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Trams in Canberra?

By 28 November 2011

No I’m not talking plans for the future, or pipe dreams of future light rail. I am talking about actual trams in Canberra. I think many people may know of the ones that used to be in the Woden Tradies, and a few people may know of the one that was lent to us by [...]

Recommend an osteo in/near civic?

By 26 November 2011

Can anyone recommend a good osteopath in or near the city to deal with a dodgy back?
Preferably one that doesnt require a second mortgage to fund an appointment with (noting that it aint going to be cheap no matter where I go).

Hoe needed in Canberra

By 25 November 2011

For the last month Ive been trying to buy a good hoe and have had no luck.
I even tried Fyshwick without result.  I bought a cheap hoe with three prongs from a hardware store, out of desperation, but it exploded into three on the third swing.
What I want is a heavy duty cast [...]

Where is the best children’s playground in Canberra?

By 24 November 2011

Hey Rioters, I know this question has been asked before, but in the space of 3 years its worth asking again.
Where is the best children’s playground in Canberra? Bonus points if it has epic swings or cool themes.

I need a Wii, how to buy one in Canberra?

By 23 November 2011

I’m thinking of buying the kids a Nintendo Wii for xmas, but I know nothing about them. Shopbot lists them selling for about $200, but I have no idea whether that’s a good deal or whether the listing has everything I need for two players.
I’d be grateful for advice about what to look out for [...]

Isn’t it illegal to carry a knife?

By 23 November 2011

There was a dude on the bus yesterday morning who was wearing a dirty big knife in a bum bag style pouch over his shoulder. 
The knife was in full view and he copped some interesting looks.
I for one was a bit anxious.
I’m suprised the bus driver let him on.
Surely it’s illegal to carry a [...]

T-shirt wearing dog?

By 22 November 2011

On my Woden to Civic bus ride this morning I heard Action HQ warning the driver (whilst stifling laughter) of a dog in the Civic interchange wearing a red t-shirt.
Sadly, when the bus arrived the dog was nowhere to be seen.
Did anyone see it?  Or was it a figment of someone’s imagination?

Vintage or second hand clothing stores in Canberra?

By 22 November 2011

I did a search for my question but was unable to find an answer. I need a dress to wear to a gathering my brother is holding, now my brother is rather fancy and my converse chuck Taylor’s are unwelcome.
I need a dress and some shoes i am more comfortable in older styles of clothing, [...]

Threading recommendations?

By 22 November 2011

Hello Rioters,
Does anyone have any recommendations for a good place to get eyebrow threading done?
I used to go to the Kundalini salon but the lady that does the threading there has just gone on maternity leave.  
The only other place that I am aware of that does threading is Absolute Shape, but they are fully [...]

SAAB 95 AC repair

By 21 November 2011

Help needed.
Air conditioner (climate control) does not work. No air comes from the vents. I need to get it checked and repaired.
Which garage in Canberra is good at SAAB? Any recommendations?
Thanks in advance!

Garbled speech on mobile in Canberra?

By 21 November 2011

For several weeks I have been having trouble with my mobile, though the problem comes and goes for no obvious reason.
Basically, at times I sound garbled or my speech cuts in and out for the person on the other end, however I can hear them just fine and have full signal strength.
At first [...]

Keeping a skink in Canberra?

By 21 November 2011

Recently I found one of those common garden skinks wandering around my laundry and decided to catch it, I have a terrarium in an old fish-tank and was thinking about keeping it there.
But first I would like to know whether I can keep it I have heard that for NSW at least you need [...]

New apartments in Woden

By 17 November 2011

A friend of mine is interested in buying an apartment in the Woden area.  He found a number of new developments through Allhomes, such as Sorrel, Woden Green, and Aalto, etc… His budget is around 380K – 400K.
Those of you who are locals to the Woden area, do you guys think it’s a good idea? [...]

Melba Copeland High School

By 17 November 2011

Looking for advice,
I have a child going into year six next year, and so we are starting to think about the big move to high school. I was hoping for any information, advice and opinions on Melba Copeland High School.
Thank you for your help.

Change of Address Protocol / Rules in Canberra

By 17 November 2011

So I moved house in Canberra about 2 years ago.
For a fair time after moving I received, on average, 10 letters a week addressed to the previous residents of the house. For the first 6 months or so I made the effort to write ‘Not at this address’ on the front of the envelope and [...]

Internet coverage Watson/Downer

By 17 November 2011

Hi all,
I’m looking for an isp that actually covers Watson/Downer, anyone know of one that works?

Reputable PC repairs in Canberra?

By 16 November 2011

I’ve recently moved to north Canberra, and am looking for a PC Repair shop that doesn’t charge the price of a new laptop just to look at the bloody thing, only to tell me it’ll cost an arm and a leg to replace something I can’t pronounce anyway.

APS Interview coaching

By 16 November 2011

I have been applying for government positions in different agencies over the last year. I’ve made it through to interview stage a few times now, but seem to stumble at this last hurdle.
The interview situation brings me quite unstuck and the whole thing seems to fall to bits. As you can imagine the more often [...]

OEM inkjet cartridges in Canberra?

By 16 November 2011

I normally get my Epson Inkjet cartridges from the Computer fair but I forgot so I’m looking for somewhere in town which I can buy a compatible Epson inkjet cartridges.
Plenty of places sell the genuine version but do anyone sell OEM carts for Epson TX550W ?

Can anyone recommend a cleaner/cleaning company in Canberra?

By 16 November 2011

Appreciate some recommendations for a house-cleaner (Southside). Thanks.

Helicopter in Barton

By 16 November 2011

It is 11.30pm and there is a helicopter circling Barton. I assume it has something to do with the visit of Mr Obama. But what are they hoping to achieve at 11.30pm?!
Does anyone have any insight?

Mosquito Traps in Canberra?

By 14 November 2011

Mosquito traps in Canberra. Are they worth the money? What sort?

Best hairdresser in Canberra for asian hair

By 14 November 2011

I’m planning to get my haircut but I don’t know where the nice hairdressing to get it, especially i look for hairdresser who can deal with asian hair and can give me good hair.
Does anyone know where to get a good hair cut?
Thank you

Speaking of power outages… (in Kaleen)

By 11 November 2011

Last night (Thu 10th), I think around 8.30ish, the power to my house went off for maybe ten seconds. It was too quick for me to check to see whether other people in the street were affected, but I think it’s unlikely to have just been my place.
Lots of things can cause power outages, but [...]

What are these bugs?

By 10 November 2011

These guys have been everywhere lately. At my sons play group this morning, there were bunches of 50 or so clumped around some play equipment, mating like mad!
I just can’t remember seeing these in such numbers before. There is a constant swarm of them over our front yard. They aren’t any problem or anything – [...]

Gym recommendations wanted – city or Dickson area

By 10 November 2011

No lectures please about how I should get outside the exercise or just pick up some weights and do it at home.   I just prefer to do it indoors. 
Having recently moved to Canberra I’m not sure what is available.
Though I’ve seen a Fitness First in the city and have been a member of [...]

Recommendation for a guitar teacher on the northside

By 10 November 2011

Can someone recommend a good guitar teacher on the northside for my 17 year old son who has no music experience at all ?
Around the Spence/Evatt/Melba area would be ideal.

Servicing a Volkswagen in Canberra?

By 9 November 2011

My Volkswagen has a front and rear light out. There’s also a “service soon” light showing on the dashboard.
Where can I get a decent, reasonably-priced service? I’m mighty fearful of Australian labor costs.

Dry cleaning is pissing me off

By 9 November 2011

I have noticed recently that when I get my clothes back from the dry cleaner that they are clean, but have a faint wiff of piss.
Yep, someone is cleaning my clothes using ammonia, and the smell is persisting.
This has been an ongoing issue for a while now and I’m fed up with it. [...]

Lost iPhone – found it using Find My iPhone… police won’t help me retrieve it

By 8 November 2011

Hey Rioters,
I thought I’d submit my story about my lost phone… I lost it on Saturday night (possibly in a cab). I didn’t realise til I got home so started up the ‘Find My iPhone’ to see where I left it. Unfortunately it was turned off and couldn’t be tracked. I sent a nice message [...]

How to succeed in renting a home in Canberra?

By 8 November 2011

My husband landed himself a plum job in the ACT.
He has been there for several weeks and is enjoying the new job.
However, he has had no luck finding a rental for our family which consists of 2 adults, 4 children (number three turned out to be twins) and two dogs. [...]

Fishing in/near Canberra?

By 8 November 2011

My daughter (nearly 7) wants to go fishing this weekend! I’ve never cast a line in my life so I have absolutely no clue. I’ll go to that tackle shop in Belco for our gear as I’ve heard they are good with advice too.
I considered driving up to Wee Jasper if we have the time [...]

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