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No limit on political donations to ACT political parties?


Just thought it was worth highlighting this little issue.
The ACT Labor party’s approach to political donations is now at odds with a proposal to be put forward to the Federal Labor Council which will limit political donations to $1,000.
My own feeling? I think developers have had over ACT Governments for decades – both sides of politics [...]

Returns of Gifts. Jamie shows some Labor love

By 13 June 2013

The Returns of Gifts has been updated, and ACT Labor has had some ACT loving.

ACT Labor planning how to better smite their enemies

By 26 February 2013

ACT Labor has returned from the room of mirrors post election and resolved to stop their enemies ever getting close to victory again:
As well as numerous public resources, this report is mainly constructed from interviews with local campaigners and the 47 submissions made from ACT Labor members and local party units. The recommendations detailed [...]

Chris Fry brings $5,000 for Labor

By 28 November 2012

The return of gifts has $5,000 from Red Hill’s Chris Fry going to Labor.
How nice for them.

How not to do a downfall video. A public safety announcement from the ACT ALP

By 21 November 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

There is little in this world as sad as Government and politicians trying to tap into the zeitgeist. Be it school kids bussed in for government organised “flashmobs” in the name of awareness raising, or “poetry slams” in public libraries with no booze of scoring.
But to that sad, sorry list of flabby failure the ACT [...]

Will Rates Triple?

By 11 October 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

By now anyone who has been paying attention to the key campaign issues for next weeks election will have noticed that the Liberals campaign is very heavily pushing the fiscal argument that under a labor government that ACT rates will triple as a result of the abolition of stamp duty. Its hard to miss Zed’s [...]

What’s with the scare story about rates tripling?

By 21 September 2012

Does anyone know the facts about “rates tripling” as per the Liberal Party ads?
I can’t afford to pay $130 a WEEK for rates on the average wage!
What is Katie Gallagher thinking? And this will affect tenants surely?

UPDATE 21/09/12 12:30: Andrew Barr’s office have sent in this reply:
The Liberals are using an Abbott-style scare [...]

Labor loses track of its rivers of gold

By 10 September 2012

The ABC has a story on RiotACT regular Elias Hallaj in a spot of bother for leaving som large chunks of change out of the party’s electoral return:
Last week Elections ACT released figures showing Labor raked in $1.045 million last financial year.
But the party has now revealed it mistakenly did not include a $400,000 [...]

ACT Labor boosts the Darters

By 25 July 2012

The Canberra Darters have launched their 2012 netball season today. At the launch Andrew Barr announced that they will be receiving a 12.5% increase in funding this year (going up to $27,000 this season) from ACT Labor.
He has stated:
“ACT Labor is a strong supporter of women’s sport and our elite female sporting teams, and today [...]

The Australian Labor Party (ACT Branch) wants to change their name. Any objections?

By 26 June 2012

Elections ACT has announced that the ACT branch of the Australian Labor Party has applied to change its name.
The proposed change is from the Australian Labor Party to ACT Labor.
If you have any objections to the change then you can file a written complaint with the Electoral Commissioner by the 11 of July.

Inside the Fraser preselection 2010

By 22 February 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

A lot of people were surprised in 2010 when Andrew Leigh, an economics professor from ANU, won the right to run as Labor’s candidate for the very safe seat of Fraser.
Surprised because some sort of factional thug seemed a more likely winner of such a prize.
Australian Policy Online has published a lengthy piece on how [...]

Brendan, the laws not actually made, and Labor fury

By 24 January 2012

When the Liberals Brendan Smyth was was blathering in the Canberra Times this morning “new laws, agreed in principal by the Assembly” I looked to see if a coherent statement had been issued by his party and there is no such things.
Laws are not “agreed in principal”. Bills are introduced, and Acts are passed.
But Brendan’s [...]

Could ACT Labor conference get any more pointless?

By 2 August 2011

So the weekend just gone has had yet another ACT Labor Party conference come and go with hardly a ripple throughout the city’s media. How different self government has made the ACT Branch and its conferences.  In years past where the conference ran for two days not the current one day limp-a-thon of extreme nothingness [...]

The return of the ACT Labor website.


Regular readers will no doubt be thrilled to know that the ACT Labor party, after a lengthy gestation, has birthed a new website.
It’s got all the modish gewgaws once could ask for in 2011, time will tell how well they keep it updated.

Kate Lundy is my new best friend …

By 17 July 2011

… or hopes she is, as she has written to me asking me for favours.
Suddenly I’ve received -personally addressed – a request to submit a bit of a skills audit on myself and what I’d like to do to support Kate’s own support role in the federal government’s carbon tax $12 million ad campaign. [...]

ACT Labor, down for maintenance

By 16 June 2011

The ACT Labor website has been down for maintenance for some weeks now.
While parties in Government don’t need to use their own website a great deal one still wonders if they have no need to communicate with the online public at all?

Law society boss takes over the ACT Labor

By 22 November 2008

The ABC is reporting that Bill Redpath, formerly the president of the ACT Law Society, has won the race to be the next ACT branch secretary of the Labor party.
As the candidate of the Left this is interesting, although experience herding cats lawyers must have counted for a great deal.

A disturbance in the Force – Matthew Cossey moves on

By 10 November 2008

Jon Stanhope has just announced that the Secretary of ACT Labor, Matthew Cossey, is seeking greener pastures in the private sector.
He’s always been a pleasure to deal with from our point of view, but it will be interesting to see what happens within the party after such a long-standing presence departs.

Cycling: What Will Politicians Do?

By 2 October 2008

[ 7 October 2008 at 7:30 pm; ] Canberra cycling group, Pedal Power, is holding a community forum for local candidates to tell the public how they will help cycling. Six times Tour De France entrant, Stephen Hodge, will MC the forum. Speakers will include representatives from ACT Labor, the Canberra Liberals and the ACT Greens. Everyone interested in cycling, [...]

Labor in trouble in ACT?

By 8 May 2008

This out of the SMH this morning.
Labor is struggling in the ACT ahead of October elections because it has lost touch with the community, an internal party document says.
News Ltd reports that the Labor hierarchy is panic-stricken and has confessed support for Chief Minister Jon Stanhope is in “decline” ahead of the October 18 territory [...]

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