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ANU accommodation complex evacuated


Nearly 80 people have been evacuated from an Australian National University accommodation complex following a water leak.
All four floors of the building on Daley Road have suffered damage.
ACT Fire & Rescue are on scene, including one pumper and a commander.
Crews are attempting to isolate power.
Update to come.
(ESA Media Release)

Rubbish bin fire at ANU

By 26 May 2014

Investigations are underway into a fire which started in a rubbish compactor outside an arts building at the Australian National University.
Nearly 70 people have been evacuated from the building on Ellery Street.
Ventilation operations are underway in the building which is smoke logged. The fire did not enter the building.
Three pumpers, the Breathing Apparatus Van and [...]

Student protests at ANU

By 21 May 2014

Scuffles broke out at the ANU today as protesters tried to force their way into the chancellery.
Today’s national day of action against Government plans to deregulate university fees saw protests in CBDs across the country.
Students are protesting changes to the higher education sector, including deregulation of fees and an increase in the interest rate [...]

Understanding the health effects of climate change

By 12 May 2014

[ 29 May 2014 at 1:00 pm; ] ABC 666′s Genevieve Jacobs will talk with three of the nation’s most compelling experts (Professor Tony McMichael, Professor Barbara Norman and Dr Peter Tait) on an issue that goes directly to the survival of the species.

The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report tells us that human-driven climate change poses a unprecedented threat to health and wellbeing, not just [...]

Jubilate Deo – ANU Choral Society Concert 24 May


[ 24 May 2014 at 7:30 pm; ] The ANU Choral Society (SCUNA) presents “JUBILATE DEO”
The Gabrielis and Monteverdi, with Josquin, a Giovanni or three, and Friends.

Led by new director Andrew Koll, SCUNA will fill St Christopher’s cathedral in Manuka with a grand array of (mostly) renaissance music on Saturday 24 May at 7.30pm.

Be prepared to be lifted high into the vaulted ceilings [...]

The Imposter Syndrome – why successful people often feel like frauds

By 21 April 2014

How can it be that so many clever, competent and capable people can feel that they are just one step away from being exposed as a complete fraud? Despite evidence that they are performing well they can still have that lurking fear that at any moment someone is going to tap them on the shoulder and say “We need [...]

Seeing back to the Big Bang: the SKA telescope’s unlimited potential

By 14 March 2014

Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Schmidt, Professor Brian Boyle and Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith, with forum host ABC 666 presenter Genevieve Jacobs, will tackle one of the most exciting science and technology projects of this century, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) telescope.
Based in remote Western Australia and South Africa the SKA will be the largest and most [...]

Have learners gone feral? Accessing and accrediting learning at the edges of educational space

By 11 March 2014

Learners have been teaching themselves for many centuries. However in our highly connected time learning practices have truly gone feral. Twitter drips out 140 character learning bites around the clock. Google Scholar gives you, on demand, as many resources as you need. Scoop.It lets you connect with experts in your field who are curating the [...]

Don’t panic about cleaning your phone

By 24 January 2014

The ANU has a slightly strange announcement debunking mobile phone sanitising products (which I have only just learned is a thing):
The popularity of smart phones has seen the emergence of products which claim to kill germs found on the devices because of everyday use. A quick search on the internet has found at least [...]

ANU opening up their Kioloa Coastal Campus

By 2 January 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 3 January 2014 to 6 January 2014. ]

If you’re down at the coast or heading that way you might be interested in four days of access to the ANU’s Kioloa Campus:

The Australian National University is inviting people to walk in the shoes of a scientist when it opens its Kioloa Coastal Campus to the public in January.

The campus is on 348 hectares [...]

Strange fog at ANU

By 24 December 2013

ACT Fire & Rescue are inspecting a science room filled with mist at the Australian National University.
Crews say the mist is a combination of helium and nitrogen.
It’s believed the gases may have been leftover from experiments.
An alarm system was triggered at 00:42am.
Three pumpers, the Hazardous Materials Unit, Breathing Apparatus Van and two commanders are on [...]

ANU’s treasures going on display

By 17 December 2013

[ 17 December 2013 to 1 February 2014. ] The Australian National University is getting word out there about their display of things they’ve been hiding in the archives:

Rare copperplate prints from Joseph Banks’s Florilegium have gone on display as part of the Treasures of the ANU Library exhibition, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the R.G Menzies Library.

The Treasures exhibition brings together [...]

ANU’s teaching gets accredited

By 17 December 2013

ANU is making sure you all know they’ve gained accreditation through the UK-based Higher Education Academy:
ANU has become the first Australian university to achieve accreditation through the UK-based Higher Education Academy (HEA), with 11 academics recognised for teaching excellence.
The highest recognition went to Professor Michael Martin from the College of Business and Economics (CBE), who [...]

ANU students take out top spots at programming comp

By 13 December 2013

Several teams of ANU programmers have done quite well at the annual IEEEXtreme programming competition, which is awesome.
Special mention should go to team ’42′, not just for coming 5th but also for drawing inspiration from a much cooler franchise than their peers did.
Three ANU students have taken out first place at the annual IEEEXtreme programming [...]

Visual Design for Researchers

By 1 December 2013

Would you like to know more about visual design for creating a visual research output, like a poster or presentation? Would you like to improve your visual communication skills or learn more about how to approach visual design? The Visual Design for Researchers workshop aims to help you get started with the visual design process [...]

ANU’s Ian Young to chair the Group of 8

By 26 November 2013

ANU Vice-Chancellor Ian Young is letting it be known he’s going to be heading up the Group of Eight (AKA the Real Universities as opposed to jumped up TAFEs):
Professor Young says he is looking forward to taking up the post in January.
“The Go8 plays an incredibly important role in influencing national polices for high [...]

Research School of Population Health launching today

By 25 November 2013

Hey avid research school watchers,
You probably don’t exist but if you do the new Research School of Population Health will be launching tonight, so grab your cameras and Research School Bingo cards and have a blast.
The Australian National University’s Research School of Population Health (RSPH) will be officially launched at Parliament House this evening.
The formation [...]

ANU lecturer wins excellent award

By 20 November 2013

Dr Carol Hayes is a senior lecturer from the ANU College of Asia and Pacific, and she just won an award for Teaching Excellence at the Australian Awards for University Teaching, which is all sorts of great.
The citation for the award praised Dr Hayes’ leadership in Japanese studies across Asia and the Pacific.
Hayes has been [...]

Sex and death at the ANU

By 20 November 2013

Today’s pre-made attention grabbing headline is courtesy of Dr Charles Lineweaver, an Associate Professor with the ANU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences who tonight will be giving a lecture about the “linkages between the origins of multi-cellularity, sex and death” and “where we’ve come from and how the evolution of gender differences has shaped [...]

Competitive robot being assembled at ANU

By 19 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

ANU students Shanae King, Matt Shadwell and Jessica Evers, along with their as yet unnamed robot (I suggest “The Subjugator 5000″) hope to compete in a tournament of robots.
Sadly this tournament is some sort of obstacle course instead of a frenzy of robots tearing into each other with hammers and saws like a real robot [...]

Super quantum clusters from ANU

By 18 November 2013

In a big day of news out of the ANU science department we’ve got a great leap forward in quantum computing:
ANU PhD student Seiji Armstrong has made a quantum leap towards next-generation computing.
Working with a team in Tokyo, Seiji has created the largest cluster of quantum systems ever – a milestone on the way to [...]

ANU makes better lasers!

By 18 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

At first glance it’s disappointing to see ANU has been working on making lasers smaller. We want great big honking lasers thankyou very much.
But when you read a bit more it’s very exciting:
Faster, smaller electronics are one step closer with researchers from The Australian National University successfully making the first room temperature lasers from [...]

Mystery Donor is Canberra’s newest hero

By 15 November 2013

One single super awesome and presumably amazingly good looking donor just donated $1 million to the ANU to improve language studies there.
So is our donor a believer in shared language breaking down the barriers between race and has given this money as part of a goal to bring people together and end all war, or [...]

Boediono comes back to ANU for a gong

By 13 November 2013

ANU is letting people know that their former staff member and current Vice President of Indonesia is picking up an honorary doctorate today.
Combined with yesterday’s tree planting at the arboretum it’s a far cry from the otherwise difficult period of indo-australian relations we’re going through.

Aung San Suu Kyi to accept an honorary doctorate at ANU

By 6 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

ANU has the rather splendid news that inspiration Burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi is coming to Canberra to collect a hat!
The Australian National University will award an Honorary Doctorate to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi late in November.
Vice-Chancellor of ANU, Professor Ian Young AO, said that he was delighted when he heard [...]

ANU’s Brad Tucker finds a mission for the crippled Kepler telescope

By 5 November 2013

The Register has a story about ANU’s Dr Brad Tucker and his plans to get the broken Kepler space telescope doing something useful:
Dr Tucker outlined the proposed new science mission to The Register, explaining that if NASA okays the project, a large chunk of Kepler’s future will be helping to unravel the mysteries of [...]

Ian Young clocks the motion of the ocean

By 5 November 2013

The ANU media team, one imagines with some white knuckles, are getting word out about Vice Chancellor Ian Young’s own research into ocean swells:
Research led by the Vice-Chancellor will allow oceanographers and meteorologists to better predict the rate at which ocean swells decay, or deteriorate, as they travel across the globe.
“Ocean cargo shipping, offshore [...]

Want to suggest a word for word of the year?

By 1 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

So the Australian National Dictionary Centre (ANDC) are looking to crown Australia’s “word of the year” and would like suggestions to help them along the way. It’s not a vote as they will make the final call, but they’re looking for you to make the shortlist.
I discovered this fact because the ANU have written a [...]

The Future of ANU and its role in Canberra

By 31 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

It’s a big subject and YouTube gives us an hour and seven minutes of Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt giving it the works:
ANU was established in 1946 as a national university. With a mission focussed on research, its role and funding models were fundamentally different to the nation’s existing universities. Despite this formula, rapidly creating Australia’s [...]

Peace in our time at ANU

By 31 October 2013

The NTEU has announced they’re happy with what ANU is offering:
I am pleased to advise that, after intense negotiations with ANU management over the last two weeks, we now have a draft enterprise agreement that we are likely to recommend that members accept: one which provides for decent salaries, decent workloads, and important improvements in [...]

ANU’s got a laser tripod

By 30 October 2013

The Australian National University has the intriguing news that they’ve taken to levitating mirrors like milking stools on three legged lasers:
Physicists from The Australian National University have shown that three lasers are better than one when it comes to levitating small but visible objects on light, designing an extremely precise sensor by floating a [...]

ANU makes the global top 20 for employability

By 29 October 2013

ANU has tweeted a New York Times story on the Global Employability Survey and Canberra’s own ANU has made the top 20.
Beating Cornell, McGill, and the LSE. Nice.

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