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Canberra cop busted for wearing fake medals

By 31 July 2013

News have word of AFP officer Kelly Wingkee Luk causing a stir with a penchant for wearing medals un-earned:
According to the Australian New Zealand Military Imposters (ANZMI) website, Luk has no entitlement to wear any medals but it has posted images of him wearing numerous medals including the Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) with a [...]

ACT Policing are having fun with explosives


ACT Policing just uploaded a video of them playing with explosives.
Simulating a suicide device, this is the destructive effect of two kilos of home made explosives in a backpack.

ACT Policing supporting on National Missing Person’s week

By 26 July 2013

ACT Policing is supporting National Missing Persons Week (28 July – 3 August), which will focus on people living with mental illness as a key group at greater risk of going missing.
Deputy Chief Police Officer of Response Charmaine Quade said it was estimated that a person goes missing every 15 minutes in Australia with [...]

Constable Kenny has a Twitter account

By 1 July 2013

ACT Policing’s hardest working marsupial has joined twitter.
@ConstableKenny is up and ready to chat to the public and get involved with the community in all the new fangled high-tech ways that kids do.
“I’m still a bit confused….I thought only birds tweeted,” Constable Kenny Koala said.
“But it’s important for ACT Policing to use the latest forms [...]

And the new CPO is Rudi Lammers


Simon Corbell has announced he’s appointing the AFP’s Assistant Commissioner Rudi Lammers to the the ACT Chief Police Officer:
“Assistant Commissioner Lammers is an ideal person for the role of the ACT’s top police officer having spent two decades working in a range of community policing roles across the Territory,” Mr Corbell said.
“Assistant Commissioner Lammers worked [...]

100 years of ACT Policing celebrated in book form

By 28 June 2013

Many of the most memorable and dramatic police incidents in the history of the territory, from the tragedy of the 1997 hospital implosion and the 2003 bushfires to the 1993 siege at the Jolimont Centre, have been encapsulated in a new, hard-bound publication which celebrates 100 years of policing in the Territory.
This afternoon (Friday, June [...]

Police agreement signed for 2013

By 25 June 2013

Simon Corbell has announced the signing of the latest policing agreement with the AFP, which he says include raised performance targets:
Mr Corbell, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner, Tony Negus, and the Acting Chief Police Officer for the ACT, David Pryce, signed the 2013-14 Purchase Agreement today.
“The Purchase Agreement includes key performance indicators focused on [...]

Another take on the Palmerston tasering


This in overnight:
From: Jade
Subject: taser in palmerston
Message Body:
i was a witness to the tasering in palmerston on saturday night and i am appalled by your members comments on the story, the full story was not reported in the canberra times and it is discusting that your members feel that they have any right whatsoever to [...]

Fresh meat for the force

By 31 May 2013

AFP Commissioner Tony Negus and Acting Chief Police Officer for the ACT David Pryce have sworn in 17 men and seven women to the ranks of ACT Policing at an attestation ceremony held at the AFP College in Barton this morning (Friday 31 May).
The new officers have undergone 26 weeks of intensive training to [...]

ACT Policing are worried about your number plates

By 24 May 2013

ACT Policing are again offering to fit your car with special “tamper-proof” screws for free so nobody can steal your number plate.
If you happened to spend $9000 on a number plate recently, this would probably be a good investment.
ACT Policing and the Canberra Centre are joining forces to combat registration plate theft via a free [...]

ACT Policing picks up Tony Abbott’s Chief of Staff

By 20 May 2013

The Herald Sun reports on the local police just happening to catch the high flying Lass from Wycheproof Peta Credlin for a low range DUI.
Mr Abbott’s office earlier confirmed Peta Credlin was caught outside her home with a ”low-range reading” after returning from a dinner in the capital last week.
ACT Police have since confirmed a [...]

Do you expect police to prevent crime, or just watch?

By 18 May 2013

The CT reports that police watched a house being burgled and did not intervene. No doubt they will say there was some bigger picture, but this may be little consolation to the cancer patient and their family, whose circumstances were used to tug at our heart strings.
When you can’t rely on police to protect [...]

ACT Policing and MRA ACT join forces for ‘Share the Road’ campaign

By 15 May 2013

The latest road safety campaign from ACT Policing has gained the support of the Motorcycle Riders Association ACT.
Both organisations are encouraging people on the road to be aware of their surroundings and considerate of others, which ideally should go without saying but sadly things don’t always work that way.
Each year an average of 13 people [...]

ACT Policing don’t want to know about crime?

By 15 May 2013

A recent spate of mail theft in my area energised the good samaritan inside me  to make a report to ACT Policing. Normally I wouldn’t be bothered however seeing how personal some of the mail was it angered me.
Whilst out walking the dog a couple of weeks ago I noticed a fair amount of mail torn open and discarded behind [...]

Roman heads off into the sunset

By 26 April 2013

Simon Corbell has announced that the Chief Police Officer Roman Quaedvlieg is leaving us for a gig at Customs:
Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Simon Corbell, has today congratulated Chief Police Officer for the ACT Roman Quaedvlieg on his appointment as Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Customs and Border Protection.
“I would like [...]

Twitter typos from ACT Policing

By 22 April 2013

Now I’m in no position to make fun of people’s typos, but Melonhead is.
From the top. Fact error, then typo in each tweet.
Cheers, Melonhead
Hey, typos happen!

Police officer forces deletion of photos taken in ‘public’

By 10 April 2013

A rather disturbing event occurred this evening that I would like to share with you all and get feedback on.
I was at Woden bus interchange at 6:20pm (9/4/13) and witnessed 3 Westfield security personnel chasing a young girl (approx. 15/16yrs old) through the interchange (the girl was walking fast but not running as such). Curious [...]

ACT Policing looking for Volunteers

By 2 April 2013

ACT Policing is looking for people keen to join its Volunteers in Policing program. Sadly you don’t get given a badge and told to go fight crime, I already checked.
Still, you do get to call yourself a VIP so that’s cool.
I actually had no idea that the Police used volunteers to fill certain roles.
Volunteers [...]

Woden Police: Thank you

By 25 March 2013

On Friday a tragic event happened in my life. My 87 year old aunt, after many years of pain and recent severe suffering both physically and mentally, decided to end her own life. She left a note and due to the nature of her death, the issue of fowl play has to be ruled out, [...]

Taxi driver sought after hit and run in Evatt [updated]

By 23 March 2013

Policing are looking for anyone with info about a hit and run incident that occurred in Evatt last night (22nd of March).
Around 10.00pm a 26-year-old man was dropped off by an unidentified taxi near the intersection of William Webb Drive and Callaghan Street.
After dropping off the man the taxi driver drove up William Webb [...]

Catch a bus to Skyfire, check out drunk kids in a cage

By 15 March 2013

Tomorrow night is Skyfire. If you haven’t already had your fill of fireworks this week you should probably check it out.
At a press event today ACT Policing spoke of their commitment to ensuring that the night’s celebrations are safe and free of inebriated teenagers. A large force of uniformed and undercover officers will be present [...]

Cannabis and guns seized in Wanniassa raid

By 13 March 2013

Police seized 16 plants and 600 grams of packaged cannabis after raiding a house in Wanniassa yesterday. Also found were a shot gun, a replica gun, and ‘drug paraphernalia’ which I will assume was a gun shaped bong.
Cannabis, weapons seized in Wanniassa search warrant

ACT Policing’s new underage drinking campaign is comedy gold


Have you watched the video yet? Do it. I’ll wait. I don’t want to ruin it for you.
My original title for this article was going to be ‘Magical fortune telling iPhone app helps Sarah from Belconnen not sleep with a hipster’ but that would be giving it all away.
Everything about this clip is amazing. From [...]

A use found for the BearCat?


This in from c_c:
Lunch Van
The only thing funnier than seeing them use it to pick up lunch, was seeing how gingerly the took a tight left turn from Northbourne onto Barry Drive.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .

Gritty reboot of Kenny Koala doesn’t understand technology


Constable Kenny Koala, who has been teaching kids to respect the law for over 30 years, has just received an award winning update to his image, to make him more relatable.
Here we see the newer, hipper, Constable Kenny doing the kind of cool things that cool kids do, like crossing a road or not understanding [...]

Constable Kenny gets a new website

By 22 February 2013

Behold the new website of Constable Kenny Koala.
It must have been a ripping business case.
Discuss amongst yourselves.

Police profiling in C-town?

By 16 February 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

This afternoon I was on my treadly heading towards the AIS on the bike path when I noticed the north bound traffic on Gunghalin Drive at a virtual standstill. Upon investigating, I discovered that the cops were conducting a sizeable RBT/other drug testing operation a bit further along the road.
As I’ve previously noted here, [...]

Just how many landcruisers do the cops have?

By 23 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

The AFP were making use of the recently boarded up Alexander and Abermarle Buildings in for training again today. I wonder where they will move to when they are finally demolished?
I took note today specifically, as there were at least five similar landcruisers decked out with the unmarked car lighting, bullbars, roof-rack’s, and [...]

Smoke but no fire in ACT Policing?

By 29 October 2012

The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI) has produced a strange report on corruption they have not found, but which has nonetheless prompted high level reactions.
This investigation concerns two related corruption issues. The information received suggested that ACT Policing officers—who are appointees of the AFP—had inappropriately provided information (tip-offs) to a known criminal.
The investigation [...]

Talk before you taser

By 25 October 2012

The ABC has a piece on the use of tasers by the constabulary:
A report has found only half of the ACT police officers who drew their Tasers tried to negotiate or de-escalate the situation first.
The Ombudsman conceded it is not unreasonable in some cases for those techniques not to be used, given the speed at [...]

Did you witness a collision in Cook yesterday?

By 13 October 2012

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to a collision this afternoon (Friday, October 12) in Cook, in which a pedestrian was critically injured.
The collision occurred around 4.25pm at Dexter Street Cook. The pedestrian, a 69-year-old woman from Cook, was conveyed by ambulance to The Canberra Hospital having sustained serious head injuries.
ACT Policing’s Collision Investigation and Reconstruction [...]

Driver caught exceeding speed limit by 90km/h

By 10 October 2012

ACT Policing advise A 25-year-old Downer man was caught exceeding the speed limit by 90km/h on the Monaro Highway in Theodore yesterday morning (October 9).
Around 11.00am, police were conducting laser targeting when they observed a Chrysler C300 travelling at high speed. The vehicle was detected to be going 170km/hr in an 80km/hr zone.
The driver was [...]

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