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Affordable small office space (or co-working area) for hire by the hour?

By 27 May 2014

I’m looking for a small office space to hire by the hour, preferably in Woden (though Civic or Tuggeranong areas could work too).
I’m self-employed and working with life coaching and personal development clients one-on-one, so I really only need a small room, just two chairs and a table. Wifi and a power point is a plus, [...]

What happened to AXIS automotive?

By 27 May 2014

I used to get all my mechanical repairs and services performed by Neil at AXIS automotive in Tuggeranong but have just noticed that they seem to have moved or closed down?
Does anyone know what happened?
I really dont want to have to look for a new mechanic especially one that I can trust.

Taylor Primary School

By 26 May 2014

I am moving house at the end of the year and Taylor Primary School (Kambah) will be nearby. Does anyone have kids there and/or know whether it has a good reputation? I have two boys at another Tuggeranong primary school which has so far served us well, so I would hate to move them to [...]

Re-negotiating rent to match the sagging market

By 26 May 2014

Figures released this week by SQM Research show vacancy rates in Canberra climbed to 2.5 per cent in April, compared to 2.3 per cent nationally, according to the ABC.
There are more than 500 additional rental properties vacant compared to the same time last year in the ACT.
Accompanying the vacancy rates rise is a drop in [...]

Non tacky Australian gifts?

By 25 May 2014

I need to send a few small gifts to family in England and want to get something Australian, whilst avoiding the tacky nastiness around.  I will unfortunately miss the Kingston Markets today, but does anyone have any suggestions of somewhere selling nice locally made gifts for kids and adults (not too $$$ or heavy…)?

Car Insurance Quotes – Any intell?

By 20 May 2014

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time playing the “Online Quote” game for car insurance – and I was a bit shocked as to the variation between the various companies.
Q: Does anyone have any intell on how these systems work?
Firstly I thought I would utilise one of those “comparison” websites that advertises on TV [...]

Long boozy lunch venue

By 19 May 2014

I’m looking for a venue for a long boozy lunch with a small group of friends.  Something warm and inviting, where we wont be shuffled out the door as soon as the meal ends.  Prefer something central to save on taxi fares but happy to travel for if worthwhile.  I’m after an English pub kind [...]

Wedding Planner?

By 16 May 2014

My fiance and me are getting married sometime next year but we can’t make any decisions re:date, venue etc…
I was hoping some Rioters would have recommendations for a good wedding planner in the Canberra region.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Anyone care about the public servants losing their jobs?

By 16 May 2014

There is so much media coverage around the sacking of pilots or car factory workers or pensioners, what about those 16,000 people (many will have to go by Oct this year). These are people with families, people who need to pay for kids’ tuition fees, their medical bills, and morgage.., etc. Look at newspapers, Tvs, [...]

When is a good time to buy property in Canberra?

By 15 May 2014

I’m looking into buying my first home in Canberra and have been reading all about the predicted property price declines as a result of the 2014 budget. If house prices in Canberra crash, it will be a great time to buy. A work colleague described it as a “once in a generational opportunity to buy cheaply [...]

Venue suggestions?

By 15 May 2014

Okay Canberra – we’ve got a big birthday coming up in my family and are looking for a lunchtime, kid-friendly venue, preferably Northside, but would be happy to take a short drive if it’s worth it. The birthday boy is a bit of a foodie too so we want something quality. Any ideas, rioters?

Transfer from 5 1/4 floppy disk to CD

By 14 May 2014

Does anybody know of a service, preferably in Canberra, for transferring data from 5 1/4 floppy disks to CD?

(EDITOR – I’ve just popped in an image for those who may not have ever seen a 5 1/4 floppy disk)

How do I understand which ACT College is right for my child?

By 13 May 2014

I have not been through the Canberra College system for kids going to Year 11 & 12 – so how do I find out which school is right for my child?
I have seen signs for various school “Open Nights” – but is there a central place where I can understand if schools have various specialties, [...]

Spidey sense tingling

By 10 May 2014

What spider is this?  I suspect its a wolf spider, and so (relatively) harmless.  Any other bids?

Car accident – what to do next?

By 9 May 2014

This may sound silly, but we are relatively new to Australia and a bit confused about what to do after a car accident. I was driving the car, with my spouse in the passenger seat and my daughter in the back seat. We were stopped at a light for at least 30 seconds, [...]

School Enrolment Question

By 9 May 2014

My son is at school age now. I live in Forde and have an investment property in Lyneham. I am wondering if it is possible to enroll him into Lyneham school even though I don’t live in there? Do I have to move to Lyneham?

Crane on Mt Taylor

By 8 May 2014

Whilst driving home this afternoon I noticed a large crane on the top of Mt Taylor. Does anybody know why it is there and what it is doing? At first I thought it might have been erecting a new monument or else doing some work on the National Transmission Station. If anybody [...]

Roadworks on Streeton Drive

By 8 May 2014

The ongoing roadworks along Cotter Road and Streeton Drive have become a very familiar headache on my morning commute.  The recent changes, limited signage and fairly death defying redirect of traffic seems particularly dangerous though.
Is anyone else having issues with it?  Makes me wonder what sort of guidelines they have in how they guide traffic [...]

Disgraceful Kambah Village clothing bins

By 7 May 2014

I just returned from the Kambah Village shops where I found yet again, someone has prised open the charity clothing bins and strewn their contents over the carpark.  My husband spoke to someone doing this a few weeks back, and the man used some choice expletives in response, as did his 5 year old son.  [...]

Toddler venues during winter in Canberra?

By 7 May 2014

We have not seen a toddler through a Canberra winter yet – so I am after any recommendations from parents on places to go?
I have joined a small playgroup, so I am looking for also a nice venue where a few toddlers can play and have a great time (weekly get-togethers).
I am looking for places [...]

ActewAGL/Telstra – let’s play the blame game

By 7 May 2014

I am new to this site, so not sure how best to attack this but some friends told me to use this forum to see if others are experiencing similar issues?
Quite a few months back we had ActewAGL in our street & backyard changing over the poles, we had a wooden one & now there [...]

Hair straightening in Canberra

By 7 May 2014

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone has gotten their hair chemically (permanent) straightened and if so where? I have been thinking of getting it done for a few years now but have never taken the plunge. I have researched it and know the pros and cons.  I can’t seem to find somewhere in Canberra that does [...]

Three ambulances at Northbourne Flats?

By 6 May 2014

Jed has just emailed in asking if anyone knows what is happening at Northbourne Flats Braddon this morning (Tuesday 6 May)? There were three ambulances on-site.

Virgin Mobile offline – completely

By 3 May 2014

Can’t make any calls or txt. Their web site is also chucking 503 errors (application errors) and is offline.

Monaro Highway bumper to bumper

By 3 May 2014

Yesterday, I had an appointment in Jerrabomberra at 4pm. Travelling from Kambah, I allowed half an hour, which is plenty of time. Unfortunately, when I reached the roundabout, just before the lights at Mugga Lane and Monaro Highway, there was a policeman redirecting us to go back the way we had come. Thankfully my appointment [...]

Smoking in playgrounds and bus-stops next to playgrounds…

By 2 May 2014

Does anyone know the status of this? I’m so tired of having to ask people not to smoke near my child in a play-ground or when waiting to catch a bus, and the tirade of verbal abuse when politely requesting such an action is horrific..
From: An election promise to count on: outdoor smoking bans coming [...]

Car Exhaust Replacement

By 2 May 2014

Greetings fellow rioters,
Can anyone recommend an exhaust shop in Canberra for car exhaust replacement and who to avoid?

Good mechanic in Phillip?

By 29 April 2014

Hi all
Can anyone recommend a good mechanic in Phillip?

Chronic Fatigue

By 29 April 2014

My daughter has suspected chronic fatigue at 19. She is in second year uni and everything is a struggle.
I am asking if anyone knows of a GP or specialist who had dealt with CFS and if there is any (useful) advice you might have for dealing with and getting over CFS?

Budget fears

By 29 April 2014

It seems to me that every day we are now hearing new ‘worst case’ scenarios in preparation for Joe Hockeys big moment in the sun.  Increased taxes, rising pension ages, changes to university funding – the list goes on (funnily enough no talk of changes to paid maternity leave which I find surprising).  It seems [...]

Charging to get quote on crash repairs

By 28 April 2014

Recently I stupidly backed into a pole and got a scrape on the rear bumper bar – sufficient that I need to get it professionally repaired.
This morning I ventured into a local smash shop to get a quote. I wasn’t too fussed at being told she would book me in for an appointment tomorrow but [...]

MyGov is a Dog (with apologies to all our canine friends)

By 28 April 2014

I see that the ATO is about to announce that we will need to use MyGov for tax returns in the future.
My experience with MyGov has been appalling. I just tried it again, with no success at all. When I go to eHealth, which is linked to my MyGov account, it gives a “Sorry, this [...]

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