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Where can I get a torque wrench calibrated in Canberra?

By 13 December 2011

Hi obscure question fans.
Being the DIY expert I am I’ve just found out that torque wrenches can lose their calibration, and after shearing a bolt using the manufacturer’s recommended torque setting at the weekend I think I might need to get my torque wrench recalibrated.
I’ve done some research online but come up with nix.  Does anyone [...]

Former home brewers unite!

By 13 December 2011

I’ve finally moved to Canberra and every one of my hard to come by long neck bottles smashed when the moving guys carried them off the truck. 6 out of about 30-40 survived. I think I threw out the last 6 out of frustration.
If anyone has any ideas on the best place to source a [...]

Previous tenant’s unpaid rent

By 13 December 2011

My little sister and her housemates are having some problems in their rental property.
The property manager says that at some stage in the past (between 2007 and 2011) one or more tenants didn’t pay enough rent, and now there’s a sum of money outstanding. The current tenants have been asked to pay the outstanding sum.
When they [...]

Cheapest place to get vaccinations in Canberra

By 12 December 2011

Hi folks,
I need to get the following vaccinations for employment purposes, been checking up and asking around on where to get them done, besides to the GP. I’m also wondering if different GPs would charge different prices for them, and if so, where do you know would not charge sky high rates? Thanks in advance [...]

Opinions needed on clubs / casual eateries.

By 12 December 2011

Today is my partners and my birthday, we would like to do something nice together this week as my partner is working today. We are not especially fancy people and would like to know if there were any clubs or casual places to eat and relax that were any good food wise.
We have 2 small [...]

Glass Recycling in Canberra?

By 10 December 2011

Does anyone know where I can drop of some glass recyling for free?
Does the Mitchell waste centre take them for free? I have about 100 long necks from a past home brewing exercise. 
I have been using the normal household recyling bin but there is a bit to many for it. 
I don’t think [...]

blue topography lines?

By 10 December 2011

i have noticed the new blue perspex barriers over the road to yarralumla across adelaide avenue (or whatever it’s called by then) and understand their 800k cost was met by the nca – but does anyone know the significance of the design thereon? 
it looks like topography marks from a map [what are those lines [...]

Red light camera Antill/Northbourne intersection

By 9 December 2011

Can anybody tell me whether the red light/speed camera at the Northbourne/Antill intersection will still catch you if you are traveling along Antill street?

What are the rules with fire trails around Canberra?

By 8 December 2011

Is it illegal to drive on fire trails in the local mountains and hills?
Also are you allowed to drive in forest areas around Canberra, such as fadden hills which have no fences or fire gates?

Gundaroo Drive duplication?

By 7 December 2011

I’ve noticed over the last two weeks or so quite a few surveyors on Gundaroo Dr between Gungahlin Dr and Crace. Anyone know of any official plans to upgrade the road?
During peak hour (peak 30mins?) it is actually quicker to use Curran Dr in Nicholls, down to the roundabout to turn right onto William Slim [...]

Non-bogan car seat covers in Canberra

By 7 December 2011

 The Carnard family has upgraded the family car to a far newer model than that previously owned.  This car has front seat side airbags.  In the interests of keeping it clean and as kidfriendly as possible (eg safe from spills and crap) the boss wants seat covers.  Some folk have warned/advised(?) us re fitting “normal” [...]

Nice clean pedicure place

By 6 December 2011

I need a pedicure. I had an absolutely disgusting experience at a nail salon in Canberra (no attempt to even pretend to clean sharp implements and files between clients, even when the woman next to me had an obvious fungal infection – I walked out) and am hoping that this isn’t the norm in Canberra.
I’m [...]

How long must a lessor give a tenant to vacate?

By 6 December 2011

I was living in a group house, there was no written agreement but I have evidence of rent being paid weekly from my transaction records. The 2 people I lived with – 1 being the daughter of the house owner- decided they could no longer pay rent. The owner gave us 12 days to vacate [...]

The Usual Christmas light thread for 2011

By 6 December 2011

Yet again I’m searching for some cool Christmas lights displays I can take the kids to see…
Can anyone recommend houses or particular streets that get into the Christmas spirit and cover their houses with an insane number of pretty lights??

Where to find konnyaku in Canberra?

By 5 December 2011

Does anyone know where I could find konnyaku?
I’ve tried a couple of Asian groceries with no success.

Looking for Peking Duck in Canberra

By 5 December 2011

Now I’ve joined a gym I feel the need for some oily Peking Duck to refuel my calorie bank
Hankering for Peking Duck and all that goes along with it..the pancakes and veg and the leftover bits made into soup or stir-fry. 
Any good tips on where to find it in Canberra?

Real Estate in Murrumbateman

By 5 December 2011

Hi people,
I will be putting my house up for sale in the new year. It is in Murrumbateman. My question is:
Can anyone on RiotAct recommend a good realestate agent who CAN CONFIDENTELY sell a top of the market level home and property? Anyone who specialises in top end properties? Because seriously in January, I will [...]

Does anyone have a good Japanese tattoo done in Canberra?

By 3 December 2011

I want some Japanese styled ink and don’t really want to travel to get it.
Is there anyone in the ACT that does a decent job?

What’s with postcode tattoos?

By 1 December 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Perhaps an old topic - but the young tradie who turned up at my place recently got me thinking: What is with Canberra postcode tattoos?
Is this irony, as in Canberra’s the last place you’d find a turf war?
Or are there really turf wars that I’m too old and out of the loop to know [...]

Model boats on Lake Ginninderra?

By 29 November 2011

Hi all
Wondering if someone can provide some info for me. A while back at the ADFA open day there were some working model military boats they were showing in the pool and one of the guys said on the first weekend in December they are having an expo of sorts on the lake.
I’m keen [...]

Sharehousing logistics – adding tenant to agreement

By 29 November 2011

What are the steps for adding a housemate onto an existing tenancy agreement in Canberra?
I note that the Residential Tenancy Agreement (72) states that: (1) The tenant must not assign or sublet the premises or any part of them without the written consent of the lessor; (2) Consent may be given at any time.
If this [...]

Trams in Canberra?

By 28 November 2011

No I’m not talking plans for the future, or pipe dreams of future light rail. I am talking about actual trams in Canberra. I think many people may know of the ones that used to be in the Woden Tradies, and a few people may know of the one that was lent to us by [...]

Recommend an osteo in/near civic?

By 26 November 2011

Can anyone recommend a good osteopath in or near the city to deal with a dodgy back?
Preferably one that doesnt require a second mortgage to fund an appointment with (noting that it aint going to be cheap no matter where I go).

Hoe needed in Canberra

By 25 November 2011

For the last month Ive been trying to buy a good hoe and have had no luck.
I even tried Fyshwick without result.  I bought a cheap hoe with three prongs from a hardware store, out of desperation, but it exploded into three on the third swing.
What I want is a heavy duty cast [...]

Where is the best children’s playground in Canberra?

By 24 November 2011

Hey Rioters, I know this question has been asked before, but in the space of 3 years its worth asking again.
Where is the best children’s playground in Canberra? Bonus points if it has epic swings or cool themes.

I need a Wii, how to buy one in Canberra?

By 23 November 2011

I’m thinking of buying the kids a Nintendo Wii for xmas, but I know nothing about them. Shopbot lists them selling for about $200, but I have no idea whether that’s a good deal or whether the listing has everything I need for two players.
I’d be grateful for advice about what to look out for [...]

Isn’t it illegal to carry a knife?

By 23 November 2011

There was a dude on the bus yesterday morning who was wearing a dirty big knife in a bum bag style pouch over his shoulder. 
The knife was in full view and he copped some interesting looks.
I for one was a bit anxious.
I’m suprised the bus driver let him on.
Surely it’s illegal to carry a [...]

T-shirt wearing dog?

By 22 November 2011

On my Woden to Civic bus ride this morning I heard Action HQ warning the driver (whilst stifling laughter) of a dog in the Civic interchange wearing a red t-shirt.
Sadly, when the bus arrived the dog was nowhere to be seen.
Did anyone see it?  Or was it a figment of someone’s imagination?

Vintage or second hand clothing stores in Canberra?

By 22 November 2011

I did a search for my question but was unable to find an answer. I need a dress to wear to a gathering my brother is holding, now my brother is rather fancy and my converse chuck Taylor’s are unwelcome.
I need a dress and some shoes i am more comfortable in older styles of clothing, [...]

Threading recommendations?

By 22 November 2011

Hello Rioters,
Does anyone have any recommendations for a good place to get eyebrow threading done?
I used to go to the Kundalini salon but the lady that does the threading there has just gone on maternity leave.  
The only other place that I am aware of that does threading is Absolute Shape, but they are fully [...]

SAAB 95 AC repair

By 21 November 2011

Help needed.
Air conditioner (climate control) does not work. No air comes from the vents. I need to get it checked and repaired.
Which garage in Canberra is good at SAAB? Any recommendations?
Thanks in advance!

Garbled speech on mobile in Canberra?

By 21 November 2011

For several weeks I have been having trouble with my mobile, though the problem comes and goes for no obvious reason.
Basically, at times I sound garbled or my speech cuts in and out for the person on the other end, however I can hear them just fine and have full signal strength.
At first [...]

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