Steve Pratt on his book burning ways – Everyone else is doing it

By 30 July 2005 5

Steve Pratt has put out a surprising media release in which he repeats comparisons of himself to Hitler, Stalin and Mao, but then says his censorious book-burning ways are in step with the modish opinions of other State leaders, which somehow justifies them.

Thanks Steve but I’d rather the ACT stays out of step if it’s all the same to you.

How are we going to win a war of ideas if we start trying to ban them? All you’re doing is giving them credence.

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5 Responses to
Steve Pratt on his book burning ways – Everyone else is doing it
Spectra 5:29 pm
30 Jul 05

Couldn’t agree with you more. Attempting to prevent the expression of an idea is never a good way to combat it.

johnboy 5:56 pm
30 Jul 05

I mean if Steve wants to live in an illiberal society with no care for human rights and civil liberties we could just impose sharia law ourselves and save a lot of time and trouble.

Kerces 10:34 am
31 Jul 05

The Canberra Times is running a story today saying that the Pratt has now been banned from the Yarralumla mosque for his comments.

The president of Canberra’s Islamic Society said the Pratt had hijacked Stanhope’s meeting with them.

Kerces said :

“We had a very fruitful meeting with the Chief Minister but [Mr Pratt] ruined it,” Mr Berjaoui [the aforementioned president] said.

“We’re not going to invite him any more.

“He didn’t attack us but he hijacked the event [and] has ruined his chance of building bridges with the Muslim community.”


The cat did it 11:08 pm
31 Jul 05

is Steve planning to hold the book-burning before, or after the torchlight parade and Party rally?
Is there any community/ethnic grouping that the Pratt HASN’T alienated during his time in the Assembly?

johnboy 11:11 pm
31 Jul 05

Hard to say Cat,

As a white anglo saxon protestant he’s certainly pissing all over MY traditions.

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