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Getting a washing machine repaired in Canberra?

By 31 August 2011

Does anyone know a good washing machine repairman?
I have had some trouble with a washing machine and I get the feeling it needs  a service or belt tightening to keep it rolling.

Pre made sticky rice in Canberra?

By 30 August 2011

Hey there.
I remember back when the hub Asian grocers were open, they sold sticky rice in a plastic container which seemed like it was made in-store.
I was wondering if there there was anywhere that sold something similar?
Many thanks.

Colleges at ANU: Burgmann vs John XXIII

By 29 August 2011

I’m looking at studying at ANU next year and trying to decide between applying for Burgmann College or John XXIII College.
Which is better?
Pros/Cons of each?
I’ve heard some bad things about John XXIII but it seemed nice when i toured it.
Are these stereotypes true?

Music and Performing in Canberra

By 29 August 2011

Just wondering if anyone knows of any Music/Singing competitions in and around Canberra?
Preferably ones that have an entry age of at least 15?

Public transport from the airport. Is there a worse Western World capital?

By 28 August 2011

Deane’s are about to pull the plug on their airliner and there’s no Action buses going through Brindabella Park on the weekends.
I wonder if there is another capital city in the Western World with a similar lack of transport to and from its’ airport?

Trustworthy plumber needed.

By 27 August 2011

My 95 year old – very sprightly and “with it” – neighbour, was charged $121 to replace a washer in a leaking shower . This was the “senior rate” apparently !!!!!!! He was in the house for 10 minutes. We would have been more than happy to have done it for her, but she was [...]

Biker knocked down on Monaro?

By 26 August 2011

I was just wondering if anyone knew what happened to the bike rider that was knocked down on the Monaro Highway a little while ago?
I was wondering if the bike rider was okay and if charges were ever laid.
Unfortunately the police often ask for help and then the community doesn’t hear about the outcome.  It [...]

When is a deck not a deck?

By 24 August 2011

Our neighbour has recently built a huge deck in his backyard that is mounted to the top of the roof of the house.
It has a pitched roof and it is around 5 m high.
As we had no notification that it was being built I contacted ACTPLA to see if it had DA approval [...]

No small special fried rice in Canberra?

By 23 August 2011

I am a single bloke who loves chinese food but for some reason all the restaurants/takeaway/home delivery places do not make a small special fried rice. 
They only make a small fried rice. 
If you want special fried rice you have to buy the large one. 
Does anyone know of any places around Woden that [...]

Is Civic Dying?

By 23 August 2011

I had a few minutes to kill this morning in Civic and I was struck by the growing number of empty shops in the city, especially in the Centrepoint complex.
Is this just a repeat of the boom/bust cycle for Civic or are we seeing a long term trend emerge?

Fruit and Veg Box Recommendations

By 23 August 2011

It has been a couple of weeks since my Hawley’s fruit box stopped arriving and I am still in denial. 
Unfortunately the business has been sold to Aussie Farmer’s Direct, who don’t deliver to my part of Canberra. 
I really enjoyed the quality and can’t bear to go back to supermarket fruit. 
Does anyone know [...]

Knock Down Rebuilds in Canberra region

By 22 August 2011

Does anyone have local knowledge or first-hand experience of a knock down rebuild in Canberra?
I have done as much market research as I can but the industry being what it is in Canberra (i.e. good and bad folk), I would love to hear what people’s experiences and recommendations are/have been?
Quality is more important than cost, but [...]

Traffic Infringement Notice – can the evidence be changed?

By 20 August 2011

Recently Mrs GOF received a traffic infringement notice (TIN) for allegedly driving through a stop sign. When I checked the issued ticket and the street on which the offence is alleged to occur I discovered that no stop sign existed. I submitted a request for the withdrawal of the TIN on the grounds that the offence [...]

Tenants in common and borrowing to buy my own home in Canberra?

By 20 August 2011

Hi all,
Some years ago I bought an investment property with my family as tenants in common. I now want to buy my own main residence ( I still live at home). I own 45% of the investment property and when I have seen the ANZ bank and a couple brokers, they have told me that [...]

Second hand boutiques and vintage clothes in Canberra?

By 19 August 2011

 Just wondering if anyone knows of some great second hand boutiques or markets in Canberra? Mostly looking for vintage clothing and jewellery at a fairly cheap price.
I know of the Salvos and Vinneys but not aware of any specialty boutiques or markets.

Floor tiling help in Canberra?

By 19 August 2011

I read through some old threads regarding tiling, but was hoping for some more up to date recommendations.
My better half and I are in the process of getting quotes to renovate the kitchen and European laundry (2 are from previous RA recommendations).  In doing this it’s become apparent that the floor will be an issue; [...]

Hockey clubs in Canberra?

By 19 August 2011

Hi there,
I am moving to Canberra next year to take up an APS grad position. Can anyone please recommend a good hockey club to join (ie competitive and social)?

Canberra Camping Advice?

By 18 August 2011

I was looking for any tips regarding camping in and around the ACT. I’m a novice camper and really was just interested in 2 nights relaxing by a campfire. However, things don’t appear this simple. I understand a lot of sites don’t allow open fires (even in winter) and some require a 4WD (which I [...]

Average water bills for a small family?

By 17 August 2011

We’ve been renting and the landlord has been paying the water bills. We’re thinking of moving to a different rental.
First question, is it normal for water to be included in the rent?
Second question, what’s a typical water bill for a small family (2 adults one young child)? We don’t water the garden….

letter box / bin shelters in Canberra?

By 17 August 2011

Ok so I know these structures can look atrocious but I am sure I can make a decent looking one. 
My only question is (knowing how rule-bound anything to do with building on the boundary is) can I build one on a residential block? 
We have a large set-back and it wouldn’t encroach on anything.  [...]

Best months to look for a place to rent in Canberra?

By 17 August 2011

Would people agree that from a tenant’s viewpoint, these are the best times to be looking for a sharehouse or rental place in Canberra?
Jan-mid Feb (post-Xmas, before the students and APS grads arrive)
mid-end June (students moving out)
mid Nov – midDec (students moving out, people moving out in general)
how about right now? (mid Aug – early [...]

Tree pruning recommendations in Canberra?

By 17 August 2011

My wife and I were looking at the apple tree in our back corner a couple of weeks ago, and discussing how it could do with a decent prune by someone who has half a clue about what they’re doing.  The apples it produces are pretty lousy, but it’s the only established tree in our [...]

Corner Block – Access rights

By 16 August 2011

Corner Block thoroughfare

APS department paying its employees’ FBT?

By 16 August 2011

I was told by an APS colleague today that his (1000+) department in Parkes/Barton actually pays the parking-equivalent FBT for its employees, who have free parking both underground and in a boom-gated carpark.
There is $7 a day parking within 200m. Is this private-enterprisish subsidy part of the bargaining arrangements?
They don’t appear to [...]

Dog friendly cafes in Kingston and Manuka?

By 16 August 2011

I’m searching for recommendations for the best dog friendly cafe’s in the inner south?
I went to Kingston Grinders today and got the impression they didnt want dogs there (refused to give me an old container for water, got snooty when I asked for an empty take away coffee cup…I mean WTF?).
It made me [...]

Best personal trainer?

By 15 August 2011

Hey guys, I want to gain some muscle and tone up a little and was wondering which personal trainer you guys recommend?
Best one for price/value. Thanks.

BYO large Civic restaurants?

By 15 August 2011

Does anyone know of any BYO restaurants in Civic, which will take bookings for a large group (20 people) on a Friday night?
I know that Happy’s Chinese will, as will Turkish Pide House. Any others?
Thanks in advance!

Advice on terminating a private lease in Canberra?

By 15 August 2011

We may be terminating a private lease a little early (3 months) as we don’t want to miss out on renting a decent home in the packed ACT rental market. The private lease we are in has been done officially (ACT rental agreements, lodge of bond, etc).
The house itself has been nice, however there a [...]

Dogs and grass in Canberra?

By 12 August 2011

Part of our back yard when we bought the house had grass, part of it was just dirt. With the dogs running around on it, the grass is thinning out. I would really like to have more grass in the yard. OH thinks there’s no point because with [...]

Government Departments with Childcare Facilities in Canberra?

By 10 August 2011

Hey All,
Wondering if anyone can tell me what government agencies have a Childcare onsite.
I have been told DFAT have one – are there any others?

Excavator ticket?

By 10 August 2011

Bit of a random question but does anyone here know how to get an excavator operator’s ticket in Canberra?

Ice on pathways in Parliamentary Triangle?

By 9 August 2011

On Thursday 28 July at around 7.30am while cycling into the city from Wanniassa to work I had an accident when my bike slid from under me on ice. The ice had formed from water from sprinklers that flowed across the pathway and ramp passing by and leading up on to Commonwealth Bridge, between Flynn [...]

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