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Need a builder in Gungahlin?

By 22 June 2012

Hi Guys,
I Need a builder in Gungahlin
Does anyone have any feedback or opinions from their experiences???

Life after Flatheads?

By 22 June 2012

With the Squirrell squeezing the life out of the O’Connor shops, I am hoping someone can point me in the direction of great fish and chips since Flatheads closed last week.

Driving an unregistered car

By 21 June 2012

Hi RiotACT,
I need to take my new car for an inspection so I can get registration, it’s a Toyota Landcruiser.
Unfortunantly I need to drive it to a workshop to get it checked out to make sure it’s roadworthy, as it’s over 6 years old.
Do you require an unregistered vehicle permit to drive a car to [...]

Recommend a good insurance lawyer?

By 20 June 2012

Hi everyone – I know this is a tricky area, so I appreciate it if no-one wants to stick their neck out.
I’m looking for a decent lawyer who handles insurance cases, preferably landlords insurance/body corporate issues. 
Let’s just say it involves a body corporate and tree roots.
Yellow pages is no real help and [...]

Recommend a doctor for the autism spectrum in Canberra?

By 20 June 2012

Hi, my 17 year old son has recently been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and is suffering anxiety and depression and may have to go on medication.
Can anybody recommend a good doctor on the southside that has experience working with teenagers on the autism spectrum?

Has anyone managed to rescind from a LDA land contract??

By 19 June 2012

I am trying to get out of a Land Development Agency contract though it isnt very easy!!
Can anyone advise?

TPG – Internet service provider

By 19 June 2012

I live in Canberras south and currently use TPG as my internet service provider. I have been with TPG since 2005 and have found them to be a great provider as far as speeds/quotas/pricing is concerned. My gripe is that over the past 6 or so months my ADSL2+ speeds have dramatically been slowing down and now are [...]

Where to get stargazing equipment and advice in Canberra?

By 19 June 2012

My kids are obsessed with all things astronomical at the moment, and I’d like to look into getting some basic gear to enable them (and me for that matter) to do a bit of stargazing.
Anyone know where I can pick up some basic equipment, and, more to the point, get some advice from someone [...]

Cycle mapping for Canberra?

By 19 June 2012

Does anyone know if there is a Canberra/Queanbeyan map or route planner for cyclists?
The ACT Government doesn’t seem to produce a printed one any more and I don’t find that their on line one is very user friendly or easy to print.
I’ve searched RA and sites such as Pedal Power without much success. Also Google [...]

Strata manager recommendations in Canberra?

By 19 June 2012

Looking for suggestions for a new strata manager.
For a change, one that wants to do something other than collect levies.

Looking for small office space

By 18 June 2012

Hey all,
We’ve been on the hunt for office space for awhile now, and it is amazingly difficult or expensive here in Canberra.
Do any of you know of a small office space to rent with 24/7 hour access?
All we are looking for is a small room to fit two people in, preferably in the [...]

Tree stump removal in Canberra?

By 18 June 2012

Hi everyone, I have several unsightly tree stumps that were cut back too high – by the previous owner – to grind.  They’re starting to rot and are generally in a bad state, so I want rid before the white ants find them.
Setting fire to them seems a simple solution – no I’m not mad.   [...]

Tradies insurance for apprentice in Canberra?

By 16 June 2012

Seeking advice on insurance for carpentry apprentice.

Any suggested oral surgeon for mucocele?

By 15 June 2012

I know that I can gargle salt water and hopefully it will pop out by itself, but worst-case scenario, can anybody suggest an affordable and trust-worthy oral surgeon who can remove this?
It’s the second time it happened to me, but I got the first one removed overseas and I am not going anywhere until [...]

A pane in the lungs? Asbestos testing Catch 22


Mr Poetix closed a window over-vigorously, and it cracked. Time for new glass.
Problem; our house was built in the 1950s, and according to the window people, the putty around the glass may contain asbestos. This needs to be tested before they will replace the glass. Fair enough. I don’t want anyone [...]

Good places in the City to have a private function?

By 12 June 2012

Hey rioters,
I’m looking for a good Bar/Club/Lounge in the City for a smallish function (<50 people).
I was thinking “1927″ but supposedly they’ve changed their name and I can’t find any details on them.

New fish shop at Cooleman court

By 12 June 2012

Anyone know whats the go?
They are claiming frsh seafood, but every fish shop in canberra is pretty old fish.
Anyone been yet?

Drunk and disorderly

By 12 June 2012

Hi all,
What are the specific laws/fines relating to drunk and disorderly behaviour in public spaces, in the ACT?
Also, how strictly are they imposed? Is it common for police to be called, say at a shopping centre, or even to some main street in the town centre, to fine/lockup drunks who are acting a bit silly?
Was [...]

Where to buy chicory root in Canberra?

By 12 June 2012

What the title says, I’m wondering if anyone knows where I can find chicory root for sale.

Pizza Hut Gungahlin, Closed for good??

By 7 June 2012

Anyone know what the go is with Pizza Hut Gungahlin?
Been shut now for almost a week, with no notices (although I have not checked tonight).
Not a big deal, just interested whether they were closed down due to poor service (especially in the last few months).
The only sign on the door was telling customers to go [...]

Recommendations for a publicist please.

By 7 June 2012

Can anyone recommend a great Publicist to assist with the release of a report into inappropriate behaviour in the workplace?
We are a Canberra based National Mental Health organisation which is currently involved in a National Mental Health Initiative.
Any suggestions would be great, Small budgets require great publicists!

Land Rent in Canberra, pros and cons?

By 7 June 2012

G’day fellow rioters.
In an appeal the the hivemind, I’m after experiences and views on the Land Rent scheme. My wife and I are looking at buying in the near future and we’re trying to get a grasp on our options. Ideally, we would like an existing property, but given that some house/land packages [...]

Authentic Italian restaurant??

By 6 June 2012

I would be very grateful for some advice on authentic and delicious Italian restaurants in Canberra. 
Looking forward to hearing about some less-known trattorias -Thanks in advance!!

Sports & Stars Westfield Belconnen?

By 6 June 2012

Does anyone know what happened to Sports & Stars Sporting Memorabilia Store that were on the lower level of Westfield Belconnen?
Apparently they were there last Friday and come Saturday morning they weren’t.
Centre Management don’t even seem to know where / why they left.  
They have just done a runner.  
Not sure how [...]

Public Liability Insurance

By 5 June 2012

Having recently become an owner/occupier of a unit in Bruce, I have come accross this guide to body corporate kindly provided by Independent Property Group.
I note in the Insurance section the following guidance: “as a safeguard it is strongly advisable to take out a public liability policy for the inside of the unit”
Is it to [...]

Murrumbateman Families – Where do you send the kids for Primary School?

By 5 June 2012

We are currently considering a move from Sydney to the Murrumbateman area with our 2 small boys. The eldest is due to start school next year and I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice as to where would be best to send him?
I’d rather not fork out for private school at this [...]

Kangaroo tastes better?

By 4 June 2012

All this talk of kangaroo culls and side discussion of eating kangaroo has got me hungry for some roo.  I didn’t want to hijack the original thread about the right and wrong of culling but I do have a question.
When I were a lad and we would go camping, we’d often shoot a roo and [...]

Prefab sheds in Canberra?

By 4 June 2012

I want to build a shed/studio in my back yard and I think that some kind of prefab structure’s probably the way to go. Googling “Canberra prefab buildings” doesn’t help much.
Canberra Outdoor Structures looks promising but the site only has links to PDFs that never seem to download.
Goulburn Yurtworks has some nice stuff, but I’d [...]

Identity “Theft” Advice in Canberra?

By 4 June 2012

My friend has done the old identity scam where you get your friend’s identification (non-photographic) and apply for a new 18+ card. He has now been caught with the I.D. His friend was fully consensual in supplying him with his identity. 
I’m just wondering if anyone knows what  the legislation is regarding this and the penalties [...]

Real Estate ads – magic or deceptive?

By 4 June 2012

Hey rioters,  have a look at these Allhomes photos for the following properties.  Notice anything unusual?  Such as the same “fire” photoshopping its way into each fireplace?
24 Dugan Street Deakin 2600  Lounge room photo
104 Mugga Way Red Hill 2603, Lounge room photo
6 Fitzroy Street Forrest 2603, Lounge to Family.
This one’s good:  there’s nobody home and [...]

Need a tiny bit of welding done in Canberra?

By 4 June 2012

I have been restoring an old cabinet and I had to replace the handle, now I have a new glass handle with a brass collar but I need to weld it to the screw thread which the door catch attaches too.
It’s an extremely small job, it only involves welding an outer circle of brass [...]

Bulk mailout companies in ACT, any recommendations?

By 2 June 2012

My work do bulk mailouts of publications (think skinny magazine similar to City News) several times a year.
At the moment it is handled in-house with us supplying the stationery and casual labour hired to stuff envelopes it but I was thinking it might be better to use a mailing company to do it instead. 
Has anyone got [...]

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