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Booking a taxi that comes on time

By 27 September 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask RiotACT

I booked a taxi with cabxpress the night before my planned trip, for 6am. The operator said it would be there on time.
Long story short, when I called at 6:05 the operator said you’re in the queue, no eta. I then jumped in my car and drove to my destination and got mum to pick [...]

Interest in home data cabling in Canberra?

By 25 September 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask Riot

Hey Rioters
Just wanted to see what the interest is like in getting home data cabling done to connect your TV and computers via cable back you your internet.
Looking at starting it as a side business

Man asking for money in Weston Creek?

By 22 September 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask Riot

On the weekend my friend was approached by a man at the shopping centre in Weston. The man apparently needed cash to get to the hospital, as his wife had just been injured in a car accident. My friend didn’t give him the money – but the next person did: $15.
Now, I swear the same bloke [...]

Rustic wedding reception venue near Canberra – recommendations?

By 18 September 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask RiotACT

I have just started the basics of my wedding planning! The best articles I have found are older posts on this site so I am hoping for some updated advice from you all.
I am looking for a rustic wedding reception venue. For example, a barn that will have a ceremony area nearby, a large outdoor space to [...]

Seeking recommendations for render repairs in Canberra

By 17 September 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask Riot

Does anyone have recommendations for a renderer or suitably skilled handy person capable of a smallish non-urgent render repair job?
I’m not sure of the exact size but I’m guessing around 5 to 10 square meters ….. so not a huge job. Hopefully someone with suitable expertise can tell me also why the previous render in [...]

Electric air conditioning installer in Canberra?

By 16 September 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

I am asking around about installers of electric ducted reverse cycle air conditioning.
Sadly our 20-year-old gas wall heating has decided to die (it came with the house).
I am aware of a similar query back in 2013 on RiotACT  but would appreciate any advice on more recent experiences. It seems that electric is the way to [...]

What do you think about the Gungahlin Drive improvements?

By 14 September 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 3.21.26 pm

The below information is from the TAMS website:
Project background
Gungahlin Drive is currently experiencing considerable congestion, particularly during peak periods, as traffic accesses the Mitchell commercial and industrial precinct. This traffic congestion is expected to increase as the Gungahlin Town Centre and greater Gungahlin area continue to grow.
In late 2014, engineering and development consultants SMEC were [...]

Canberra gardeners: advice needed

By 10 September 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask Riot

Hey there, just wanting some advice on what to plant in my garden.
Firstly, I want to plant a hedge in an area that faces west. It’s shaded in the morning, gets hot sun in the afternoon (summer) and will sit between two giant oaks, which may provide some shelter. It’s fairly dry, sitting at the [...]

BBQ Service in ACT?

By 9 September 2015
Ask Riot

Is anyone aware of an end to end BBQ service in Canberra that will come to your home and service your BBQ? I’ve moved into a new place that has an inbuilt BBQ that looks like it hasn’t been used in many many years.
I’ve replaced the O-ring and got some of the burners to work [...]

Canberra Centre car park construction?

By 8 September 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask Riot

Anyone know what they are building on the roof level of the multi-storey Canberra Centre car park? Noticed the car park was closed last Friday – crane and concrete pump now on site.

Long service leave entitlement resigning from APS ?

By 7 September 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask Riot

Hi, I can’t find any actual information on the internet other than  the 1976 AC.
If I resign from a job in the public service after seven services will I be entitled to pro-rata payment of long service leave ?
Please don’t repeat standard NSW law unless it applies to ACT and the APS.

Who is the Canberran agent for iRobot? (Roomba)

By 3 September 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask RiotACT

I need some bits to spruce up my humble house cleaning friend, the battery is getting weak and there are a few upgrade kits you can throw at the old ones to make them better.
In 2012, iRobot moved to a model much like Thermomix where you can only get parts for Roombas through your local [...]

Strata managers in Canberra – Recommendations wanted!

By 2 September 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask Riot

There are a couple of dated posts relating to this topic I can see (2007 & 2012), but we are looking for some updated information.
Our units plan (class b) is interested in looking for a new strata manager since we’re getting not so great service from our current provider.
We’d be interested in what others think [...]

Quality gym near Civic/Ainslie/Dickson?

By 1 September 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask RiotACT

I am a student looking for a quality gym near Civic, Ainslie or Dickson. Hopefully I can get fit. I am looking for a price around $10 – $20 a week.
Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

Has the tax office gone mad?

By 28 August 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask Riot

Life was simple once. The tax office sent me a bill in the mail. I then paid the bill.
Now the tax office sends an email to MyGov, MyGov sends an email to me. I go to MyGov, log in, read the email and then click to go to the un-navigable tax office site.
This is lunacy.
I [...]

Written off car – advice wanted

By 22 August 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask RiotACT

I had a truly minor hit on the side of my old car (1994 model), just a scratch on one side of the back door occurred during a parking manoeuvre.
The person responsible for the damage was kind enough to inform his insurance company (AAMI) to go through the repairing process.
It seems that the repair is [...]

What happened to Carpet Cleaning by Rex?

By 21 August 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask RiotACT

Carpet Cleaning by Rex did excellent work for me over 30 years. Now uncontactable.
Does anyone know what happened to the business?

Sewing machine lessons in Canberra?

By 20 August 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask Riot

A reader asks:
My daughter has recently inherited an old Janome sewing machine. Can anyone suggest somewhere she can learn to use the sewing machine? There used to be a place a Phillip where you could take your machine and learn the basics. Does this still exist?

Good accountants in Canberra?

By 17 August 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask Riot

I’m looking for an accountant in Canberra who is good with Xero and patient with very small business owners. Any suggestions?
My tax returns aren’t super complicated, but in addition to a full-time job I run my own business (as a sole trader) on the side. I will also be looking to rent out an investment [...]

Having a baby in Canberra – is private really better?

By 15 August 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask Riot

I’m pregnant and would appreciate advice on whether to go private or public for antenatal care and delivery in Canberra.
I have an existing medical condition so I would definitely request a caesarean. Would this be guaranteed in a public hospital? Could I choose this from the first trimester and would an obstetrician be available on [...]

Inadequate disclosure of Canberra Centre parking credit card processing fee

By 11 August 2015
Ask RiotACT

With the introduction of the new parking machines and gates the Canberra Centre has also snuck in another change – a processing fee for using a credit card to pay for parking.
I found this out after I saw a medium sized sign in the carpark foyer saying something like “you can now pay at the [...]

Evolution of Crace from bushland to suburb (and the devolution of the Garden city).


The Canberra Times has this week published photos tracing the evolution of Crace from bushland to suburb. 
The gutters are nearly touching! Didn’t anyone who built out there want a garden?
Can the people living in Crace open a window without hearing what the neighbours are watching on TV? Can they hear each other when they flush a [...]

New Indian street food on Mort Street?

Ask RiotACT

Was walking down Mort Street the other week and noticed a new Indian Street food store was opening where the ACT Chook Shed was. Was hoping someone could tell me the name of it and if it has opened yet?

Providing number plate for paid parking – is it compulsory?

Ask RiotACT

Just wondering if you can legally be fined for inputting an incorrect number plate when paying for parking.
The Wilson long-stay carpark behind the Civic police station makes you enter your number plate when you purchase a ticket. I presume this is to stop people handing their ticket to someone else when they happen to [...]

Calling Canberra’s dodgy fiddle players!

Ask Riot

I’m new to Canberra and play fiddle (but not very well). I’m keen to meet up with other not-very-good fiddle players so we can enjoy playing together, without worrying about being a bit rubbish. Anyone interested?!
I figure we can meet in someone’s home, or cheaply rent a church space or something, once a month to share [...]

Women’s team sports in Canberra? (For a beginner)

Ask Riot

Hi all,
I was hoping to find a women’s sports team to train with on weeknights or weekends. I haven’t played any team sports in a while but am keen to try something new while also meeting new people (I recently moved interstate).
I’ve had some trouble tracking down info for women wanting to get into a sport [...]

Roof ventilation advice in Canberra?

Ask RiotACT

I am just hoping for some advice from other Canberrans who have some experience with installing any of the various types of roof ventilation in their home. Basically what did you pick and why, what was the cost, and was it successful?
We have a small house in a new subdivision that was built in 2012 [...]

Canberra ghost stories wanted!

Ask Riot

Hi all, I’m looking at writing a new book regarding ghosts and hauntings in the Canberra/ ACT area. As such, I would appreciate any stories anyone has and are happy to tell (and have published, anonymously or otherwise).
At present I have manuscript being edited by Schiffer Books in the US regarding UK ghosts and have [...]

Rooftop solar – recent experiences in Canberra?

Ask Riot

Thinking of installing solar power to our house. Orientation is ideal, and whilst not looking to make money, I would love to escape the clutches of ACTEW (or whatever they’re called this week).
Would appreciate any feedback re: supply and installation of (say) a 4Kw system, and how it has performed.
The majority of advertisers on Google require [...]

Recommendations for motorcycle service in Canberra

Ask Riot

Hello fellow rioters
I recently inherited a BMW K100 (1983). It’s hasn’t run in a fair while and I just want to get it serviced to make sure I don’t ruin anything by getting it going myself and riding it.
Can anyone recommend a bike mechanic in Canberra, maybe one that does BMW and or older bikes?
Thanks [...]

Which are Canberra’s most disadvantaged suburbs?

Ask Riot

I was surprised to see a few of the suburbs that are mentioned and even more surprised to see a few that have lifted off the bottom shelf (including Kingston!)
An interesting read and I think it’s useful for Canberrans to know which areas of our city have the most need so we can help out [...]

What’s better: Fixed rate or variable rate home loan?

Ask Riot

I am going to borrow home loan from the bank and have three options: fixed rate, variable rate and half and half.
Would you please advise here what option I should take. You are welcome to comment on ‘owner occupier’ or ‘investment’, and three different options because your comment may benefit others even if it does [...]

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