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ANU building solar powered soldiers

By 11 August, 2011

Batteries are becoming the bane of the modern soldier’s existence, so there is sure to be considerable interest in ANU’s latest work on light wearable solar panels to rev up all the gadgets the modern soldier on the go is being asked to lug:
“The development of these wearable solar cells will now allow soldiers to [...]

AFFIRM Business Lunch brings you Good Mental Health in the Workplace

By 10 August, 2011

[ 6 September, 2011; 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm. ]

AFFIRM’s Executive Business Luncheon is delighted to have Craig Hamilton as our guest speaker.

Craig Hamilton is a broadcaster with ABC Radio who has worked on National Rugby League games for the last eight seasons.

On the eve of the biggest undertaking of his career – the Sydney Olympics – Craig suffered a mental breakdown which almost [...]

ANU studying the link between alcohol and romance.

By 9 August, 2011

The ANU is letting us know that lucky PhD student Sonia Ip has managed to get funding to research the effects of alcohol on dating.
“The idea behind the study is that alcohol will play a role in either enhancing or decreasing intimacy during a date,” says the PhD student. “In general, alcohol relaxes a person [...]

ANU re-inventing the solar hot water system.

By 8 August, 2011

The Australian National University has announced they’ve pocketed funding to develop a cunning mixed solar/electric hot water system:
“The aim of this project is to develop and commercialise an improved roof-mounted hybrid solar system that is suitable for installation on millions of domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.
“The key innovation is the use of spectral splitting of [...]

Graeme Samuel moves onto the ANU Council

By 1 August, 2011

The ANU is informing the world that former ACCC supremo Graeme Samuel is coming aboard:
Mr Samuel will take his place on the Council as one of the seven members appointed by the Minister on the recommendation of the Nominations Committee of Council. He replaces Justice Annabelle Bennett AO, who stepped down as a council [...]

ANU boffins feeding News24′s content appetite with “Future Forum

By 28 July, 2011

The ANU has announced they’re providing talent to the ABC’s News24 channel for “Future Forum – How Will the Asian Century Shape Australia’s Future?”.
The first in the Future Forum series will be filmed in Darwin with an eight-strong expert panel moderated by ABC Lateline presenter Ali Moore. The ANU panellists are: Dr Katherine Morton, Dr [...]

19th ANU Open Chess Championship 2011 THIS WEEKEND!

By 25 July, 2011

[ 30 July, 2011 to 31 July, 2011. ] The 19th ANU Open Chess Championship 2011 and ANU Minor (U1600) Championship takes place next this weekend at the ANU.

The tournament consists of 7 rounds with a time control of 60 minutes plus 10 seconds from the start.

First prize for the open section is $1000 and $400 for the minor.

Players of all playing stengths and [...]

Stromlo burn

By 15 July, 2011

The ACT Rural Fire Service has been advised that the Australian National University will today conduct a hazard reduction burn of several piles of vegetation at Mt Stromlo Observatory.
The burn is expected to be completed by 3pm.
[Courtesy ESA]

Feed the art machine

By 7 July, 2011

ANU is spruiking an interesting concept from the School of Art:
Art Machine will see machines transform text, video and photos submitted online into original ‘visual structures’ and digital displays. Exhibition curator Christopher Fulham, from the ANU School of Art, said that Art Machine will present the submitted digital content in a range of ways.
“The [...]

ANU pimping its boffins to Ernst & Young

By 7 July, 2011

The Australian National University has announced the signing of an MoU with Ernst & Young to supply great big brains as needed by the corporate services mega corp.
Ernst & Young Canberra Managing Partner, Lucille Halloran said the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding at Ernst & Young’s Canberra offices marked the official commencement of [...]

CT the new Woroni while student ineptitude fuels dispute

By 27 June, 2011

The dispute over the ANU library mergers continues, reaching farcical highs now that The Canberra Times has run more stories about it than the University’s on campus rag Woroni. Curious though is why the article doesn’t mention why the dispute is continuing. Perhaps in copy and pasting the media release writing the article, CT forgot to [...]

19th ANU Open Chess Championship 2011

By 24 June, 2011

[ 30 July, 2011 to 31 July, 2011. ] Hi everyone,

The 19th ANU Open Chess Championship 2011 and ANU Minor (U1600) Championship takes place next month on 30/31 July at the ANU.

The tournament consists of 7 rounds with a time control of 60 minutes plus 10 seconds from the start.

First prize for the open section is $1000 and $400 for the minor.

Players of all [...]

ANU cracks piezoelectrical battery charging

By 21 June, 2011

ANU have announced a fascinating breakthrough to generate electricity through mechanical power without needing magnetic dynamos.
Dr Simon Ruffell from the ANU Research School of Physics and Engineering and Dr Madhu Bhaskaran and Dr Sharath Sriram from RMIT University have used nanotechnology to convert mechanical pressure into electricity.
The breakthrough was made by combining piezoelectrics, materials [...]

Ilana Atlas appointed ANU Pro-Chancellor

By 21 June, 2011

ANU has announced that former Mallesons partner Ilana Atlas will be deputising for Gareth Evans in the role of Pro-Chancellor.
Ms Atlas has extensive experience in business and has held executive and non-executive roles across a number of industry sectors. She has served on the University Council since July 2004. She takes over from The [...]

ANU heads out into space

By 18 June, 2011

ANU have announced they are slipping the surly bonds of earth and have trousered $3.1 million in Commonwealth money to build help satellites.
They’ll be building space simulation facility here in Canberra for Australian groups to test equipment in.
Lots of vacuum, extreme temperatures, and hard radiation then?

Eat meat to get massive says ANU

By 15 June, 2011

The Australian National University is touting research by Dr Stefan Broer, head of the molecular nutrition group in the ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, showing that mice getting lots of protein end up being bigger mice.
“So we focused on mice that could not transport amino acids from the intestine into the cells of [...]

ANU triumphant in the great insurance battle

By 15 June, 2011

The Canberra Times brings word that ANU’s long war against Aon Risk Services has ended in a victorious undisclosed settlement.
The Australian National University has spent eight years suing global insurance giant Aon Risk Services in the ACT Supreme Court and the High Court of Australia over $27 million it claimed it was owed after [...]

ANU makes the global top 12 for humanities?

By 8 June, 2011

The Australian National University is having a good old gloat at its 12th place in the 2011 Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings by Subject.
In the latest set of international rankings by QS, the University is sixth in modern languages, philosophy and geography and area studies, 10th in linguistics and 12th in history.
The modern languages [...]

ANU Boffin finds Dr Who setting

By 7 June, 2011

In thrilling news out of ANU Dr Daniel Bayliss has discovered a planet going the wrong way around its star. Which is a bit of a first.
Using one of the world’s largest telescopes in Chile, Daniel and his collaborators discovered that a distant planet WASP-17b is moving in the opposite direction to the spin [...]

What the big brains are up to at ANU

By 1 June, 2011

The Australian National University has congratulated its boffins who have won second round Australian Research Council’s (ARC) Linkage Projects funding.
The winners are:
- Socio-psychological factors and compliance with work health and safety regulation – theory, policy and practice – Professor Valerie A Braithwaite
- From prehistory to history: landscape and cultural [...]

ANU brings Life in the Suburbs

By 20 May, 2011

ANU has announced the launch of a new website called “Life in the Suburbs” to help identify the creatures that can be found in Canberra.
“It includes guidelines for managing ACT-specific urban habitat, steps to reduce human-induced threats to urban biodiversity and practical guidelines for developing habitat gardens and landscapes.”
Life in the Suburbs also includes a [...]

Nuclear threat dealt with by ANU

By 18 May, 2011

The ANU is letting us know about their new Centre for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament. Which is nice, but perhaps they’re bigging themselves up just a tad?
Worldwide efforts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons and eventually eliminate them have been boosted by the launch of a new centre at The Australian National University.
The Centre [...]

The empire strikes back… ANU library plan published

By 9 May, 2011

The hot air is still blowing over the library merger at ANU. Two articles now in the Canberra TImes about it, the latest with an honours student giving the very credible argument that he found a “sh**ty old” book not used in a decade that inspired an assignment so libraries should remain as is.
The ANU [...]

Don’t disabled people need to wash their hands?

By 20 April, 2011

I have noticed something rather strange at ANU. The disabled toilets tend not to have soap in them. Not just no soap, but no soap dispensers. I thought this might be an isolated thing, but no, when I went for a wander today I found six accessible toilets, only one of which had soap in [...]

Chubby to be the Chief Scientist

By 19 April, 2011

The ABC reports that ANU’s former Vice Chancellor Ian Chubb has been given the nod to be the next Chief Scientist of Australia.
His predecessor, Penny Sackett, resigned part-way through her term earlier this year for “personal and professional” reasons, revealing she had not been asked to brief Julia Gillard since she became Prime Minister.
Professor Chubb [...]

Space research facility launched on Mt Stromlo

By 18 April, 2011

ANU has proudly announced that Kim Il Carr (the Innovation Minister) has launched the Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre on Mt Stromlo.
The new one of a kind facility, funded under the Education Investment Fund program, will initially support development of the international, billion-dollar Giant Magellan Telescope and a number of Australian Space Research Program [...]

The music/art library sit in

By 18 April, 2011

Thanks to Davo1111 for pointing out that the School of Art and School of music protest sit in is now immortalised on YouTube.
Looks kind of fun really.
The interesting thing I’m finding is that those most critical of the protesting students appear to be jealous they don’t get invited to school of art parties.

Psst, want a smoke with that?

By 8 April, 2011

For all you hard core smokers out there who want a ciggie with your meal in Canberra you still can! Want to eat some food with your cigarette? Want a welcoming environment where the management will ignore those annoying non smokers? Want to be able to tell those annoying anti smokers to F off? Well, [...]

They came, they sat, they left.

By 7 April, 2011

update to previous posted article

ANU plans to merge libraries… takes away from students.

By 5 April, 2011

This week ANU school of Art and Music students protest moves by head of ANU libraries Vic Elliot’s plans to merge both schools libraries.
This is ANU making moves to cut costs associated with the up keep of these libraries, which leads to the assumption that the cost of these libraries outweighs the resources they [...]

Japanese Design Today 100 opens at the ANU School of Art

By 5 April, 2011

Do you like design? Do you like Japanese stuff?
If you answered no to both of these you probably lack both a heart and a head.
But if you said yes then you’ll be thrilled to learn that the ANU has announced they’re opening an exhibition of contemporary Japanese design this Thursday, running to 21 April.
Japanese [...]

A grand night out at Boffins

By 4 April, 2011

It’s difficult deciding what to write in a bad review of a restaurant. Nobody wants to read a self-righteous rant that lists everything that went wrong in ungrateful and indulgent detail, but there is still a responsibility to accurately describe the trinity of rudeness, incompetence and clumsiness that a restaurant can occasionally manage to concoct.


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