Sunset over Dunlop pond. Images of Canberra

By 22 January 2013 6


Ausguy81 has sent these in:

I was looking at your page here and thought you might be interested in these.. I took them on the 17th @ the Dunlop Pond.

dunlop pond

dunlop pond

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6 Responses to Sunset over Dunlop pond. Images of Canberra
ghutch11:52 am, 22 Jan 13

Man absolutely beautiful!

460cixy12:23 pm, 22 Jan 13

Is the old lounge still down there?

Holden Caulfield12:29 pm, 22 Jan 13

I can’t decide if that first image is fake (ie. too much post) or just eerily spectacular.

Middle image is best.

Nice work!

Ben_Dover2:02 pm, 22 Jan 13

Well done, spot on!!

Masquara2:17 pm, 23 Jan 13

Whoa amazing! Any digital manipulation there? Hope the top one is all real it is stunning!

dibs3:18 pm, 23 Jan 13

The pics are unreal…who would have thought Dunlop would come up sooo pretty?

The loung has gone, it went within a short couple of days of the pics appearing on RA

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