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Lost memory card in Belconnen

By 4 September 2012

Hi, I know this is a long shot but just over 12 months ago I lost my memory card from my trip overseas and I am desperately trying everything to find it. It is a 16gb card with about 2500 photos on it. The case is a small brown case with orange lining and a [...]

Looking for a financial planner in Canberra

By 3 September 2012

Hi all,
I’ve had a search at previous posts and they are a few years old so thought I would post for updated information.
I’m looking for a financial planner to help sort out a budget and give me advice for investments/property. Preferably someone who doesn’t charge through the teeth and gives advice that is easy to [...]

Transporting goods from Sydney to Canberra

By 3 September 2012

Hi all
I’m needing to move some large goods from Sydney to Canberra – a bunk bed and a cubby house. They’re second hand and I need to pick them up from people’s houses.
Can anyone advise of a cost effective way of doing this? I thought about hiring a ute. Can you recommend somewhere that doesn’t [...]

Elliptical/cross trainer repairer in Canberrra?

By 3 September 2012

We’ve got an ex-gym cross trainer that needs to have the belt replaced but can’t work out to do it ourselves.
We’ve purchased the part but still need someone who knows what they are doing to attach it and see if it all works. 
Any ideas on who does this kind of servicing?

Skin Cancer checks in Canberra?

By 2 September 2012

My husband is a moley moley moley man and wants to have a thorough check up to scan for any irregularities.
Have any Rioters got any experience with where is the best place to start in Canberra?
Is there a skin cancer clinic you can go to without a referral or do you start at [...]

Best Free Alternative to

By 1 September 2012

What is the best free alternative website to for selling stuff online in the ACT?
I just have a few meager possessions that I’d like to get rid of before I move house.
Any help appreciated, thanks in advance.

Ugly ‘Altitude’ High Rise Apartments In Belconnen

By 1 September 2012

Is it just me or is anyone else horrified by the Altitude Apartments being constructed  between Chandler Street and Emu Bank in Belconnen? This monstrosity is an eye sore to say the least and it may not have reached it’s final height as yet.  There are a number of large buildings in the area such [...]

TMJ Chiropractor in Canberra?

By 1 September 2012

I have recently been diagnosed with TMJ and I’ve been told that a chiropractor might be able to help.
Does anyone have a good (or bad) experience to report, and has anyone had success in treating TMJ with chiropractic?

can anyone help me identify this artist?

By 31 August 2012

sup riotacters!
so there’s a house thats recently come up for sale in red hill. totally out of my price range and probably a little too high class for my tastes anyway.
but I really like the artwork in the house! I’ve emailed the agent and the vendor is not interested in divulging the artists name (wtf? [...]

What’s up with the new Uni Pub work?

By 29 August 2012

I noticed a couple of weeks back that out the back of the Uni Pub, where they’re planning to put the beer garden, official ‘Stop Work’ notices have been slapped up, and (obviously!) work has stopped.  
It looks like the notice covers the entire project, inside and out, and look to be Government issued notices, [...]

Cotter Road Upgrade?

By 28 August 2012

Are there any plans to upgrade the Cotter Road now they are building all the new houses out that way? The traffic stretches all the way back to Adelaide Ave in the afternoon and I am guessing it will only get worse.

Camp sites in Canberra

By 28 August 2012

I have friends coming over from England for their honeymoon.
They will be in Canberra for 3 nights and travelling in a hired camper van.
Does anyone know any camp sites besides cotter and stuff. More closer to suburbia?

The tale of Limestone Lizzie

By 27 August 2012

Hey guys,
Someone just told me a quick story about some prostitute named Limestone Lizzie… Sounds like a bit of a story, anyone got any stories to tell? Did she actually exist?

Function Venues for Birthday Parties in Canberra?

By 27 August 2012

I am looking for ideas for function venues for a birthday party later on in the year.
I estimate there will be around 60 people, and would prefer somewhere within 10 minutes of the city (ie. Dickson, Kingston, Manuka, Ainslie etc) and don’t want to break the bank either!
Also, somewhere that has limited steps due to [...]

Wanted: Canberra’s least confrontational gym or health club

By 26 August 2012

Hi all, this is the increasingly expanding Bill.
I never thought I’d be the type. The type that gets up at 5.30am to go to the gym. Or who gives up time at the pub after work to go to the gym. But alas, after too many beers after work, my doctor has finally convinced me [...]

Small Business suffering due to poor planning by ACT Planning & Development

By 23 August 2012

Should small business be compensated for poor planning by ACT Planning & Development?

Professional Hair and Makeup in home

By 22 August 2012

I am looking for a professional(s) to do wedding hair and makeup for a Saturday in February next year. Has anyone got any recommendations/are you a hair/makeup professional? I am only interested in people who are available to do this in my home.
It would be for Bride and 5 Bridesmaids – approximately 6 hours work for two people (ie one [...]

Swimming pool maintenance in Canberra?

By 22 August 2012

In preparation for the three or four days of balmy summer ahead, it is time to coax the swimming pool out of hibernation. I no longer have the time to do a thorough clean, check filter components, balance water etc. Actually, if I am honest with myself, I probably do have the time, [...]

Landscaper recommendations in Canberra?

By 20 August 2012

There is an existing thread on this topic but it’s a bit old…
I’m looking for recommendations for a landscaper that is reliable, good and won’t cost the earth.  Your comments will be gratefully received.
With thanks, Kitten Licks

Sports psychologist?

By 20 August 2012

I am wondering if anyone can recommend a good sports psychologist in Canberra.
I live in Watson so anywhere inner north would be great but I’m happy to go just about anywhere in Canberra.
Money isn’t a massive problem but I don’t want to pay unless I see results.

Solar Panel installers in Canberra

By 20 August 2012

Riotact Hivemind, I’m getting with the times and going to install solar panels to help reduce my electricity bills.
Problem is – Solargain is currently the only provider I can find that installs in Canberra. There are plenty of companies that come up with a google search, but none of them service the Canberra region. [...]

Electric bike conversion in Canberra?

By 19 August 2012

I’m turning to the Riot Act for some helpful information! I need info on electric bike conversion. I want to get to work without my car, and I have tried Action and just can’t make it work. So I thought of looking into electric bikes. I have an ordinary bike that I ride very occasionally, [...]

Recommendations for a good solicitor in property conveyancing – NSW Land

By 18 August 2012

Hello everyone,
I’m thinking of buying land in Googong (falls under NSW jurisdictions) so I’m looking for a good solicitor/s for property conveyancing.
This will be my first property, and I would really appreciate any recommendations. I have received a couple of quotes (above $1000), however seeing as this is all new to me, would greatly appreciate [...]

New choppers. Dentures in Canberra?

By 18 August 2012

My baby boomer partner needs a new lower denture.
He’s sick of dribbling his ham and pea soup down his trackie daks
Quote from a dental lab, admittedly a very good one, $12,000.
Could buy an old ute for that!
Any recommendations?

BP Phillip

By 17 August 2012

Does anyone know what’s happening with the BP servo in Phillip?
At first I thought it was just going through a  re-branding or something minor, but it now looks like it’s being completely demolished.
Surely not making room for another car yard? 
What would you like to see there besides a car yard?

How can you buy a property for $1.86m then sell it for just $1 ??

By 16 August 2012

Property bought for $1.86m sold for $1. Stamp duty on property.

Hairdresser that will come to your home

By 15 August 2012

Hi All,
My Mum is very unwell and is unable to leave her home. She is about to undergo chemotherapy and is worried about how her hair is going to look as it starts to fall out.
She would like to get her hair cut before the chemo starts but is too unwell to go to [...]

Ophthalmologist HELP! (in Canberra)

By 13 August 2012

I have been trying, without success, to get my 6-year-old daughter in with an ophthalmologist in Canberra (aside from the Canberra Eye Hospital, where I don’t want to go, as they have such a bad reputation for non-surgical cases).
Several recommended Drs are either not taking new patients, or have recently retired, apparently leaving me with [...]

Security cameras for the home – is there any point?

By 13 August 2012

So I’ve put up with my fair share from the neighbour’s children and I’m considering installing security cameras at home. I’m sure my problems aren’t much compared to stories others can tell – but over the years we’ve put up with regular midweek parties (parents never at home), litter and smashed glass in the front [...]

Hitachi Split Air Con repairs in Canberra?

By 13 August 2012

Sadly my air con unit seems to have passed on as it keeps tripping the circuit breaker.
Does anyone in Canberra know either a) a good repair person for Hitachi Air Con or b) a good sales/install person/retail outlet to replace the said unit with something nice and warm for this weather?
Thanks in advance.  :)

Parking fine madness? Think of the children!

By 12 August 2012

Friend receives $80 parking fine for leaving his car on his own nature strip in Reid. Share house means there are too many cars for the driveway. No parking zone in front of the house. What to do?!

How to remove house details from real estate websites?

By 12 August 2012

hi all,
wondering once you’ve purchased a property, how is the best way to get the details about your house (photos, purchase price, floorplans etc.) removed from websites? (, real estate agent & property price websites).
If I email the agent & allhomes is this the best way? Is there any legislation about this that I [...]

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