Solar hot water in Canberra?

By 7 January 2011 32

We are on the market for a new hot water system as our old electric model is cactus.

I’m wondering if anyone has any comments on their experience with solar hot water in Canberra, brands, efficiency, relability?

I am currently comparing Solahart and Edwards. Edwards has a stainless steel tank and seems to have better quality fittings, but the panels are not as efficient as the Solahart ones. I’m concerned that in winter this will mean more days using the booster. Solahart seems to have great efficiency, and gets more RECs than the Edwards, but the tank is steel and hence has to have a sacrificial anode.

Thanks for any info you can give!

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Solar hot water in Canberra?
dpm 10:06 am
07 Dec 12

mtrax said :

I’m also looking at a Solar Hot water system, and wanted to know if people can recommend some installers , specifically the by Apricus or Hills ie a Evacuated tube with Gas boost.

Please read this re: Hills solar apparently getting out of solar hot water business:

Apparently warranties will be honoured, but they can’t guarantee spare parts won’t run out one day before then… Very sad to see really.
I’m not sure if it’s 100% true (nothing on their web site but I also heard the same from a plumber last week) so you may want to clarify with an installer if getting a quote…. :-(

Pitchka 11:29 am
07 Dec 12

We have had one of these since we bult a few years ago..

Specially desined for frosty climates as the unit is designed to avoid heat loss..

On frosty days followed by cloudy days (little to no sun) we have the booster turn on twice a day, 5-5.30pm just in time for when we get home, and then from 4-4.30am, for the mornings… Needless to say, the booster function in the Edwards system are sensational.. Our quarterly bill over the winter period increases on average by $100 per quarter.

Spring through to almost winter, i only turn the booster on when needed for 30 minutes…

I have only used it 3 or 4 times for 30 minutes in the last 2 months.

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