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ANU’s Xi Yang takes a Google Fellowship

By 10 July 2012

The ANU is proudly reporting that the College of Engineering and Computer Science’s Xi Yang has been awarded a Google PhD Fellowship:
Research student Xi Yang has received a Google PhD Fellowship, one of only three awarded in Australia and 40 worldwide.
Mr Yang, of the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS), is working in [...]

MoodGYM and Bluepages good for more than just depression

By 2 July 2012

ANU is letting it be known that their MoodGYM and BluePages depression treatment websites are actually working and also help with drinking.
Dr Lou Farrer, from the ANU Centre for Mental Health Research, part of the ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, trialled the effectiveness of online programs MoodGYM and BluePages with users of Lifeline’s [...]

Ross Taylor gets lunar award!

By 26 June 2012

ANU is celebrating the awarding of NASA’s Shoemaker Distinguished Lunar Scientist Award to their Professor Ross Taylor.
Professor Taylor of the Research School of Earth Sciences (RSES) said he was delighted to receive the award.
“What it tells you is that you’re actually on the right track. I’m particularly honoured because I knew Gene Shoemaker quite [...]

Ian Young caught on camera having his way with the school of music


Every now and then YouTube throws up a gem which must be shared.
Here in the Eagle’s Nest we feel the video could have been further improved with 5 litres of petrol and a match!

The Influence of Mood on Self Report Questionnaires

By 15 June 2012

Feeling blue? Call for people experiencing depressed mood to partake in research project
Researchers at the Australian National University are examining the reliability of assessment methods commonly used in clinical and research settings. This research specifically focuses on self-report questionnaires. Although these questionnaires are relatively easy to administer there is no research examining how variables, [...]

Petascale supercomputing coming to ANU

By 15 June 2012

The Australian National University has announced they’re building a new supercomputer:
The door to the petascale era is being opened for critical Australian research in climate change, the environment, and a host of other areas. This transformational change comes with ANU signing an agreement with Fujitsu to build and install a 1.2 Petaflop supercomputer—the most [...]

School of Music announcement

By 15 June 2012

The troops have been summonsed to hear what ANU Vice Chancellor Ian Young is going to do to the School of Music.
Here’s what’s coming out of the meeting on Twitter:

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RETRACTED – NUS gets heavy with alleged ANUSA fraud

By 7 June 2012

The National Union of Students ACT Branch is looking very concerned by this morning’s allegations of missing funds from the ANU Student Association.
The National Union of Students ACT Branch has demanded the ANU Students’ Association call a crisis general meeting after its funds were allegedly stolen.
Up to $60,000 is known to be missing from the [...]

The fuzz called in over ANU association funds

By 7 June 2012

News has come to light about an “incident” involving the theft of student association funds at ANU. A joint statement from ANU Students’ Association and ANU Student Media has stated the matter has been referred to Police for investigation but offered no further comment.
The Canberra Times though is reporting an amount up to $60,000 [...]

Kurt Lambeck and Greg Stuart amongst Australia’s most influential researchers

By 5 June 2012

ANU are very excited that two of their own have been listed amongst the most influential researchers in Australia:
Professor Kurt Lambeck of the Research School of Earth Sciences and Professor Greg Stuart, Head of the Department of Neuroscience at The John Curtain School of Medical Research, were announced as recipients of the 2012 Thomson [...]

Manhattan School of Music unleashes the truth of ANU School of Music plans

By 27 May 2012

Enjoy the following:
To whom it may concern,
I would like to bring to your attention an email recently received in response to an ANU student’s recent query to the Manhattan School of Music, regarding the proposed changes to the ANU School of Music. Please find below a very interesting reply received from Ms Majorie Merryman, Vice [...]

ANU Council fires up the SoM chainsaw

By 25 May 2012

The ANU’s Chancellor Gareth Evans has announced he’s all for the gutting of the School of Music but would be keen on getting his hands on some loot if anyone wants to pony it up.
ANU Council today fully discussed the proposed changes at the ANU School of Music.
Council expressed its full support for the [...]

The great and the good line up to lobby for the School of Music

By 23 May 2012

We’ve been sent an open letter by eminent Australians to the Chancellor of the Australian National University Gareth Evans.
The purpose of this letter is to express support for the continuation of the current School of Music at the ANU, one of Australia’s most highly regarded conservatoriums and musicological institutions.
As you are aware, the university proposes [...]

You are the raw material. Images of Canberra


As seen at ANU today by a friend.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .

Canberra Times report “patently untrue” according to the CSO

By 22 May 2012

The Canberra Symphony Orchestra is mightily displeased with Canberra’s dead tree daily:
On Friday 18 May 2012, an article appeared in The Canberra Times (“Music School thrown a life-line”, p1) that implied the CSO is seeking to be part of a consortium with the ANU and the Chamber of Commerce to support the ANU’s deficient new [...]

Quantum computing at ANU. Already knowing the answer helps

By 18 May 2012

The ANU informs us of progress by Dr André Carvalho, from the ARC Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology and the Research School of Physics and Engineering, in the terrifying world of quantum computing by embracing noise.
“Most people have experienced some kind of computer error in their life – a file that doesn’t open, [...]

Your day-to-day life in the ACT – Online survey with great prizes

By 18 May 2012

On-line survey about Canberrans’ daily lives is open 16th-31st May. It is funded by ACT Health and has a big prize draw of 3 iPads and 43 gift vouchers.

Threatening to knife the baby pays off for the ANU as the business wallets open for the school of music

By 18 May 2012

The ABC reports that the Chamber of Commerce is having a whip around to fund the School of Music.
The Australian National University has now announced a reversal of its decision to cut in half one-on-one tuition, though it is sticking by its plan to cut 10 jobs.
Vice-chancellor Ian Young says discussions are underway with the [...]

A letter from the CSO. Re: The School of Music

By 17 May 2012

This in from the Canberra Symphony Orchestra:
Within the cultural circles of Canberra and beyond, the current crisis between the ANU and the School of Music has raised intense emotions which reflect the deep passion held for music and cultural engagement in our nation’s capital. Throughout these past two weeks (which embraced the rehearsals and performances [...]

Ian Young holds forth once more on the School of Music

By 16 May 2012

ANU Vice Chancellor Ian Young has stuck his head over the parapet to make the case again for what they’re trying to do at the School of Music.
A lot has been said and written about the proposed changes to the ANU School of Music over past weeks.
Much of the talk has revealed the passion our [...]

Pictures from the School of Music protest


Orangedrummaboy has sent in pictures from today’s protest in defence of the School of Music and these words:
The usual quiet of the ANU campus was intruded upon by a large, loud though peaceful march, protesting the cuts proposed for the School of Music.
After meeting in Union Court for music and speeches of solidarity, the [...]

Adrian Walter off on stress leave from the School of Music

By 10 May 2012

The ABC reports that Professor Adrian Walter, presiding over the stricken ANU School of Music, has gone on indefinite leave but ominously has the Vice-Chancellor’s “full support”.
Professor Young says the decision for Professor Walter to take indefinite leave was unexpected.
“Adrian Walter has been under enormous pressure,” he said.
“At a meeting not with me, but [...]

Analysis of the School of Music funding cuts


We’ve had these thoughts sent in by an informed reader who chooses to remain anonymous. The potential concern about the audit performance of the School of Music is certainly food for thought.
The announcement of job cuts and program changes at the ANU School of Music last week was viewed as a drastic turn of events [...]

School of Music knifing complete on YouTube

By 4 May 2012

If you’ve got a spare half hour you can enjoy the complete spin package surrounding sacking all the staff at the School of Music. ANU’s posted the press conference to YouTube with this note:
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor Marnie Hughes-Warrington and Head of the ANU School of Music Professor Adrian Walter give this press conference on [...]

No ANU climate scientists actually got a death threat

By 3 May 2012

The Australian brings news that the privacy commissioner has been through the emails sent to ANU’s climate scientists and found they don’t actually contain a death threat.
Timothy Pilgrim was called in to adjudicate on a Freedom of Information application in relation to Fairfax and ABC reports last June alleging that Australian National University climate [...]

The axe swings on the School of Music

By 3 May 2012

“All academic and general staff positions in the School of Music will be declared vacant”
This in from a source. It starts out sounding all flexible and modern and then BAM, you’re all sacked.

UPDATE 03/05/12 12:05: We now have the staff email:
[Staff.all] ANU School of Music [] on behalf of VC []
Sent: Thursday, [...]

Ian Young backflips on on ANU cuts

By 1 May 2012

The ABC reports that ANU is going to take a more gradual approach to trimming the fat.
In an email to staff this afternoon, Professor Young conceded the timeline for the savings had been ambitious.
He said any forced redundancies would now only come as a last resort.
“It is likely that this process will result in significant [...]

Why are we only interested in aliens we can have sex with?


ANU’s published their thoughts on the finding of “habitable planets” in other solar systems:
“Determining whether these planets are habitable has become the new holy grail of astronomy,” said planetary scientist Dr Charley Lineweaver, lead author of the study.
“The new-found abundance of planets, combined with the much larger range of inhabited terrestrial environments suggests that habitable [...]

Autumn Images Part 6


Geoff from Lushpup has taken photographic fiddling to new dizzy heights with this beautiful shot which he explains thusly:
This is what happens when you put your fisheye on the ground looking up and carefully balance a polarising filter (that’s too small for the lens) on top.
Taken in the ANU down near Sullivan’s Creek. [...]

Brian Schmidt and Hugh O’Neill elected to the Royal Society

By 24 April 2012

ANU’s acting VC Lawrence Cram has announced that Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Schmidt and Professor Hugh O’Neill, Associate Director of the Research School of Earth Sciences have received the rare honour of election to the Royal Society:
Professor Cram said: “Election to the Royal Society is the gold standard in the sciences and a testament [...]

Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss in conversation at ANU


ANU has published to YouTube an hour and a half of Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Kraus in conversation here in Canberra with this lengthy note:
Critically-acclaimed author and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and world-renowned theoretical physicist and author Lawrence Krauss discuss biology, cosmology, religion, and a host of other topics at this event entitled ‘Something [...]

The Chancellor of Vice on cost cutting at ANU

By 17 April 2012

Woroni’s brave satirisation of Vice-Chancellor Ian Young has had another outing to explain the planned cuts saying in part:
As part of the draft discussion paper released to ANU staff today, it is proposed that the $40 million figure be reached by a combination of sub-prime loans, drug-dealing and jewel heists to be planned and executed [...]

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