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Veggie Gardens in Canberra

By 23 October 2011

Mrs Hoo Haa and myself are about to try our hands at setting up a veggie garden but we know very little about it.
Does anyone have any good tips or can anyone recommend any good resources/links/books to learn more about the subject (specific to our climate)?

Optus broadband signal loss Casey-Nicholls

By 23 October 2011

I wondered if Rioters had noticed any diminution of their Optus mobile broadband signal (applies  also to Virgin, Amaysim, Dodo, Exetel, various other resellers of the Optus network).
I have been with Virgin mobile BB for several weeks and after experimenting with a wok aerial and the direction it points have been getting speeds of around [...]

Nothing can be done about house alarms

By 23 October 2011

Until last night I assumed that if an alarm at a house was going off constantly a person could call the ACT Police and have someone come out and investigate.  But apparently this is not so.  The police do not attend unless you can tell them you’ve seen secondary evidence of a break in with [...]

HELP: Parking Fines and being served court notices

By 22 October 2011

I need some advice.
I went to the Woden Shopfront for my friend’s 17 year old daughter, who was transferring a licence from overseas. Having already been in there twice to get knocked back because she needed proof of residence, we put in the paperwork.
Then the fun started.
We had to wait at the counter.
I tried [...]

Help with bugs in our bathrooms please!

By 20 October 2011

Every year around this time tiny black bugs with yellow spots on their backs take up residence in our bathrooms (but no other rooms in the house). They are about half the size of normal lady bird beetles. We will often suck them up with a vacuum cleaner in the evening, only to find a [...]

Calwell… Land of the jerk?

By 20 October 2011

I have recently started shopping at the Calwell shopping centre, and at the beginning it seemed nice enough but after a few weeks I can’t help but notice a lot of the people who work there are so rude. And not just the normal amount of rudeness, and not just towards me, they seem to hate everyone. [...]

Future Pit Bull Warning

By 19 October 2011

Hi Rioters,
I’ve read most of the posts about dog owners and pit bulls on this site. I’m a dog owner, but not a pit bull owner, and I side with those that believe most dogs (even pit bulls) can be safe and rewarding pets with the right training and the right owners. On the other side of the [...]

Where is the best workplace in Canberra?

By 18 October 2011

I am keen to get ideas from people about where the best workplaces are in Canberra, and would also be interested to know why they’re so good.
What makes a great workplace?

Parking in Barton?

By 17 October 2011

So our office is re-locating to Barton near Brisbane Ave and whilst we are being re-assured that parking is not a problem, some have heard otherwise.
Can any Rioters share their experiences?

Electrician HELP!

By 17 October 2011

Desperately looking for an electrician to come and fix a circuit that has gone in the kitchen side of our house.
Was recomended Complete electrical services, but when politely asking the receptionist if they  could provide someone for this afternoon.  All she said was NO.  I paused,waiting for the rest of the sentance  but it was just NO, [...]

Montessori Toddler Program in Canberra?

By 16 October 2011

Has anyone used the Montessori Toddler Program for their child?
If so, is it worthwhile?
What sort of activities do the children do during the class?
Is it value for money?
Most importantly, is there a waiting list?

Tattoos in Canberra circa 2011?

By 13 October 2011

Gday all,
I’ve recently moved here from Sydney and am wondering if anyone knows of a good tattoo place in the ACT.
I have an unfinished sleeve that i need to get finished, plus start a new one on my leg.
I have heard of good ones in Lyneham , Tuggeranong and Queanbeyan. Just want some [...]

Wedding photos in Summer. Where to shoot in Canberra

By 11 October 2011

Hi Guys,
In February I’m getting married, And im looking for a few nice places to get our wedding photos taken somewhere… We looked at the Stromlo Observatory today, it was lovely, and also looked at Lanyon homestead, It was amazing!
Can anyone suggest other places that will look lovely, and not dead in Summer?

What happened to the Moonlight Bus

By 11 October 2011

Does anyone know if the Moonlight party bus is still running or what happened to it?
I recenly went back to Canberra and looking to have another wild time on the bus but couldn’t find it.
That bus was an institution there!
Hope it hasn’t finished…

Solicitors familiar with Ownplace House and Land Packages in Canberra?

By 11 October 2011

My number came up in the top 100 in the upcoming Ownplace ballot, and I will attend the ballot draw on Friday 21 October. If I am successful there, I’ll need a solicitor to help me with the purchase of the house and land package.
Just wondering if any of you have bought your place through [...]

Where to get sashimi salmon?

By 10 October 2011

We started making our own sushi and it’s just not the same with smoked salmon. Does anyone know where to get good sashimi grade salmon on the Northside?
I am pretty sure that I saw it at that Cold Seas place near Fyshwick markets a couple of years ago, but that’s really out of my way.
I [...]

Piercing in Canberra?

By 10 October 2011

A lot of piercing parlours are closing or are closed at the moment. Adrenaline doesn’t do piercings anymore; Justin’s is closed; Tattoo power doesn’t do piercings anymore either.
Other than Steel Demon who I’d really not rather go to (Botched a piercing), Is there anywhere else other then Freestyle that people would recommend for piercings [...]

A Canberra Real Estate Question

By 10 October 2011

Family member (first home buyer) has spotted a very des res at exhibition. Asking price is affordable.
It is obvious that there is considerable interest from a number of potential buyers.
An offer at full asking price is made.
Family member is advised that at that offer, they are fourth in line, a number of higher offers having [...]

Is a relationship between a tradesperson and a body corporate manager allowed?

By 10 October 2011

Is a relationship between a body corp management agency and a tradesperson allowed?
Does it have to declared, how can it be dealt with?

Getting fit for summer in Canberra?

By 9 October 2011

Whilst bikini shopping today it was brought to my attention that I had gained a sizeable backside since last summer. Sure I could use all the the excuses:  I am a busy working professional with no time to exercise, Canberra is too cold in winter, I have a blister on my toe.. blah blah, but [...]

Online Registration Renewal in Canberra?

By 8 October 2011

Hey guys, I went down to the coast this week and forgot to renew my registration before I left.
I did it as soon as I got home (online) and I was wondering if I was fine to drive or do I have to wait for that sticker to arrive?

Psychological test funding in Canberra?

By 6 October 2011

I have been aware for quite some time that mentally, up top I am not quite with it. No, I’m not a mentally deranged lunatic or totally mentally handicapped, but yeah, I’m not Einstein either. I have issues with attention span, memory, thought process, the concept of time in general and I’ve got symptoms of [...]

Hunting the Purple Falcon

By 6 October 2011

G’day Everyone
For the past while (1 1/2- 2 years), I’ve been seeing a Purple GT about. It used to have P plates, but driver obviously has gotten off P’s now?
Main question is, has anyone had/seen any issues with it? Nothing bad that I have noticed, just trying to track it down for wedding car purposes.
If anyone has [...]

Dog barking threatened… ?

By 6 October 2011

Hello fellow rioters. This afternoon when the missus reached home after work, she found a note on the door was asking us to “shut our barking dog OR…”
I am happy to ensure that our dog does not bark when we are away, but I find the tone of the note quite intimidating and borderline threatening. [...]

Selling Up – Property Styling in Canberra?

By 5 October 2011

Is having your home professionally styled for sale a worthwhile investment?

Recommendation for a nanny/nannying agency in Canberra?

By 4 October 2011

Hi Canberrans
Can anyone recommend a good nannying agency? A few of the mums in my mother’s group are thinking of hiring a nanny and splitting the cost rather than dealing with the nightmare of childcare centre  waiting lists, etc.
I’ve checked the yellow pages but there are not many results. A google search comes up with [...]

Vinyl DJs and record stores in Canberra to take records?

By 3 October 2011

Can anyone recommend a local DJ forum, music shop, etc that might be interested in taking some unwanted dance records off my hands?
Back in the old days, I used to take my unwanted dance records to Landspeed. These days few local DJs are spinning vinyl, and places like Landspeed and Reefer are reluctant to stock [...]

Looking for an architect/designer who listens around Canberra

By 2 October 2011

We would like an architect or designer who has experience with solar passive, is interested in recycling and who can listen to our needs and ideas and present options that meet these needs

Kids Play Centre @ Gold Creek Country Club

By 2 October 2011

Anyone in the know as to what the building going in at the Gold Creek Country Club is?
Big white thing next to the Tennis courts backing on to Curran Drive.
At first my wife and I had assumed it was either club lime moving to somewhere less cramped, or an indoor tennis [...]

Etiquette for buying bicycles online and getting them built in Canberra?

By 29 September 2011

With spring arriving (minus this week’s weather, obviously), I thought to make do on a long overdue promise and get myself a nice commuter bike. I was googling around and found some local shops like the Tuggeranong Bike Hub and some less local shops like Cell bikes in NSW. However, a knowledgeable friend recommended purchasing [...]

School based apprenticeships in Canberra?

By 28 September 2011

Just wondering if anyone knows a building business that takes on school based apprentices.
My son (year 10) is interested in doing a ASBA in carpentry but we are having difficulty finding a placement.
Seems that not too many people are willing to take on school based apprentices. 
Keeping kids in school with this initiative appears [...]

Canberra job search / interview coaches?

By 28 September 2011

The time has come to aspire to the next level up the chain and my interview skills are a bit rusty – I am after a good coach to help me with interview techniques so I blitz the interview panel(s).
Has anyone used these services and have any suggestions of companies or individuals that [...]

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