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O Week 2013 at ANU

By 11 February 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 11 February 2013 to 17 February 2013. ]

The ANU Students Association have tweeted at us to let us know about their rather slick music video promoting their O-Week activities.

For more detail they’ve got a page.

ANU gets the Tuckwell Scholarship program

By 5 February 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

ANU have published a video explaining their new scholarship program:
The Tuckwell Scholarship program at The Australian National University (ANU) is the most transformational undergraduate program in Australia.
Launched in February 2013, the Scholarship program is funded by a landmark $50-million gift to ANU by alumnus Graham Tuckwell and his wife Louise.
Each year, 25 new [...]

What can I do about a constantly changing uni course?

By 5 February 2013

How do unis keep getting away with it? In any other business, if the seller promised you one thing and then repeatedly delivered something different (or nothing at all), it would be breach of contract.

ANU’s quantum microscope

By 4 February 2013

The Australian National University is letting us know about their latest achievement:
A team of Australian scientists has developed a powerful microscope using the laws of quantum mechanics to probe the inner workings of living cells.
The team, a collaboration between The University of Queensland and the Australian National University, believe their microscope could lead to a [...]

ANU ArtsFest Coming Soon!

By 1 February 2013

[ 12 February 2013 at 12:00 pm; ] ArtsFest, as the name suggests, is an arts festival. But not just that. It is a celebration of student art, music and intellect at the ANU. Tuesday 12th of February at ANU’s Union Court from 12pm – 6pm. There will be a student art exhibition and live music stage with acts [...]

ANU and CIT coming together

By 31 January 2013

In the wake of the failed CIT UC merger push the ANU has announced they’re stepping up cooperation with the tafe:
ANU and CIT already collaborate in the fields of engineering and science, whereby CIT students who have successfully completed CIT Associate Degrees have continued into internationally recognised degree programs offered by ANU.
Under the new [...]

Canberra uprising

By 24 January 2013

For those interested in ending violence against women I note that ANU is hosting a Days One Billion Rising Event:
The Australian National University is proud to host an uprising event in Canberra in support of V Days One Billion Rising Event to stop violence against women. The ANU would like to [...]

Professor Ken Freeman wins the Henry Norris Russell Lectureship

By 24 January 2013

ANU is celebrating another astronomical win:
Professor Ken Freeman from The Australian National University has been awarded the American Astronomical Society’s top prize.
The prestigious Henry Norris Russell Lectureship was awarded to Professor Freeman in recognition of a lifetime of seminal contributions to astronomy, including his work on the structure and dynamics of our Galaxy and [...]

More prizes for ANU researchers

By 16 January 2013

The Australian National University is letting us know they’ve won another swag of prestigious awards:
The Australian Academy of Science announced the 2013 winners of its annual awards for scientific excellence today.

The ANU recipients and their awards are:
– Professor Kenneth Freeman FAA FRS, Career research award– Matthew Flinders Medal and Lecture for scientific research of the [...]

Big local impact from bushfire at Siding Springs Observatory

By 16 January 2013

Although it’s a long way from Canberra, the bushfire that tore through the Warrumbungle Mountains, Coonabarabran, on Sunday night is having a significant effect on a lot of Canberra people. Siding Springs became Australia’s premier visual astronomy observatory site after the decision not to rebuild Mount Stromlo Observatory, destroyed in the January 2003 bushfire.

It appears [...]

ANU links ice to psychosis

By 10 January 2013

The Australian National University is sharing the fruits of their research into methamphetamine:
Dr Rebecca McKetin, of the Centre for Research on Ageing, Health and Wellbeing in the ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, and colleagues tracked 278 methamphetamine – commonly known as ice – users over several years and found a clear dose-related [...]

Gareth Evans gets another three years as Chancellor at ANU

By 18 December 2012

The Australian National University has let it be known that former Labor Foreign Minister Gareth Evans will continue as the Chancellor.
Vice-Chancellor Ian Young AO said:
“I am very pleased that ANU Council has approved the renewed term, and that Professor Evans has agreed to continue to serve us as Chancellor.
“Professor Evans makes an invaluable contribution to [...]

Time lapse of supercomputer construction

By 13 December 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

If you like your iron big and local (and really who doesn’t) then this video posted by NCINationalFacility is for you:
The Fujitsu Primergy cluster high-performance supercomputer was constructed at the National Computational Infrastructure in late 2012. Located at The Australian National University, the machine has:
57,000 cores = 15,000 home PC’s
160 terabytes of RAM = [...]

Vietnamese language classes

By 11 December 2012

Vietnamese language course..beginner 1 level at ANU

Public Lecture: Feminist scholarship and the public realm 1970-2012

By 10 December 2012

We are familiar with the story of feminist gains and losses in Australia over the last 40 years – the equal opportunity and reproductive health struggles, the triumphs and tribulations of the femocrats, the advance and retreat of gender equity in school systems, and more. In most of these struggles feminist research has played an [...]

$125k of compulsory student fees taken

By 7 December 2012

The ANU’s Woroni has detailed just how much loot a former ANU student has drained out of student association funds.
The Canberra Times has gone further and apparently the former student’s wealthy family is talking about paying back the bare minimum to make this all go away.
And the higher ups on campus are taking an intriguing [...]

ANU research kicking goals

By 6 December 2012

The Australian National University is revelling in some very good assessments of its all important research work:
The Australian National University has scored the top mark in the Commonwealth Government’s major research quality measure in 63 per cent of fields assessed, up from 52 per cent in 2010.
Over 89 per cent of disciplines assessed for ANU [...]

Bill Gammage wins ACT Book of the Year

By 5 December 2012

Joy Burch has announced that ANU’s Bill Gammage has won ACT Book of the Year for his book The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines made Australia.
This must be a relief for all concerned as it has already won The Prime Minister’s Literary Prize for Australian History and the Victorian prize for literature.
“It is my [...]

Terence Maloon taking over at the Drill Hall Gallery

By 4 December 2012

The ANU has announced the Drill Hall Gallery has snagged Terence Maloon, former Senior Curator of Special Exhibitions at the Art Gallery of New South Wales to run the Drill Hall Gallery and the significant ANU Art Collection:
ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Young AO said that Mr Maloon’s extensive experience as a curator, writer and [...]

ANU offering an extension diploma to the best and brightest year 11 and 12s

By 3 December 2012

The ANU has the big news about their plans for an extension diploma for chosen year 11 and 12 students:
The ACT region’s best and brightest senior secondary students will get a head start on university study with the launch of the ANU Extension Diploma of Advanced Studies today.
Year 11 and 12 students will be [...]

Final Australia and Europe in conversation

By 3 December 2012

50 years ago, in March 1962, Sir Edwin McCarthy took up his position as the first Australian Ambassador to the EU. Since then EU-Australia relations have had their ups and downs but today the relationship is broader, deeper and stronger than ever – but many challenges lie ahead.
Every month this year, two or three Ambassadors [...]

Green-on-blue attacks in Afghanistan: causes and implications

By 2 December 2012

“Green-on-blue” attacks are attacks by members of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) on usually unsuspecting members of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), including Australians. Green-on-blue deaths have been increasing each year in Afghanistan over the past four years. During 2012 to the end of November, 16 percent of ISAF deaths in Afghanistan have [...]

Australia and Europe in conversation – number 10

By 26 November 2012

50 years ago, in March 1962, Sir Edwin McCarthy took up his position as the first Australian Ambassador to the EU. Since then EU-Australia relations have had their ups and downs but today the relationship is broader, deeper and stronger than ever – but many challenges lie ahead.
Every month this year, two or three Ambassadors [...]

Attempted rape at ANU. Possibly part of a series

By 23 November 2012

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an indecent assault which occurred last night (Thursday, November 22) in Acton.
At about 9.40pm, a 20-year-old woman was walking along Daley Road when a man approached her from behind, restraining her with both arms and pinned her against a wall. The man attempted to indecently assault the woman. [...]

Blow up the humanities? A British perspective on university futures

By 23 November 2012

In Blow Up The Humanities, Professor Toby Miller has provocatively outlined an argument for a new model of humanities teaching and scholarship that will address the social, cultural and economic crises it faces. In England, the newly formed Council for the Defence of British Universities argues the university system is being deliberately designed to subordinate everything [...]

ANU gets a big bag of Harold Mitchell’s money

By 22 November 2012

ANU is celebrating a $2.5 million donation to their Development Policy Centre in the Crawford School of Public Policy.
ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Young said the generous gift from the Harold Mitchell Foundation would allow the Centre to continue its important work, and announced that the University would match the gift, bringing the total value of [...]

Don’t blame Maccas for your fat kid

By 22 November 2012

The ANU has the bad news for parents that physical activity has more to do with childhood obesity than what they eat.
So blaming junk food advertising isn’t going to cut it.
Lead researcher Professor Richard Telford from the ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment and the Clinical Trials Unit at The Canberra Hospital said the [...]

Look on my works ye mighty

By 20 November 2012

A fortnight ago we thrilled to the promotion of the ANUS Burger at ANU.
We can report it’s now just a beef burger.

Sic transit gloria mundi.

Centre of Gravity Series launch and public lecture

By 19 November 2012

[ 21 November 2012 at 5:30 pm; ] On November 21, The Strategic and Defence Studies Centre (SDSC) will launch its new policy paper series: The Centre of Gravity (COG) Series. The Series will launch with a public lecture by Rory Medcalf, of the Lowy Institute for International Policy. Rory is author of the first paper in the Series, Pivoting the Map of Asia: An Indo-Pacific [...]

Rule of Law, Democracy, and the Ombudsman

By 19 November 2012

[ 22 November 2012 at 4:00 pm; ] The origins and development of the ombudsman institution are outlined and the significance of the ombudsman is addressed from the perspective of two parameters, democracy and rule of law, that form and shape both the context in which the institution  functions and its ability to serve citizens effectively. The contribution of the ombudsman institution to [...]

Australia’s most powerful supercomputer at ANU

By 13 November 2012

The Australian National University is celebrating their new big iron sweeping to the top of the Australian charts:
The National Computational Infrastructure’s new Fujitsu Primergy Supercomputer has debuted at number one in Australia, and number 24 in the world on the TOP500 list of best supercomputers, released overnight.
The result, announced at SC12, an annual Supercomputing Conference [...]

Women in science: from high school expectations to academic career

By 13 November 2012

It may appear that women have reached parity with or even surpassed men with regard to their engagement in science education and employment. However, recent research, which the speakers will present and discuss, documents persistent gender differences not only in academic science careers but also in high school science subject choices and science-related adolescent career [...]

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