Simon Corbell goes in to bat for the miserly

By 14 April 2012 32

The ABC reports that Attorney-General Simon Corbell is courting the vote of miserable penny pinchers.

Since time immemorial if one was in receipt of a gift voucher or card it was accepted that in most cases one would have to overspend a couple of bucks to get the full value out of it.

And reasonable people, since time immemorial, have not had a problem with this.

But there’s always one miserable whiner to be had in any crowd and Simon is pandering to them:

Attorney-General Simon Corbell wants to allow consumers to receive up to 10 per cent of a gift card’s value in cash if it is not redeemed.

Simon Corbell says it will help customers with small amounts left on cards.

He says Canberrans spend $24 million a year on gift cards and $7 million goes unused.

“This is a very large amount of money that is given by consumers to retailers in the ACT every year and which currently goes unclaimed,” he said.

“At the moment that unclaimed money just goes straight into the cash register of retailers and they don’t provide any goods in return.

“We believe this issue needs to be addressed and consumers need better protection.”

Simon plans to have this before the Assembly by September; or, in punter’s language, just before the election.

His logic seems to miss out on some of the drivers of gift giving.

What next, legislate that all gifts must be given with a receipt so they can be redeemed and full value extracted?

UPDATE 14/04/12 13:45: Simon has now made a media release available explaining his views at length.

The Government is considering a $5 cash-out option for cards with a face value of $50 or less, or 10% cash-out for cards with a face value of more than $50 to provide a fairer deal to consumers at a low cost to retailers.

“The point of these proposed reforms is to ensure consumers with gift-cards actually enjoy their full value instead of being short changed if there is a small value remaining on the card after a purchase which cannot be recovered or spent,” Mr Corbell said.

“Often small balances after a major purchase are too low to purchase another product, but the company is usually not willing, or obliged to cash out that balance on the card to the gift-card owner.

“This situation generates an unearned windfall for the card issuer and leaves consumers out-of-pocket and this is something that the ACT Labor Government views as unfair, and is seeking to rectify.”

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32 Responses to
Simon Corbell goes in to bat for the miserly
devils_advocate 1:13 pm
16 Apr 12

HenryBG said :

dungfungus said :

Thumper said :

I’d like to get reimbursed my parking ticket for when I don’t stay the whole two hours.

You know it makes sense.

What a perfect example of a counterbalance. Also, what about a rebate for the weeks when I don’t have to put out my garbage bin but still have to pay for the service?
I don’t think Corbell thought this Unicorn out very well, did he?

How about all the years of ACT rates I’ve paid that have been spent employing Simon Corbell, when I have not once ever had any use for him?
Can I have a refund?

I peronally endorse this “can I get a partial refund for stuff I paid for but didn’t recieve at all/in full” and await the forthcoming further contributions from the rest of the RIOTAct, and hope it gets a mully.

And that somehow corbell sees it and realises how dumb this idea is.

justin heywood 11:04 pm
16 Apr 12

Dear Simon,
Firstly let me say how pleased I am that you’ve got things running so smoothly here in the ACT that you can turn your attention to issues that even a Small Claims Court would laugh at.
Unfortunately, I don’t have any gift cards to redeem, although my Aunty Mary is thrilled that she can retrieve that $1.47 balance she has on the Dick Smith gift card I gave her. You’ve certainly got her vote!
The particular injustice I want to tell you about is this: I was part of a busload of Canberrans who travelled to the Whitney Houston concert in 2010. I’ve always loved Whitney – I thought she was just smashing in The Bodyguard. But at this concert she just looked, well, smashed. It was a disaster.
I know that she’s dead and all, but I’m sure if you wrote to her and explained that you are the Attorney General of the ACT she might well see her way clear to refunding our money.
I hope I’m not pushing our new friendship too hard here, but another thing; on the way back from the concert we stopped at the servo in Watson, where I bought a REALLY dodgy Chiko Roll. I can show you the dates and the receipt. I think I may even still have the Chiko Roll if you think that helps my case. Let me know what you think.
Your increasingly close friend,
PS. I feel that I need to be honest here, I didn’t vote for you in the last election. In fact I’ve always found you, well, I hope irritating is not too strong a word. But I admit that I’m starting to change. Now, when I read of the things you say and do, I can’t help but smile – sometimes even laugh, and surely this is a good thing.

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