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Acting classes/lessons in Canberra?

By 3 December 2012

Hi everyone,
I realise that I may provoke some teasing for this request (suffer slings and arrows, perhaps), but does anyone know of a good way to learn how to act here in Canberra?
I’m a middle-aged chap transitioning to retirement and am looking for meaningful things to do for the next 40 years. I’ve no experience [...]

Joining a union in the APS?

By 30 November 2012

Hi all,
Sometime in the very near future, I will be joining one of the larger Federal Government departments in an EL1 role. I’ve only ever worked in the private sector, so it’s going to be a bit of a culture shock, I’m sure.
A question for those in the know – is joining a union compulsory? [...]

What bird is that?

By 30 November 2012

For some time now we have had a bird with a curious call which I can only describe as a two tone  coo – eee, repetitive and penetrating. 
It kicks off at about 4.30 am. and continues through the day. 
Can anyone please identify?

Where to nerf out in Canberra?

By 29 November 2012

Looking for venues for something a bit different.
I’m the convenor for Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag.
(FB link).
We are well known both nationally and internationally, at least within our geeky niche.
We run ‘live action games’ based around the use of Nerf guns (Humans vs Zombies, such as the ANU used to run, for example). We [...]

Advice on how to deal with accident without insurance in Canberra?

By 28 November 2012

About a week ago my fiance’s car was hit when stopped at a set of traffic lights. The woman only provided her licence number, plate, and mobile number. While she claimed to have insurance, she refused to hand the details over.
We have been trying to contact this woman for nearly two weeks now, and she [...]

Best computer prices and service in Canberra?

By 28 November 2012

What does the hive think about the best shops to buy PC bits and pieces in Canberra?
I know best prices can be found on the web but I want to talk to someone about my purchases.
I’ve had a bit of hit and miss at JBs.
Any views on Officeworks ?

I’ve come to clean the pool!

By 27 November 2012

Bad jokes aside can anyone recommend a good pool repair/maintenance company to do some pool repairs in Canberra?
I have been going to a major franchise/chain store for my regular water checks and chemicals but recently when my pool had issues and needed to be looked at I found them less than satisfactory. 
Bad communication, bad service [...]

Recommendations – personal trainer for postural issues in Canberra?

By 27 November 2012

My question for you fine people is: Can anyone recommend a good personal trainer who deals with issues caused by incorrect posture? Someone who works in the inner north or inner south/Woden would be ideal.
As a bit of background: I’ve had persistent neck/upper back pain for many years and have done the rounds of osteos, [...]

Bees dropping from the trees…?

By 26 November 2012

The last two days I have been finding a huge amount of bees dying on my back path. They seem to be feeding on a banksia, which has not been sprayed in any way. It is in proximity to a quince tree which I do spray with Rogor, but that has never caused this problem [...]

No sunscreen, please, we’re Canberran.

By 26 November 2012

My wife was telling me that our prospective pre-school won’t apply sunscreen on children.  The reason is that if they did, they would be required to wash their hands after each child (so it’s not about allergies).  I didn’t find out why they have to wash their hands after each child,  kid cooties being the [...]

Scullin Spy tower?

By 26 November 2012

I forgot to take a picture of it – but I was just wondering what the massive pole on the corner of Chewings St and Southern Cross Drive is all about.
It is very intrusive as it overlooks most of Scullin and Florey.

What sport is this on Molonglo Reach?

By 24 November 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

MC has sent these in:
I was cycling around Lake Burley Griffin and saw this at Molonglo Reach.
I’d love to know what the sport is?
My best guess – stand-up paddle boarding polo?!
Whatever it may be, it seems the local cormorants are practicing their goalkeeping skills.

GP with Veterans Affairs Experience

By 23 November 2012

Hi – I am looking for a GP in the south-side /Tuggeranong area with experience in dealing with Veterans Affairs. 
My first GP had no experience and I had significant difficulties in getting my claims processed. 
I now need to make another claim and don’t want a repeat of my earlier problem.

Behold the giant dandelion. What is it?

By 22 November 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

BeeJay76 has sent this in:
Came across this heroic specimen on Gubur Dhaura in Franklin. Is it a different species, or is it the magical earth on the hill?
Your thoughts hive mind?

Dog Groomer Canberra Inner-South?

By 21 November 2012

Can anyone recommend a good and friendly/dog loving groomer in Canberra’s inner south? Mobile is preferable but not necessary.  The main thing is that the groomer likes dogs and treats them well.  My pooch is a cavoodle.

Is magpie swooping season over for another year?

By 20 November 2012

Is it safe for me to get back on the bike?
Specifically in the Inner South.

Neighbours pool leaking in Canberra?

By 19 November 2012

Neighbours pool seems to be leaking. Can we force something to be done about it they won’t do anything?

Event drinks policy at Canberra Stadium?

By 15 November 2012

Last night at Canberra Stadium the plastic lid from my water bottle was taken by security prior to entry. Why I asked?
”Don’t know” was the reply.
Joked about the dangers of plastic lids, then was mightily irked to discover that water and softdrink was being sold inside the Stadium with their [...]

Looking for a Rheumatologist for Fibromyalgia in Canberra?

By 15 November 2012

Hello Mind Hive.
Does anyone know of a rheumatologist in Canberra that deals with Fibromyalgia patients?
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Best place to sell books to in Canberra?

By 14 November 2012

I’m decluttering.
I have a few boxes of books that I want to get rid off.
Can anyone recommend a 2ndhand bookstore that I can sell them to?
Obviously I’m not expecting to get lots for them, but anything is better than nothing atm.

Carport/pergola recommendations in Canberra?

By 13 November 2012

We’re looking to get a carport and/or pergola installed, any recommendations on installers?
There was a recent thread on enclosed carport installations and an older one on pergolas, but was hoping there are some additional recommendations.

Canberra region silversmith?

By 13 November 2012

Hi Rioters,
I’m looking for a silversmith or someone similar to re-plate and restore an old tea service.
Google led me to a business in Dickson with a disconnected telephone number.
Is there anywhere around Canberra that would be able to do this?
Where do the antique dealers go to get this sort of thing done?

Buzzcuts in Canberra?

By 12 November 2012

I am fairly new in Canberra. 
Just have my hair in a Buzzcut and it seemed like some girls immediately disqualify me and today had 3 young males pass and swear on me while I was walking in the Civic mall.
Now I am feeling bit low.
Do I look hideous?
Or is it just a NO NO haircut in [...]

Best Pizzas in the centre of Canberra?

By 10 November 2012

Opinions please!
Won’t be too bad if other parts of our town are mentioned but I am really interested in the city.

Seeking motoring minded advice in Canberra?

By 9 November 2012

I’m looking for some advice for selling or trading a white, 2005, Subaru Liberty, 2.5L engine, Manual. Needs an engine rebuild and new front end. The owner is uninsured and can’t afford to repair it himself but doesn’t think he can sell the vehicle as is either.
I feel he should be able to get something [...]

Courtyard walls in Canberra?

By 9 November 2012

Google is totally failing me today…
I discovered that I am allowed to enclose the frontyard of my yet to be built shoebox-with-windows as long as I use “courtyard walls”. After trawling ACTPLA documents, I also discovered that the wall can go across 70% of the width of my small block. And that it needs to [...]

What closed Tralee Speedway?

By 9 November 2012

I remember reading a comment on here, ages ago, about the reasoning behind the closure of Tralee Speedway. Searched, but can’t find it…. So what was the reason?
Something to do with the Liberal government I think I read.

Hiring a UTE and Credit Card Numbers

By 9 November 2012

Hi All,
Not sure if this is the norm going ahead, however when you hire a ute from Mitchell, one needs to provide a credit card the details of which are written down on a piece of paper and stored on site.
I guess this will be quite a simple steal for any of the employees who [...]

Bricks and mortar computers in Canberra?

By 6 November 2012

Hive mind – where do you recommend buying a new laptop and extended international warranty package?

Security Door Sales and Installation in Canberra?

By 5 November 2012

Has anyone bought security doors lately? I’m interested in getting screen doors for the front and back so that I can catch some breezes without losing a toddler/gaining uninvited guests.
I’m thinking Crimsafe (or similar) for the front. Are they worth the extra money?
If anyone can recommend a local business that was a pleasure to [...]

Speed dating in Canberra?

By 5 November 2012

I’m newly single and looking for opportunities meet new people.
I can’t seem to find much via google – just a handful of old events and fastimpressions (I’m only eligible to go to one).
So I was wondering if there is something I am missing and if anyone can point me the direction of good [...]

Krating Daeng (Thai Red Bull) in Canberra?

By 5 November 2012

Does anyone know if any shops in Canberra stock Krating Daeng (Thai Red Bull)?
Obviously I could order from the Internet, but at $90 a-case plus postage, I’d prefer to find somewhere local – if only to save on postage or the drive to Sydney.
For those not in the know, here’s a picture. Surely [...]

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