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Landscaper recommendations in Canberra?

By 26 February 2012

Hi all, we’re looking to transform our inner north backyard (grass and weeds) into something more manageable (sick of mowing!)…
Any recommendations for the best landscaper in Canberra?

Best tiramisu in town?

By 24 February 2012

Good Day Rioters,
My partners birthday is just around the corner has only asked for one thing, tiramisu.
So – where can I get the best tiramisu in town?
Thanks in advance

Pre-purchase vehicle inspection in Canberra?

By 23 February 2012

Can anyone recommend a business that does pre-purchase vehicle inspections?
I’m looking at buying a second hand 4WD and would like to have it checked out by an expert.
I’ve previously used State Roads Vehicle Inspections in Sydney, who are excellent, but they’re booked out here in Canberra until end of next week. 

Recommended tax advisors in Canberra?

By 22 February 2012

Hi all,
I am sick of all these accountants that get their fees and absolutely no value to your tax return.
Does anyone have a recommendation for good tax advisors/ accountants?

Meditation courses in Canberra?

By 21 February 2012

Can anyone recommend a good place to do a meditation course in Canberra?
I have found a few places by Googling but would be interested in any experience that others have had with this sort of thing.

Edible images – who does them in the area?

By 21 February 2012

Does the hive mind know of a Canberra or Queanbeyan area business that prints images onto edible rice paper?

Is Downer a nice suburb to live in?

By 21 February 2012

My wife and I (no kids) are thinking about moving to Downer but have little knowledge of the inner north.
Just wondering if there are any streets to avoid or any general comments on what life’s like living in Downer.
Thanks in advance – and please go easy, it’s my first post

Silversmithing and enameling courses in Canberra?

By 20 February 2012

Hi I am currently looking for a course in silversmithing and enameling, the only people who seem to be running  these courses appears to be the ANU (I don’t want to do a degree) and people have told me to contact Warehouse Bilk. I have tried Bilk’s website which is not very helpful, I have [...]

Tapas in Canberra?

By 19 February 2012

It’s my niece’s birthday on Monday and she wants to go to a tapas bar.
Is there a new one opened recently, other than Rice?
I’m sure someone told me about one recently, but I’m known to have overly realistic dreams, often in HD…

Decent place for a 21st party in Canberra?

By 18 February 2012

Hi Rioters,  I want to consult the hive.  
I need to plan a 21st birthday party. Due to my disability, this needs to be a catered party.  
Not a sit down dinner but more like nibblies and alcohol served.  
I need somewhere on the north side and reasonably priced.  
Does anyone have any recommendations for [...]

Can anyone recommend a plasterer in Canberra?

By 17 February 2012

I have been doing some DIY renovations and removed about a 3 metre wall in the house.
Would like to have it patched up by a professional, as repairing it is a little more difficult than destroying it.
I have a called a couple of places who either don’t answer the phone or don’t do [...]

Magician for wedding in Canberra

By 16 February 2012

Does anybody know of a great magician that can entertain our guests while we have our photos taken after our wedding on March 17?
Magician is needed for Approx 1.5 to 2 hrs


By 15 February 2012

Does anyone know if it open at the glassworks yet? And if not open yet I would love to know when (date) it will be open again? Or are they still operating from the van/thing?
Thanks for any help!!

Affordable Office Space in Canberra?

By 15 February 2012

I’m looking for an affordable office to use in Canberra. Ideally what I’m after is a small office within an exisitng complex that I can rent out – like a consultation room at a clinic or chiro practice etc. I’ve looked at the Serviced Office buildings and when they have a free space they start at [...]

Investment property expert recommendation

By 14 February 2012

I currently have 1 investment property and would like some good advice on how best to manage it and buy more. Does anyone out there have a financial planner/accountant with this kind of expertise that they’d recommend?

Furniture maker recommendations in Canberra?

By 14 February 2012

Can anyone recommend a furniture maker to make a dining table?
Not looking for anything too fancy or an expensive designer, just having trouble finding what I want.

Does anyone have an 8mm film projector

By 13 February 2012

My wife and I have come across some 8mm films of her family. We don’t really know what is on them and don’t want to go to the expense of having them converted if they are rubbish.
Does anyone have an 8mm projector that we can use or hire to see what is on the films? [...]

Searching for Hairdresser – Mel

By 13 February 2012

Searching for hairdresser expert in bobs.

Building a new fence in Canberra?

By 12 February 2012

Good Day All,
I am going to put a 6ft fence up across the front of my property. Do I need approvals? If so, from whom?
Thanks in advance

Swimming pool blues in Canberra

By 12 February 2012

We’ve succumbed to family pressure and have arranged to build a pool.
We selected an established builder of concrete pools on the basis of their purported reputation and initial customer service and signed a contract in early July 2011.
It’s been hell ever since as they cut corners, give us no notice of what [...]

Caught short in Civic? Where are the quality bogs?

By 12 February 2012

i was musing, as you do, as i wandered across civic the other day and, for no reason in particular, thoughts turned to the varying quality of public amenities in civic and it occurred to me that different people must have their particular convenience of choice and i thought i’d ask, where do rioters spend [...]

Where can I get iced black coffee in Canberra?

By 11 February 2012

Hello guys,
I love iced black coffee but I cannot seem to get one at regular coffee shops.
I know Starbucks has it but there is none in Canberra.
I ordered an espresso shot over a glass of ice cubes once but it did not come out right because the barista did not know what she was [...]

Speeding Fines – how long before they come?

By 11 February 2012

Just wondering if anyone knows how long (usually) it takes before a speeding fine will arrive, if indeed you are to receive one?
Also, is there any leeway given with regard to the actual speed – ie, if you were going a couple of K’s over, would that still warrant a fine, or not?
I’m [...]

Volunteering in Canberra if the SES doesn’t want you?

By 11 February 2012

Hi everyone,
I recently tried out for the SES and got as far as the information session when I got an email telling me that my application to join was unsuccessful – before I even got the application forms.
I was wondering if there is a Rural Fire Service or any other organisations that need volunteers? [...]

Where to japanese buy seaweed salad to eat at home?

By 11 February 2012

I am a big fan of the japanese seaweed salad you get from most sushi places around town, but it’s pretty expensive to buy in the small takeaway containers. I am wondering if it can be obtained in larger quantities.
Yes, go to an asian grocer, I get it…but every time a buy a seaweed that [...]

Surveyor to define property boundaries in Canberra?

By 9 February 2012

I want to find out where my property boundaries are at our house and understand that I’ll need a surveyor to do this. We’re looking to extend our home and knowing where the boundaries are and what the laws are about how close you can build to them would be useful in the design stage.
Can [...]

Tow bar fitter recommendations

By 9 February 2012

I need to get a tow bar fitted on my 08 Lancer.
Can anyone help with a recommendation of who can do a good job at a reasonable price?
Anyone had recent experience of how much I should expect to pay these days?
Northside preferable.

Hoping to feed and clothe some starving Canberran artists. Where to buy art?

By 8 February 2012

I have a new house.
The walls are very bare.
Where can I  buy some local and original paintings/drawings/sketches?
I’m looking for a place or event that runs regularly, with lots of different stuff to choose from.
Preferably under $500.

Recommendations for Driving Instructor

By 8 February 2012

Hi All
I am looking for recommendations on good driving schools/instructors. My almost 17 year old daughter is very keen to get her licence next month and I must admit that we have been a bit slow on the uptake to get her driving lessons. She drives regularly but we have only really taught her the [...]

Reccomendations for house painters

By 7 February 2012

Hi Rioters,
I need to have the inside of my house painted and would like to get some recommendations from other people out there.
We are wanting to paint to sell so would prefer to leave it in the hands of somebody who does it well (at a good price) as we have previously dabbled with the [...]

Spare bricks how to get rid of them in Canberra?

By 7 February 2012

I have a pallet of bricks at the front of our house that were not used when we built an extension.
They are all in good condition as they have never been used. Where can i go to get rid of these?
Preferably not the tip as they are new.

Wooden Wedding Seats for Hire in Canberra?

By 6 February 2012

Hi Everyone,
I need a little help. My partner and I are getting married at the boathouse later in the year and we’re planning to have the ceremony in the foyer. We have been trying to locate a business in Canberra that hires out white wooden fold-able wedding chairs.
We have been trawling all over the [...]

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