Spring cleaning in winter

By 3 June 2008 10

I’d like to have a regular cleaner. We can afford a regular cleaner. Household politics prevent it – and the place is disgusting.

I want to get someone in for a spring-clean style top to bottom job, but don’t want to pay through the nose. Do RiotACTors have any suggestions? The cleaner(s) must be available next week.

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Spring cleaning in winter
pug206gti 1:42 pm
03 Jun 08

This one seems to come up a lot. I smell a business opportunity for someone? Alternatively, someone was plugging a website here not long ago for auctioning off jobs/services in the area…in the archives somewhere.

Loquaciousness 2:07 pm
03 Jun 08

I don’t know if he’s available but Colin from VIP is excellent. You should be able to find him in the book.

seekay 9:55 am
04 Jun 08

Do you have a contact, Loquaciousness?

realityskin 10:32 am
04 Jun 08

Southside ? Give me your contact info

ant 10:39 am
04 Jun 08

sounds like there’s a story there! What’s this household politics, who’s meant to be doing the cleaning and isn’t?

Demosthenes 10:57 am
04 Jun 08

Sounds like a group house? Good luck getting everyone to chip in then?

I’m thinking the same thing, just have better and more productive uses of our valuable time (i.e. weekends).

What’s the approximate price to clean a small house (3 bedroom)?

tylersmayhem 12:18 pm
04 Jun 08

The site Pug was referring to is:

I’m yet to ever see one thing listed on there – so the site looks like a dud to me.

How much are you wanting to spend Seekay?

Woody Mann-Caruso 2:26 pm
04 Jun 08

The cleaners I know won’t clean your house regularly unless you let them do a ‘full clean’ first. This usually takes a day and costs ~$250, but they do _everything_. After that, you just pay for the weekly / bi-weekly visits.

tylersmayhem 2:41 pm
04 Jun 08

Personally, I thin $250 for a full day to clean a house is pretty good. It would probably take 8 hours, so $250 divided by 8 hours is about $31 an hour. Add to this travel expenses, products & materials, and most likely 2 people – sounds pretty good to me!

I guess you need to figure, if you want someone to do an unpleasant task that you don’t want to do, how can you expect it to be dirt cheap?

emd 3:36 pm
04 Jun 08

This is a regular topic on the ACT forum at Essential Baby. Try searching there – you might get contact details for a cash-in-hand house cleaner that’s cheaper than the agencies in the phone book.

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