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headspace ACT – Thoughts?

By 9 January 2012

I was wondering what peoples expierences with Headspace ACT, the youth mental health service are?
I have been provided with the great task of helping my younger sister (16) get some support.
Any ideas? Or opinions of the service mentioned above?

Good string instrument valuations, service?

By 9 January 2012

Good evening, rabble,
I have a 4/4 ‘cello that needs to be valued and given a quick “service” to ensure it is in good working order: sound post, bridge position, check for any cracks, check tone is still up to scratch etc.
Having done a search on RiotACT for “cello” I was unable to find a post [...]

Seeking recommendations for a Marriage Celebrant in the ACT

By 9 January 2012

My partner and I plan to get married at the beginning of next year and are looking for a  celebrant.
Looking online there are a vast number of possibilities – but how do we know any are good?
We don’t have any specific religious persuasions but don’t really want to end up with any crazy new-age stuff [...]

What bug will this be?

By 8 January 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Cocopops seeks the wisdom of the hive mind and has sent in this picture with the following query:
Wondering if any rioters know what eggs these are?
I’ve found them on clothes, in my peg basket in the bathtoom etc.
Tried google but no luck.

Which is the best video store in canberra?

By 8 January 2012

I live northside, but am willing to venture over to the southside for friendly and great customer service!
Has anyone had bed experiences with certain video rental stores?

Is Canberra safe to run after midnight?

By 7 January 2012

I’ve moved to Canberra recently near the city centre. Due to the nature of my job (and the fact that I cannot get up before 5am…), I would like to go for a run at around 11pm / midnight.
I was considering running around Lake Burley Griffin but some parts of the lake do not [...]

Know a builder who will use my materials?

By 6 January 2012

Does anyone know of a builder in Canberra who will allow me to use my own materials, e.g. windows, doors and vanities?
All the builders I have been in contact with want to use their own supplier, and I have found that they are too expensive.
If anyone has any suggestions I would love to [...]

Does Canberra still have proper travel agents?

By 6 January 2012

I’m in need of a travel agent who can make serious recommendations.
Are there any proper agents in Canberra rather than trained operators of airline websites?

‘Hot water’? in Civic? bubblers a bottled water plot?

By 6 January 2012

While i am currently away from our “beloved” city. Social networking keeps telling me that
“They’ve heated the tap and fountain water at civic center in order to bolster sales of bottle water. ”
In reference to both DFO and Canberra centre, from my understanding its been quite hot so hot water in the pipes makes sense [...]

Garden Renovation. Recommended Gardeners?

By 5 January 2012

Calling for recommendations for Gardeners – Southside.
My garden is in need of renovation – nothing too fancy, need low maintenance for renters. I need bushes removed and some garden beds redone/mulched.

Where is the best cafe in Canberra now?

By 5 January 2012

Over to you Rioters

Welcome to the neighbourhood… Screaming neighbours and what to do about them?

By 5 January 2012

So let me get this straight. When your neighbour’s have a pesky barking dog that doesn’t shut the hell up, you have some options. There are phone numbers to ring & people who listen & document your complaints, websites & forums with helpful suggestions, organisations such as bark busters who will come to the house, [...]

Podiatry in Canberra?

By 5 January 2012

Hi all. I am looking for recommendations (or libelous comments, humorus anacdotes, etc) concerning podiatrist services in Canberra.
A family member is looking for ingrown toe nail related medical attentention, and no one has any specific experience.

Kitchen renovation and more – looking for good companies

By 4 January 2012

Hi, My kitchen is in serious need of a facelift, but I am worried about finding a good company. I am on a budget, I don’t need luxury or high fashion but I still want it to be done properly and look nice. I want to find someone who will advise me on a cost [...]

2012 Recommendations for a person to build a deck/pergola in Canberra

By 4 January 2012

There have of course been other posts.  This one is from 2009.  I’d like some more recent recommendations of good and reliable builders who have built a deck/pergola.
Also, typically – how long does it take?  Just need to know because we have two Kelpies and will need to keep them out of the way while [...]

LAN hall in Canberra?

By 2 January 2012

I need a Hall to hold a gaming event (LAN).
I can’t find any that allow overnight stay while even offering $300.
If anyone knows anywhere we could go, please share.

Mole removal for a giant woose

By 1 January 2012

There have been threads on here before regarding mole removal here in Canberra. But i need information that is a little specific and isn’t mentioned in the previous threads.
I am a giant sook when it comes to surgery, small or big. I am looking for a place to remove a mole I have on my [...]

High School enrollment: waiting list at Telopea Park?

By 1 January 2012

Hi All,
We have a question regarding school enrollment:
Our 12 year old is in year 7 at Melba. For work and commute reasons, we want to relocate. We are planning to rent an apartment in the Telopea Park School area in February since we like that school. We were under the impression that [...]

Sturdy Tools – What to Buy in Canberra?

By 1 January 2012

I have made the most common mistake that any novice landscaper can make:
I went to that big green warehouse and picked up some basic gardening tools (at the cheaper end of the price scale) and used them for all of 15 min before the handle of the [...]

Dog etiquette

By 29 December 2011

I’m a first time dog owner. Got my little 4 month old pup from the animal pound. This tiny pup has turned into Godzilla in 4 months. We thought we had it all covered (taught her to sit and fetch) but it turns out that she needs some obedience classes. She’s a gentle giant and [...]

Canny fingers – sports physio recommendation in Canberra

By 28 December 2011

need recommendation for magic fingers, a sports physio for a bodgy ankle…

Where do you see 2012 going? [With poll]

By 28 December 2011

As a pretty awful 2011 winds to a close I’m interested what the rest of you think 2012 is going to be like.
No need for concrete predictions, what’s the vibe of the thing for Canberrans?

2012 will be…
Better than 2011
Worse than 2011
View Results

 Loading …

Mexican Tamales in Canberra?

By 28 December 2011

To my wife and I being Mexican food fans,  the lack of Mexican/Spanish restaurants in Canberra can sometimes be frustrating.  
I am only aware of the two in Manuka – Franscisco’s and Legends.  
Excellent restaurants but a little far away to our location.  Google has come up null so I thought I’d thought I’d try my luck here,  any help [...]

What’s this in Googong?

By 27 December 2011

PoQ has sent in this picture asking who can explain it:
While canoeing on Googong Dam, I noticed this.
What is it?
An automatic level indicator?
A signpost for aliens?
It was in a fairly shallow part of the dam, within about a mile (1600 m for younger viewers) of the dam wall.

Christmas creepy crawly ID

By 24 December 2011

I just found this rather horrifying specimen on my front porch.
Does anybody know what it is? Some kind of cockroach-bee-grasshopper hybrid abomination?
It was about 4 centimetres long.
I chucked it over the fence in the hopes that it doesn’t find its way back! in Canberra?

By 21 December 2011

Hi there everyone.
We are planning a trip and are looking for a house sitter for a 4 week period. We have used online services to locate babysitters locally before and have found this service:
It all looks great and seems cool, but I am wanting to find out if anyone in the Canberra region has used [...]

Belco Plagued With Crap to Dine On?

By 20 December 2011

We took some visitors from Sydney to dinner last night firstly to Jammo Wests where we we’re denied entry as we had rubber thongs on.
Needless to say the previous day we’d been to many places in Sydney in the same thongs but no, not allowed in the pokie palace at
Jammo. Next was an [...]

Can you buy unopened oysters in Canberra?

By 19 December 2011

I prefer my oysters freshly shucked and unrinsed. 
Have knife, can open. 
Does anyone know of any suppliers around town, perhaps a van that comes up from the coast?

Buying a marble slab in Canberra

By 18 December 2011

Is there a wholesaler or some sort of scrapyard in Canberra where I can buy a large slab of marble (maybe 1.5 square metres), either rough or polished?
Also, does anyone know how much I might pay for such a piece?

Male health providers in Canberra

By 17 December 2011

An astonishingly large number of media items proclaim Government support for male health programmes.
However, Google searches indicate that unless you (as a male) are at high risk of AIDS, the pox, suicide or family disintegration, ordinary male specific medical services seem non existant.
Personally, I am less than impressed with my local GP. I would like [...]

Golf shirt, glove and hat in Canberra?

By 16 December 2011

Hey everyone, so some of my mates are doing a pub crawl in Sydney dressed in golf outfits.
Does anyone know where I can get a cheap shirt, glove and hat?
I don’t play golf so I don’t wan to pay hundreds for some clothing that I will wear once.
Any help is appreciated.

Moving: How much should we expect to pay (removalist, home cleaner) in Canberra?

By 15 December 2011

We live in a one bed room apartment in Belconnen and planning to move to inner north in January.
Now we are budgeting the cost of the move and we thought we could get some advice from you guys.
If we use professional removalist and end-of-lease cleaner, how much should we expect to pay (roughly)?
Any advice or [...]

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