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Public Lecture: The nature of time

By 6 October 2012

When: Thursday 11 October, 6-7pm
Where: The Finkel Lecture Theatre, The John Curtin School of Medical Research, Garran Road, The Australian National University
Free and open to the public
We exist in a temporal universe. On a day-to-day basis, time is a concept familiar to us for it affects all aspects of everybody’s life. Despite this, and [...]

A Swedish Affair at the School of music

By 5 October 2012

[ 11 October 2012 at 7:30 pm; ] A Swedish Affair – featuring The Song Company and the ANU School of Music Chamber Choir.

Music by Grieg, Grainger, Nysted, Rautavaara, Jennefelt, Wikander and others.

As part of the 2012 HC Coombs Fellowship, The Song Company joins forces with the ANU School of Music Chamber Choir in presenting an exquisite selection of music from a continent [...]

ANU thrilled with latest rankings results

By 4 October 2012

The Australian National University is making sure we all know they’ve done well in the Time Higher Education World University Rankings:
ANU has continued to perform strongly against universities around the world rising one place from last year to 37th in the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings released overnight.
The result confirms the University’s [...]

Public Lecture: Planetary Geology for Begineers

By 1 October 2012

To celebrate World Space Week, the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics and Mars Society Australia proudly presents…
Presenter: Dr. Jonathan Clarke – Australian Centre for Astrobiology & President, Mars Society Australia
Date: Thursday 4 October 2012 at 6:30pm
Location: RSPE Seminar Room, Oliphant Building #60, Research School of Physics & Engineering, Mills Road, The [...]

Public Lecture – The changing face of the Himalayas: Finding opportunities amidst uncertainties

By 1 October 2012

When: Friday 5 October 2012, 12-1pm
Where: Hedley Bull Lecture Theatre 1, Building 130, corner Liversidge Street and Garran Road, The Australian National University, Canberra
Rapid changes present development challenges in the Himalayan region. The frequency of floods and droughts seems to be on the rise, as is the demand for water, food and energy. In the [...]

Parking ANU style

By 28 September 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Chris ensured ANU is not neglected in our study of the parking habits of Canberrans:
After having a little giggle viewing recent “Parking ….. Style” pictures, i decided to share one that i came across in student parking at the ANU.
If there was one requirement of entrance for study at the ANU, it should be the [...]

Katy promises more cancer treatment and reserach

By 24 September 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher has announced another bung for cancer issues:
If re-elected ACT Labor will invest almost $20 million to provide more cancer outpatient services, employ more doctors and nurses, expand lymphoedema services and support ANU cancer research.

ANU number one in Australia in latest rankings

By 14 September 2012

The Australian National University is celebrating the lastest QS World University rankings:
ANU continues to climb through the ranks of global universities, rising to 24th in the world according to the QS World University rankings released this week.
Two places up from last year, and the best result for an Australian university, the ranking is the [...]

Katy’s plan for cancer research

By 12 September 2012

Another day, another aspirational policy from Chief Minister Gallagher.
Today we’re going to tackle cancer:
if re-elected ACT Labor will partner with the ANU to provide $1.5 million to support the establishment of high profile Centenary Chair in Cancer Research at JCSMR [John Curtin School of Medical Research].
The Chair will be closely linked with the Canberra Region [...]

Chris Goodnow gets a GlaxoSmithKline Award

By 12 September 2012

ANU is letting us know about another prize win:
Professor Chris Goodnow has claimed the prestigious GlaxoSmithKline Award for Research Excellence for his pioneering work on autoimmune diseases. The prize includes $80,000 research funding.
The funding will allow Professor Goodnow from The John Curtin School of Medical Research to test a controversial theory, that autoimmune [...]

Kurt Lambek wins the Balzan Prize for his climate science work

By 11 September 2012

ANU is celebrating the award of the very big Balzan Prize to their Professor Kurt Lambek:
Professor Lambek, from the Research School of Earth Sciences in the ANU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, has won more than $750,000 for his exceptional contribution to the understanding of the relationship between post-glacial rebound and sea level [...]

Researchers get the low down on female genital cosmetic surgery.

By 10 September 2012

This just in:
Female genital cosmetic surgery: what do women think about it?
Two researchers from the University of Melbourne and ANU are about to find out.
The project is called Vulvatalk and the researchers are currently recruiting participants through social network giant, Facebook. This is the first major research project to actively seek out Australian women’s opinions [...]

Regional Reactions to the Rise of Brazil – Latin America and the Shifting Sands of Global Power, 2012

By 5 September 2012

Australian National Centre for Latin American Studies (ANCLAS) second conference:
Regional Reactions to the Rise of Brazil -
Latin America and the Shifting Sands of Global Power, 2012
Wednesday 12 September and Thursday 13 September
All Day Event
9:30am – 6:00pmThe Haydon-Allen Lecture Theatre (The Tank)
Australian National University
Brazil has risen. Whether through discussions of the BRIC emerging market countries in [...]

ANU boffins take quantum entanglement to 8bit

By 30 August 2012

The ANU is understandably chuffed that they’re able to entangle eight modes of light within a single laser beam (beating the 2011 record of four modes per beam):
Mr Seiji Armstrong, a PhD researcher from the Department of Quantum Science in the ANU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, has led a team which has [...]

Bimblebox documentary – in Canberra 8 Sep 12

By 30 August 2012

Looking for something to do on Saturday 8 Sep? Well, look no more! The informative documentary Bimblebox is showing at the Haydon-Allen Lecture Theatre (“the Tank”) at ANU from 5pm to 7pm, and it’s free!
Get along to hear about the effects of coal mining, and how it can threaten even Nature Reserves like Bimblebox.

Art School Ball 2012

By 28 August 2012

[ 6 October 2012 6:30 pm to 7 October 2012 1:30 am. ] get pure.

Explosion at ANU

By 23 August 2012

ACT Fire & Rescue on scene at the Cockcroft / John Carver Building at the Australian National University, Acton after a lead acid battery explosion.
No fire, however smoke and fumes from the battery explosion activated an Automatic Fire Alarm at 10.36am.
The battery was a uninterrupted power supply battery system, which was stored in the [...]

ANU ranked 64th in the world. Making it second best in Australia

By 15 August 2012

The Shanghai Ranking Academic Ranking of World Universities is out and it’s not pretty reading for Australia.
The US and UK dominate with Japan, Switzerland, Canada and France getting smattering of entries in the top 40.
Melbourne University get in at 57, and then our ANU makes 64.
Barely scraping into the top 100 are the Universities of [...]

ANU combining Masters with Bachelor degrees for “vertical” double degrees

By 8 August 2012

ANU’s Vice-Chancellor Ian Young has blogged an explanation of new “vertical” degrees:
The new degree will mean students can get a bachelor and masters degree in reduced time, complete several masters subjects in a bachelor degree, and graduate from two degrees that will set them up for life.
Forty per cent of ANU students already take [...]

John Curtin School of Medical Research Open Day

By 7 August 2012

[ 25 August 2012 at 12:00 am; ]

This just in:

The John Curtin School of Medical Research will open its doors to the public from 12noon – 4pm on Saturday 25 August as part of ANU Open Day.

The School continues a 60 year tradition of excellence in fields of medical research.

Join us on Open Day to see displays & demonstrations set up in [...]

ANU’s Howard Morphy wins the Huxley Medal

By 1 August 2012

The ANU has announced their Professor Howard Morphy has won the Royal Anthropological Institute’s Huxley Medal:
The international award is the highest honour bestowed by the prestigious British institute. The award was established in 1900 in memory of Thomas Henry Huxley – the celebrated English biologist and advocate of Darwinian evolution theory – and is [...]

Historic Dance @ANU

By 1 August 2012

Not many things go down in price these days, but our Saturday afternoon ANU Sport and Recreation Centre’s ‘Dancing Through The Ages’ has! Even though its 2½ hours of entertainment, the fee for the upcoming semester has gone down to match the fees for the SRC’s 1 hour courses … making it just fantastic [...]

Cultural History of Climate Change conference at ANU – 27-28 August 2012

By 29 July 2012

[ 27 August 2012 to 28 August 2012. ] Here’s the stonking line-up:

Timothy Morton, This Is Not My Beautiful Biosphere
Nick Mansfield, Deconstructing the Sovereignty of the Earth: Bataille, Derrida and the Natural Politics of Climate Change
Elaine Kelly, Dwelling in the Future
Linda Williams, The ‘Little Ice Age’ and the 18th Century European concept of the Sublime
Angi Buettner, From Climate Change to Cultural Change: How to [...]

Peter Tregear takes up the poisoned challice at the School of Music


ANU Vice Chancellor Young has announced that Dr Peter Tregear is going to take over as head of the troubled School of Music.
Dr Tregear has extensive international experience as a researcher, teacher, and academic administrator in music education, both in the UK and Australia. He is a graduate of the University of Melbourne, and King’s [...]

Oxygen thief or future Canberra Art Prize winner?


Saw this at the ANU. I hope the tax payer is not footing the bill for this degree…
[Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .]

ANU disappoints on Universe Discovery

By 10 July 2012

When I saw ANU running the headline “Researcher on cloud nine over universe discovery” I was pretty excited.
Had the quantum researchers discovered a universe? Or the astronomers?
Either way it would have trumped the Higgs Boson malarky coming out of Switzerland quite handily.
Sadly it turns out they’ve been looking at dwarf galaxies which, like a [...]

ANU’s Xi Yang takes a Google Fellowship

By 10 July 2012

The ANU is proudly reporting that the College of Engineering and Computer Science’s Xi Yang has been awarded a Google PhD Fellowship:
Research student Xi Yang has received a Google PhD Fellowship, one of only three awarded in Australia and 40 worldwide.
Mr Yang, of the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS), is working in [...]

MoodGYM and Bluepages good for more than just depression

By 2 July 2012

ANU is letting it be known that their MoodGYM and BluePages depression treatment websites are actually working and also help with drinking.
Dr Lou Farrer, from the ANU Centre for Mental Health Research, part of the ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, trialled the effectiveness of online programs MoodGYM and BluePages with users of Lifeline’s [...]

Ross Taylor gets lunar award!

By 26 June 2012

ANU is celebrating the awarding of NASA’s Shoemaker Distinguished Lunar Scientist Award to their Professor Ross Taylor.
Professor Taylor of the Research School of Earth Sciences (RSES) said he was delighted to receive the award.
“What it tells you is that you’re actually on the right track. I’m particularly honoured because I knew Gene Shoemaker quite [...]

Ian Young caught on camera having his way with the school of music


Every now and then YouTube throws up a gem which must be shared.
Here in the Eagle’s Nest we feel the video could have been further improved with 5 litres of petrol and a match!

The Influence of Mood on Self Report Questionnaires

By 15 June 2012

Feeling blue? Call for people experiencing depressed mood to partake in research project
Researchers at the Australian National University are examining the reliability of assessment methods commonly used in clinical and research settings. This research specifically focuses on self-report questionnaires. Although these questionnaires are relatively easy to administer there is no research examining how variables, [...]

Petascale supercomputing coming to ANU

By 15 June 2012

The Australian National University has announced they’re building a new supercomputer:
The door to the petascale era is being opened for critical Australian research in climate change, the environment, and a host of other areas. This transformational change comes with ANU signing an agreement with Fujitsu to build and install a 1.2 Petaflop supercomputer—the most [...]

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