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PA hire in Canberra?

By 26 March 2012

howdy rioters…
seeking advice on PA hire.
looking a five channel mixer, 2 cd players, 2 turntables (vinyl who’d have thought it;) & speakers (plus all the required cables, etc)… only required for the one evening (friday)
done a wee search, but recommendations would be appreciated:)

Obscenely early coffee?

By 26 March 2012

I have to drop someone off at Jolimont at 6:30 tomorrow morning.
Is there anywhere around there that might be open for a coffee at six-ish?

What bug will this be?


Just wondering if any ofr the Rioters can identify this caterpillar that was on my railing yesterday morning?

Canberra red bricks?

By 25 March 2012

Does anyone know where I could buy cleaned Canberra red bricks?
We are looking for between three and four thousand.
Some idea of price would also be good, Thanks.

No-signature credit cards

By 24 March 2012

Paying for petrol this morning, I stuck my card in the reader and entered my PIN – “incorrect PIN” came the message, so I tried again and, again, got the same message.
“Just tap it, buddy” said the attendant (risking a stern finger-wagging for the use of that appalling American appellation). Mistaking my chagrin at his [...]

Australia Post – Getting Parcels delivered

By 23 March 2012

I live in the Oracle apartments in Belconnen.
Does anyone else living in an apartment in either Belconnen or Canberra seem to have problems getting parcels delivered?
In my case the deliverer doesn’t seem to even leave a card saying they’ve called, which means I have no way of knowing whether or not I’ve received something. [...]

Disputing an Infringement in the Magistrates Court & Disabled Parking in the ACT

By 23 March 2012

I’m considering going to the Magistrates Court to dispute a parking infringement issued to me. Now before you all blast me and tell me to pay up, don’t waste taxpayers money, don’t be a tightarse etc I want you to know I’m not doing an “Dr Enfield’ or anything needless like that (I pay any other fines [...]

Screws in tyres in Canberra?

By 23 March 2012

Has anyone else had someone putting screws in their tyres?
I have had on 3 seperate occasions now found the same type of screw in the same tyre.
It has been the same tyre each time and on the outer top edge of the tyre so I think someone must be doing it.

Advertising recommendations in Canberra?

By 23 March 2012

Hi Rioters
I’m looking to do some local press advertising for my business.  Before I spend a small fortune on advertising, I’d love to hear your views on where my advertising dollar is best spent eg:
- City News
- Canberra Weekly
- Canberra Times
- Chronicle
- Other
Please help…
[ED - And let us not forget RiotACT]

New GP Southside?

By 22 March 2012

With yet another family practice in Canberra’s South closing (Chifley Family Practice – moving to Ochre Health in Calwell) I was wondering if anyone had any information on Medical Centres in the Weston/Weston area?
I know that Waramanga Medical Centre is taking new patients and I’ve heard Fisher Family Practice are also, but I’d like to [...]

Recommendations for a cocktail party venue in Canberra?

By 21 March 2012

We’re looking for a venue to host a cocktail party for our engagement, for around 50 – 70 guests. 
Has anyone got any great ideas? 
We’re hoping to go somewhere that doesn’t have a per head charge for food (which we’re finding difficult) would appreciate any advice!!
Thank you

White Canvas Tarps in Canberra?

By 20 March 2012

I am seeking ready made white canvas tarps with eyelets, various sizes.
I have been able to purchase green olive tarps here in Australia at a good price off ebay ($60ish bucks each).
There is an abundance of white tarps on the web from the USA but the postage is too expensive ($500)!
Anyone out there can help??

Where to park at University House, ANU?

By 20 March 2012

I have a meeting at University House for about an hour at 1pm next Thursday.  I won’t have much time to look for a car park and parking’s always been difficult on the few occasions I’ve been to ANU before.  I know there is parking at University House, but what are the chances there’ll be a space available [...]

Do any real estate agents work in reverse?

By 20 March 2012

Question for the hive mind -
I’m looking to change my living situation in/around June/July of this year. Is it worthwhile me sending my details and the kind of place I’m after to real estate agents and asking them to contact me if anything suitable turns up? Or is that just going to be too much [...]

New daytime biting mozzies?

By 19 March 2012

Not sure if it’s something to do with all the wet weather or CSIRO have left the top of one of their jars, but for the last week or so I have been getting badly bitten by very large mozzies during the daytime.
Went for a walk up Mount Rogers in Flynn on saturday and [...]

Your thoughts wanted on the Legislative Assembly website

By 19 March 2012

The team working on a refresh of the Legislative Assembly website are asking for feedback and have specifically asked for the insights of our sagacious readership.
They’ve got a survey to fill in but will also be reading the comments here.

Good mobile dog groomers?

By 18 March 2012

Who are the good mobile dog groomers in Canberra?
We’ve been having difficulty finding a good one since Mandy from Hydrodog left the business.
They’re not show dogs so the clip doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be even (after the last one I had to take the dogs into a [...]

Weird noises in braddon at dawn??

By 15 March 2012

For the last few months, every single (weekday) morning in Braddon there is the strangest sound at around 6.30am – it sounds like a dodgey car horn (like when your battery is going flat) but it goes for about 15 seconds, then stops, then goes again. i thought it was some moron honking their horn [...]

ACT Vehicle Inspection Stations

By 14 March 2012

Good morning.
I recently moved to the ACT and require my car to be inspected in order to receive ACT registration.
I am wondering if anybody knows of any registered inspection stations who turn a few blind eyes for very minor issues?
All comments are appreciated unless you tell me to get my car fixed.
Thank you [...]

Laptop screen replacement in Canberra?

By 12 March 2012

Can anyone recommend a good Canberra computer service, who could replace a  laptop cracked screen?

Leaving the Body Corporate…….?

By 11 March 2012

Hi, we are thinking about leaving the BC that we are with. Are there any points to consider when leaving? Are there exit fees, any nasty surprises?

Buying a tuxedo in canberra?

By 11 March 2012

Trying to find a reasonable priced, reasonable quality tuxedo in Canberra but not having alot of luck. I was suprised at the number of stores where I expected to find them that just don’t stock any.
Does anyone know where I could pick up a a tuxedo, pure wool or wool blend for under $1000? [...]

I’m Doing Something Wrong here – employment

By 9 March 2012

I returned to Canberra last year after six years of living in Christchurch, NZ. Earthquakes  brought me back – believe me, terra firma is much more conducive to peace of mind.
I ‘ve  spent all my adult working life in Canberra (apart from baby breaks and the above) so of course I began seeking employment here. [...]

What’s it like to work in the Dept of Finance?

By 9 March 2012

It’s funny how different APS agencies have their own little idiosyncrasies.
I’ve experienced a few of them, but am possibly moving to a new job at the Dept of Finance, and would be interested to know what to expect?
So, what’s it like?

Accountant or Book Keeper for Small Business

By 8 March 2012

I’m looking for advice about Accountants or Book Keepers that work with small business clients.
A Google search brings up many options but some inside info is always useful.
Can you recommend a good accountant or book keeper that works with small business?
Thanks in advance

Are there ‘pink ghettos’ in Canberra?

By 7 March 2012

Gender imbalance in the workplace – highly feminised industries dominated by gangs of women and branded “pink ghettos”.

Coastal conveyancing?

By 6 March 2012

We are looking at buying a house on the coast, just wondering if someone here could recommend a conveyancing group, and do you contact them 1st? or get the loan 1st?. I
just don’t know exactly what our next steps should be since I’ve never bought a home here in Australia.  
Please help =)

Kangaroo Cull – Woolworths, isle 4

By 5 March 2012

According to a recent decision by Woolworths head office, no one in Australia eats Kanga Bangas.. so there is no longer any point putting them on the shelves.
Because of this decision, I have had a whinge at the Woolworths butcher, posted a rant on the Woolworths complaints page.. and even considered calling the Today Tonight [...]

Dry Cleaner recommendations… For a wedding dress

By 5 March 2012

Hi Rioters!
Im looking for a dry cleaner who can do wedding dresses…
I have heard some horror stories, and seen some horrific rips and stains on newly-cleaned wedding dresses…
Has any ladies, or men, used a great one?? or ones to avoid?

Body Corporate recommendations?

By 5 March 2012

I am trying to find out who are the best Body Corporate managers
in Canberra. I am with one company but am seeking others that may be able to give a better service.
Your experiences please?

German mustard in Canberra?

By 4 March 2012

Hi Rioters,
I’m having great difficulty finding German mustard - Edelweiss used to have a great one, but alas, no more.
A kransky just doesn’t taste ‘right’ with other mustard’s and I have a hankering for kransky!

Have you seen flying foxes in your suburb?

By 3 March 2012

Hello Rioters,
I am seeking any information on flying foxes in Canberra, as part of a study of the Grey-headed flying foxes that have established at Commonwealth Park in recent years.
In particular I am looking for information on where they go and what they have been eating, but any observations will be useful.  If you have [...]

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