnboy
Who moderates stories about bikes
Be warned Canberrans, and know this well
Post off topic, and you will go to hell

trevar 2:39 pm
15 May 09

Actually, I think BerraBoy penned the ultimate Canberra anthem last week here.

Thumper 2:53 pm
15 May 09

Canberra Canberra we love thee
Although you burn down in two thousand and three!

Mr Evil 3:45 pm
15 May 09

Canberra’s awesome, Canberra rocks,
Pity that the ACT Govt is a bunch of cocks.

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