Siege in Duffy

By 23 February 2007 14

Just spoke to my mum in Duffy, and she says there’s some sort of siege up in Duffy (at the white flats across from the shops), with police dogs, snipers and all the rest of that sort of malarky.

Anyone know anything more?

UPDATED: The ABC has a piece.

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14 Responses to
Siege in Duffy
justbands 2:13 pm
23 Feb 07

Wow. It’s usually such a sleepy suburb. I could be watching it all unfold from my balcony if I weren’t at work.

justbands 3:06 pm
23 Feb 07

No further word from your mum? I’ve got to head home in 90 minutes, want to know if it’s safe.

bonfire 3:28 pm
23 Feb 07

is it safe ?

bonfire 3:29 pm
23 Feb 07

i have a drill and a bottle of clove oil….

is it safe ?

barking toad 3:31 pm
23 Feb 07

too many marathons bonfire

newflyer 3:35 pm
23 Feb 07

No, no further news – just more cops. Suspect Burrinjuck Cres, Glenmaggie Street and surrounding areas will be shut off. And Duffy a quiet, sleepy suburb? Where were ya on January 18, 2003, or two Saturday arvo’s ago – 80mm rain in about half an hour!

justbands 3:40 pm
23 Feb 07

I was home, that was quite a storm. My car (convertible) got flooded out..IN THE GARAGE.

I wonder if I can get home this arvo!

Thumper 3:41 pm
23 Feb 07

Don’t you just hate seiges on a Friday afternoon…

LlamaFrog 3:50 pm
23 Feb 07

sorry everyone, I was flying my personal helicopter last night, bugged the wrong people and look what happens.

Ari 3:53 pm
23 Feb 07

Bad karma, Llama!

newflyer 3:56 pm
23 Feb 07

Twenty minutes later and all over – apparently will be on ABC tonight (based on me old lady’s observation of situtation and ABC truck up there)!

kimba 4:13 pm
23 Feb 07

Apparently all it is, is that Dick Cheney is dropping in soon at the Duffy Shops to pick up a meat pie.

Absent Diane 4:17 pm
23 Feb 07

actually kimba I heard it was six pack and a WMD

mriainr 5:21 am
24 Feb 07

You mean he actually found a WMD?!?!?!?!

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