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How can I get ADSL in Chifley?

Ask Riot

The short version –>
iPrimus got connected (believe uses Optus network) – took five minutes to load Gmail inbox page (discontinued the service).
iiNet connect a phone line via Telstra tech for ADSL – two days later received a text that the property is too far from exchange/too much loss can not continue to connect ADSL.
Netspeed longreach [...]

Transact monopolist behaviour?

By 4 June 2012

Is Transact acting as a monopolist bully by forcing their customers into new two year contracts for every minor change of service, in a market where there is limited competion and often no other choice?

Does the internet still suck in Gungahlin?

By 4 April 2012

Some friends and I are looking to move in to a house together. We all study/work in either Belconnen or the City, so rentals on the north side are looking good.
One area that really appeals are the Gungahlin suburbs south of the town centre (big new houses, not far from the City/Belco, [...]

Canberrans the nerdiest of them all

By 13 May 2010

ZDnet has had a look at ABS data showing Canberrans are made of win when it comes to being online.
We just pip cashed up Western Australians and leave the luddite New South Welsh in the dust.

Significant slow internet speed lately in Dunlop area

By 10 April 2010

Did anyone else notice this significant slow internet speed lately in Dunlop (I’m in Jarramlee Park)?
Two weeks ago I was getting frustrated with my supposedly ADSL speed slowed down. So I used my provider’s speed test application online to check the speed. A couple of weeks ago, I got roughly 780kb/sec download speed, which isn’t [...]

Call to Tesltra to Invest in Gungahlin.

By 14 October 2009

This is part of a greater post made at and is an update on the post I made here on the 29th September.
I call on Chris Taylor, General Manager of Telstra Country Wide in the ACT to invest in Gungahlin for the benefit of its residents. An upgrade to telecommunications services are required desperately. [...]

Gungahlin’s Frustrations with the Internet

By 29 September 2009 FEATURED ARTICLE

Many of you in the North of Canberra are acutely aware of the ongoing Internet performance issues being experienced by residents the of Gungahlin, parts of Kaleen and even Watson.
If you have ever wondered why the Internet at your place never seem to work as well as your friend in Hackett, or Monash? This site [...]

Naughty naked DSL

By 16 June 2009

Optus – amazingly – say they can’t get a line from Telstra to run into our new home in Red Hill. 
I say they can go and get screwed – but I also always say “Don’t get even, get ahead.”
It’s time to stick two fingers up at the telcos and go for naked DSL.
What services [...]

ADSL2/2+ in Dunlop area?

By 22 April 2008

Hi, has anyone in the Dunlop area been able to get an ADSL2/2+ connection?
I’ve been told that it runs off a RIM from the Melba Exchange.

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