Sealed Section – Too hot even for Riotact

By 8 June 2009 9

I tried to post this this morning but no dice.  Must have been too hot, lurid or suggestive for the moderators. Well here the the sexy sealed section behind the pretentious pixilated preview. Click the image if yer got the powzer not to be a wowzer.

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9 Responses to
Sealed Section – Too hot even for Riotact
Bud White 3:05 pm
08 Jun 09

So sealed it’s tricky to get open
Click the text link in the original.


TAD 7:03 pm
08 Jun 09

Gee, that really makes me want to go………………..throw up.

rephlex 8:50 pm
08 Jun 09

perhaps you could use this one instead..

That I had a hard time realizing that Moots was spelled out in Vag

Granny 4:00 am
09 Jun 09

It’s about as hot as my third grade anatomy class, but thanks for the thought.

Ozhair 8:55 am
09 Jun 09

But Granny, it’s “edgy” and “confronting”. You obviously just don’t “get it” ;-) And I think I’ve used up my allocation of quotation marks for this week.

And, actually Granny, I agree with your observation.

Granny 9:41 am
09 Jun 09

Well, Hustler it isn’t!!


PM 10:36 am
09 Jun 09

Granny said :

Well, Hustler it isn’t!!


Sorry to disappoint!

Pazza 11:33 am
09 Jun 09

I like. Sure beats the hell out of headphones and boomboxes, skulls, flames and illegible metal fonts.

Igglepiggle 12:02 pm
09 Jun 09

Nothing more scandalous than you’d find in your average obstetrics textbook. Pretty funny way to hold the forceps though.

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