Stanhope uses gel in his hair!

By 27 October 2005 25

No link I’m afraid but inside sources who shall remain nameless, have revealed that the Chief Minister often uses gel in his hair and that spiky look is not natural.

I suspect the ABC and Canberra Times will run with this at a later stage as proof of the CMs belief in human rights issues whilst Piers Ackerman will see it as another devious loonie left plot designed to destroy Australia..

[ED - Did anyone doubt it was gel?]

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25 Responses to
Stanhope uses gel in his hair!
Indi 8:43 am
27 Oct 05

Dangerous as it maybe to enter this discussion (could be locked up for saying) the spike is most likely due to the CM ordering up a buzz cut every 3-4 weeks…

bulldog 8:52 am
27 Oct 05

Might not be gel. At the risk of getting incarcerated for defamation and character assasination all I will say is ‘something about mary’. He fits the profile (tosser)….

terubo 9:13 am
27 Oct 05

Every village has its Mayor and its Idiot(s). On this site we, the latter, waste our time bagging the former.

Thumper 9:18 am
27 Oct 05

Yes, I agree, it was a poor attempt at humour.

LurkerGal 9:35 am
27 Oct 05

I always figured it was gel. I also figured it was no big deal. Most of the guys I see in the lift every day use gel. Perhaps I should notify the Canberra Times immediately!

Mr Evil 9:58 am
27 Oct 05

Poor Jon, so unloved by some, but so loved by others! I walked past him as he was having a coffee outside the Blue Olive on Tuesday morning, and I must admit I had to stop myself from singing “Come On Baby Light My Fire” as I walked past!

Maybe he gets his ‘gel’ from Corbell?

Absent Diane 10:14 am
27 Oct 05

Thumper mate if it is consolation I found it humourous (sp?…bad sp day) I read it and instantly thought it was like a CNNNN news scroll thingy

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 11:15 am
27 Oct 05

I assume he uses it when his hair doesn’t have that “angry” look to it and he needs to rant on camera.

I had a dream last night that he recognised me and started calling me an idiot…the debate we had turned into a yelling match…and I really wouldn’t have a clue what we were yelling about.

Absent Diane 11:18 am
27 Oct 05

Thats a bizzare dream….. reminds of the dream that I had a year or two ago that I was having a spa with all the worlds greatest intellectuals who treated me as their intellectual superior except for this one lady who was hot and I wanted to shag.. she thought I was a fraud…that was until the Lion climbed into the spa and gave me a hug

bulldog 12:55 pm
27 Oct 05

AD, think about that dream very carefully before you accuse SGS of having bizarre dreams. You are an unusual person (although I suspect hugging lions may be poetic licence).

Jey 1:10 pm
27 Oct 05

I use gel to make my hair stick up….my bf’s hair sticks up naturally, not fair!
I feel Stanhope’s pain.

Thumper 1:21 pm
27 Oct 05

Sadly I realise that I do have something in common with Stanhope, that is, I too, put gel in my hair….

The shame of it all….

I shall bury my head like a beaver in a century old pine.

kimba 3:41 pm
27 Oct 05

I am still gob smacked that Samuel had a dream about Stanhope…well it has been WET lately!!!

Kerces 3:47 pm
27 Oct 05

I had a dream recently in which John Howard shook my hand (that was pretty much the extent of the dream…it was fairly short). It worried me.

Absent Diane 4:10 pm
27 Oct 05

The lion was no elaboration!!! the chick being hot was… she was very plain and after the dream I was concerned about being attracted to someone so plain!!

bulldog 9:03 am
28 Oct 05

I guess it’s inevitable that there would be very few really good looking women attracted to a bloke who uses the terms “Chick” and “Shag” in close proximity ;)

Besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; you may have found her more attractive becasue she saw you as a sheister and was, therefore, unatainable. In any case, a dream that pointless probably should not be over-analysed.

Maelinar 9:24 am
28 Oct 05

What’s wrong with chick and shag ?

Anyway isn’t Diane (as in Absent Diane) a girl ?

(makes a different connotation to the term ‘shag’)

I’m already feeling the need for beer, all this thinking is making my head go dizzy fuzzy.

Please explain…

Indi 9:38 am
28 Oct 05

I went to the barber yesterday and ordered up a ‘Stanhope’ haircut. Barber knew exactly what I wanted – proof that the CM has a definite physical profile in the community?

bulldog 9:47 am
28 Oct 05

Way to go Indi; I hope you’re not serious…

Mael, AD is male. It’s a bit rough to take at first, I hope you haven’t been having any improper thoughts that will make the mental transition more difficult than it has to be…

In any case, beer will fix you good.

Absent Diane 11:38 am
28 Oct 05

Yes my name is misleading….didnt think of it when I signed up… its full the name is absent diane of the imminent present…. which is something I came up with in a moment of complete ridiculum… I was probably reading too much Douglas Adams at the time……. beer will help any mild confusion or after effects

Indi 12:08 pm
28 Oct 05

Bulldog – entirely. Given that the issue of the CM’s hair raised in this thread was very serious, I decided to test the theory. Sadly now I feel like a clone…I am pondering now on what may have occurred if I had of asked for ‘Foskey’ style cut.

bulldog 12:14 pm
28 Oct 05


If people draw attention to your ‘Stanhope’ you can tell them to bugger off and that you actually modelled it on Sonic the Hedgehog. Just out fo curiosity Indi; are you using gel?

Thumper 12:40 pm
28 Oct 05

hehehe… I never thought of our brave leader as taking his cue from Sonic the Hedgehog….

Indi 2:02 pm
28 Oct 05

Yes, I admit there is a little use of product, but I’d never tell the lads…image and all. So if we by chance meet at one of JB’s social mixers, nobody knows, cheers!

bulldog 4:28 pm
28 Oct 05

mums the word indi…

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