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ACTPS Bargaining Agreements?

By 4 February 2014

Well, theres a fair amount of actps that visit (or well, use to, I suppose, before the last few weeks) and I was just wondering if anyone else is kind of sick of waiting for the cpsu to finalise our enterprise agreements. You know. the ones that expired last July. That they have repeatedly said [...]

Employment and Emergency leave in the ACT PS?

By 23 October 2013

I have to be careful what I say here but I am very frustrated right now and want to know if any other RA readers have had a similar experience.
I’m currently an ACTPS employee as well as a volunteer with the Emergency Services Agency, I won’t say which area.  As everyone is aware NSW is [...]

David Nicol the new ACT Under Treasurer

By 26 March 2013

Andrew Barr has announced the appointment of a new Under Treasuer:
Mr David Nicol has been appointed as the new Under Treasurer in the Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate.
After an extensive executive search exercise and subsequent recruitment process, Mr David Nicol is the successful applicant for the position of Under Treasurer in the Chief Minister and [...]

KDN gets the nods to build the Gungahlin Penal Battalion’s quarters

By 14 December 2012

Andrew Barr has announced the winner of the race to build ACT Government Offices in Gungahlin to house those who incur the wrath of the executive:
Canberra-based development company the KDN Group has been chosen as the successful tenderer to build the new ACT Government Office Block in Gungahlin.
The office block will be built on the [...]

Andrew Kefford to be the Commissioner for Public Administration.

By 15 March 2012

The Cabinet Outcomes for the 28 February meeting are now out.
Of greatest interest is the appointment of Mr Andrew Kefford as Commissioner for Public Administration.

How many ACT public servants are there?

By 5 September 2011

Just wondering if anyone had accurate figures on how many ACT public servants there are?
I heard a rumour of 18,000?????
That’s 1/20th of the population involved in administering the population if its accurate.  That sounds super crazy to me, any ideas people of the interwebs?

Ministerial sky walk for the pleasure dome?

By 30 May 2011

The Canberra Times has a story on the luxurious accommodations the Gallagher Government is planning for its leaders in the new mega office block they’re hoping to build for a cool half billion dollars.
The location of the ”north wing” of the building will allow the chief minister and ministers private access across the sky [...]

More disability for the ACT Public Service

By 20 April 2011

Chief Minister Stanhope has proudly announced a new employment strategy to double the number of disabled employees of the ACT public service to 700.
The target would be achieved through training and mentoring programs and through the earmarking of dedicated jobs for employees with disabilities across the service.
Mr Stanhope said while 16 per cent of working-age [...]

One department to rule them all

By 24 March 2011

Chief Minister Stanhope has unveiled his response to the Hawke review
It’s so big we’re going to reproduce in full:
Chief Minister Jon Stanhope today announced that the ACT Government was to adopt the proposal recommended by Dr Allan Hawke AC to establish a single agency, of nine directorates as the administrative basis of the ACT [...]

Hawke review a repudiation of Stanhope in power?

By 16 February 2011

Liberal leader Zed Seselja, having taken his time to digest the Hawke Review, has delivered his opinion to the internet:
The fundamental changes to the ACT government public service structure, as proposed by Dr Allan Hawke, is a rebuke to ACT Labor and their structures after nine years in power, The Leader of the Opposition, Zed [...]

The Hawke Review recommendations in full

By 16 February 2011

Yesterday’s release of the Hawke Review threatens vast and sweeping changes to the ACT Public Service, the structure of Government in the ACT and huge disruption to service delivery if things go wrong.
To that end here are the 76 recommendations of the review. How many of them do you take to be mere motherhood statements?
1. [...]

Hawke review calls for single mega-department in the ACTPS

By 15 February 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Chief Minister Stanhope has announced the outcomes of the Hawke Review:
A major independent review of the ACT Public Service has recommended it be restructured as a single department, to reflect the city-state nature of the ACT and to allow for greater coordination between areas of the bureaucracy.
A number of “Directorates” would sit within the single [...]

How does one compain about senior public servants?

By 7 May 2009

Hello Riot Act. Long time reader, first time poster. I have a small question and thought someone on here might have a sensible answer.
How does one officially complain about the actions of a Senior ACT public servant?
Several of my friends have children with Disabilities and are dependant on the Government for funding.
The problem [...]

ACT PS Gossip

By 20 December 2008

Which ACT  Govt CEO has  just appointed his partner to a SES position in his department?. 
What would Wayne Berry say about it!

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