Somebody is a little upset about the ANU med school

By 27 February 2013 6

Also Chicken Gourmet, the lack of beaches in Canberra, and a bunch of other stuff.

It takes a certain amount of angry to make a Downfall video about something, I hope Andrew Stacey feels better now.


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6 Responses to Somebody is a little upset about the ANU med school
Shullerina12:48 pm, 27 Feb 13

Video is private…. :(

Mr Evil12:53 pm, 27 Feb 13

Yep, they pulled the pin on that pretty quick!

tonkatuff822:29 pm, 27 Feb 13
Dilandach2:38 pm, 27 Feb 13

Probably better for him that there aren’t any Chicken Gourmet places…

EvanJames3:11 pm, 27 Feb 13

tonkatuff82 said :

Hmmm, wonder why it was pulled:

OMG, how dare they put the word “news” on that rag!!!! What is that, some kind of rambling, personal advertisement for this family? ugh.

Pity the vid. got pulled, I was looking forward to watching it.

Mr Evil5:17 pm, 27 Feb 13

Andy looks like he’s seen a few Chicken Burgers in his time………….

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