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Breaking a lease in Canberra? Advice please

By 17 April 2012

In need of some advice please.
My husband and I need to break the lease on our  rental property, we still have 4 months left of the fixed term. We are having to break lease due to a loss of income and my husband has moved away from Canberra for work and we cannot afford 2 [...]

Canberra’s top eateries?

By 16 April 2012

There seems to be an excessive amount of restaurants and cafe’s in the capital, the standard from personal experience is quite low in many forms of the dining experience, especially in the quality of food or poorly made coffees, with the exception of a top restaurant starting with “S” that I found to be excellent [...]

Thyroid doctor

By 16 April 2012

Breif history is that I had my thyroid removed 10 years ago and have been on medication ever since. First couple of years on thyroxine thyroid medication were up and down, next 6 perfect. Last 2 have been up and down again with various symptoms, doctors appointments, blood tests every 6 weeks, adjustment of medication then go [...]

Recommendations for a photographer in Canberra?

By 14 April 2012

Hi there fellow Rioters,
I am hoping to obtain some recommendations for a high quality, professional photographer.  I’m looking for someone to photograph the progress of the construction of a commercial building over an 18 month period (located in a suburb near the Canberra CBD).
Someone with building/real estate experience would be ideal.
Many thanks!

Belconnen Internet Providers?

By 13 April 2012

Good Day Rioters,
Simple question – What it the fastest provider in Belconnen’s North?
I currently have an ADSL 2 plan with BigPond – but they seem to take a large amount of my cash for a stack of services I don’t use. Their speed and reliability are OK – but nothing to write home about. I [...]

Help required for men of large girth in Canberra!

By 11 April 2012

As a man of surplus girth I sometimes find it hard to get a business shirt that will button up across my large neck but not look like a poncho around the rest of my chest.
Does anyone know any menswear shops that cater for such a thing so that I wouldn’t have to go down [...]

Apple picking around Canberra?

By 10 April 2012

Does anyone know an apple orchard where you can pick your own?
The only source I found is from 2003.
Willing to drive up to an hour.

Suggestions for Installers to Retrofit a Wired Network

By 10 April 2012

Hi Rioters,
I’m looking to move my modem from it’s current mess-of-cables in the kitchen to a cupboard, but I’ll need to get someone in to do cabling (at the very least, to install a powerpoint) and was wondering if anyone had recommendations of installers. (Best quote so far is about $150/point)

Catering in Canberra?

By 10 April 2012

Hey guys, I was interested in catering for around 75 people in a few weeks.
Just cocktail food that can be delivered to our house hot and cold for around $250.
Is this feasible for the price or are we better off just doing something ourselves?

Pest Control

By 10 April 2012

Hi there and Happy Easter fellow Riot’ers.  I’m wondering if you can again offer me some sagely advice?   I have recently purchased an older property that has stood empty for at least the last three months and we are encountering creepy crawlies everywhere.
For my partner’s piece of mind, we’re considering getting pest control in to [...]

Piercing places in Canberra?

By 6 April 2012

I know there’s a few threads about this but as far as I can tell, none from this year / late last year, so I thought it might be worth asking around since apparently Justin’s is now closed etc.
I’m thinking of a navel piercing – I’ve had 3 cartilage ones done at Redpath and 1 [...]

APS – work in a small agency or a big one ?

By 6 April 2012

Hi Rioters!
So I work in a large agency, and have done for the 4 years of my time here in Canberra.
I recently stunned myself by being found the least-worst candidate for a position in a small agency. The position comes with a significant pay rise but I’d have to leave a place where is honestly [...]

Car fairs in Canberra?

By 5 April 2012

I understand the car fair in Mitchell no longer exists, but does the one in Woden still happen? Anywhere else?
Will they be happening over Easter?

Does the internet still suck in Gungahlin?

By 4 April 2012

Some friends and I are looking to move in to a house together. We all study/work in either Belconnen or the City, so rentals on the north side are looking good.
One area that really appeals are the Gungahlin suburbs south of the town centre (big new houses, not far from the City/Belco, [...]

Recommendations for gas ducted heating installation?

By 3 April 2012

Hi, anyone have recommendations for gas ducted heating installers?
Our house has existing (unused) system but am looking to get more points (ducts) installed….thanks

What Satan spawned hell creature is this?

By 2 April 2012

Seen this morning at LBG.
About 4 inches long.
Couldn’t get better images as I was too scared to get close to it.

Chinese construction site near Parliament House

By 1 April 2012

What’s the go with that construction site near Parliament House that is being operated by the Chinese embassy?  
It looks like they are constructing a factory and there is dorm accommodation out the back.  
The security is extensive, cameras and barbed wire.

Paint for concrete in Canberra?

By 1 April 2012

I’m thinking of painting a concrete path.
I was thinking of Berger paving paints.
Has anyone used this, or can suggest another product?

Mini arthropod bugs that arrive with rain? What bug is this?

By 30 March 2012

Could these bugs be falling with the rain – they are always there after rain fills containers like fine grey ash on the surface.
Or could they be some insect life stage quickly appearing in rainwater ?
They are very alive – legs working well.
I have tried Google – but got no leads.

Vintage Flip Clocks?

By 30 March 2012

Hey there,
I know this may seem odd but I’m super keen on a vintage wood flip clock/alarm/radio but I have no idea where to even look or start here in Canberra.
So I was looking for suggestions on where I might find my clock (other than ebay) or if any fellow rioters had a flip [...]

facade suggestions required

By 30 March 2012

Hello people,
I need some suggestions for a cheaper front facade.
Rendering the whole front is costing me a 1,500 to 2,000. Stack stone is costing me around the same.
But are there any cheaper solutions? I have rendering bricks in front of my house and would like to make my facade appear better.
Thanks in advance.

Metal Roof Advice for Canberra?

By 27 March 2012

I know there have been variations on a theme in the past.
Looking at getting a Colorbond style metal roof for many reasons.
Any suggestions re roofing companies?
Thanks in advance

Yum Cha in Canberra?

By 26 March 2012

A question for the hive mind that needs revisiting:
Where’s the best Yum Cha in Canberra, and the best on the northside if they don’t coincide?

PA hire in Canberra?

By 26 March 2012

howdy rioters…
seeking advice on PA hire.
looking a five channel mixer, 2 cd players, 2 turntables (vinyl who’d have thought it;) & speakers (plus all the required cables, etc)… only required for the one evening (friday)
done a wee search, but recommendations would be appreciated:)

Obscenely early coffee?

By 26 March 2012

I have to drop someone off at Jolimont at 6:30 tomorrow morning.
Is there anywhere around there that might be open for a coffee at six-ish?

What bug will this be?


Just wondering if any ofr the Rioters can identify this caterpillar that was on my railing yesterday morning?

Canberra red bricks?

By 25 March 2012

Does anyone know where I could buy cleaned Canberra red bricks?
We are looking for between three and four thousand.
Some idea of price would also be good, Thanks.

No-signature credit cards

By 24 March 2012

Paying for petrol this morning, I stuck my card in the reader and entered my PIN – “incorrect PIN” came the message, so I tried again and, again, got the same message.
“Just tap it, buddy” said the attendant (risking a stern finger-wagging for the use of that appalling American appellation). Mistaking my chagrin at his [...]

Australia Post – Getting Parcels delivered

By 23 March 2012

I live in the Oracle apartments in Belconnen.
Does anyone else living in an apartment in either Belconnen or Canberra seem to have problems getting parcels delivered?
In my case the deliverer doesn’t seem to even leave a card saying they’ve called, which means I have no way of knowing whether or not I’ve received something. [...]

Disputing an Infringement in the Magistrates Court & Disabled Parking in the ACT

By 23 March 2012

I’m considering going to the Magistrates Court to dispute a parking infringement issued to me. Now before you all blast me and tell me to pay up, don’t waste taxpayers money, don’t be a tightarse etc I want you to know I’m not doing an “Dr Enfield’ or anything needless like that (I pay any other fines [...]

Screws in tyres in Canberra?

By 23 March 2012

Has anyone else had someone putting screws in their tyres?
I have had on 3 seperate occasions now found the same type of screw in the same tyre.
It has been the same tyre each time and on the outer top edge of the tyre so I think someone must be doing it.

Advertising recommendations in Canberra?

By 23 March 2012

Hi Rioters
I’m looking to do some local press advertising for my business.  Before I spend a small fortune on advertising, I’d love to hear your views on where my advertising dollar is best spent eg:
- City News
- Canberra Weekly
- Canberra Times
- Chronicle
- Other
Please help…
[ED - And let us not forget RiotACT]

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