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BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! at the Phoenix with too many guests

By 11 December 2013

[ 18 December 2013 at 7:30 pm; ]

The finest night of free entertainment the Earth has ever seen happens Monthly at the Phoenix.

It is hosted by Andrew Galan and Joel Barcham because they are loud.

You should be aware of this.





And in the December we want you on stage with your words for [...]

Bela Farkas Sacrifical Poems CD Launch at the Phoenix

By 21 November 2013

[ 20 November 2013 at 4:00 pm; 4 December 2013 at 7:30 pm; ]

Bela Farkas is BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUITS! eternal sacrificial poet, and is launching his first CD of poetry next month at the Phoenix Bar.

You should probably go.

Serial celebrity name dropper Bela Farkas is a Canberra-based poet. A lot of his work has been heavily influenced by popular culture and current events. He has featured at Canberra’s BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT!, Traverse [...]

The Phoenix gets a hole in the wall for its 20th birthday

By 11 November 2013

[ 18 November 2013 to 24 November 2013. ]

The Phoenix Bar is turning 20!

To celebrate, it’s doubled in size!

What once was downstairs Shooters is now an extension of the Phoenix Bar which is pretty much the most exciting thing to happen in my life since I became old enough to first attend the Phoenix Bar. They’ve put in a second bar, a raised [...]


By 1 November 2013

Hey it’s Friday, it’s the afternoon.
You’re looking to wind down, get ready for the weekend. I understand.
However I need you to know you are doing the wrong thing. This weekend is so full of crazy awesome you need to hit the ground running. You need to be pumped.
Quick, listen to THIS:

That’s volume one of the [...]

BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! with Amelia Filmer-Sankey and El Lukio

By 24 September 2013

[ 16 October 2013; ]

Canberra’s finest and only poetry event is returning to the Phoenix next month on the 16th with special guest stars Amelia Filmer-Sankey and El Lukio.

That’s right! I said Amelia Filmer-Sankey and El Lukio!

Can you even comprehend?

Lord of co-op related events and black-belted word ninja, Amelia Filmer-Sankey will be getting all up in your word grill [...]

BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! returns to its usual programming

By 12 September 2013

[ 18 September 2013 at 7:30 pm; ]


BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! is BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! is a poetry slam at the Phoenix Bar Canberra.

It has been called Canberra’s best night of free entertainment.

Poets will POET into a MICROPHONE which will then poet into your ears through TECHNOLOGY.

This month we feature Candy Royalle.

Candy Royalle is a performance artist and poet who fuses cinematic storytelling, poetry [...]

BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! kicks off the ACT championships

By 20 August 2013

[ 21 August 2013 at 12:00 am; ]

BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! is tomorrow night!

It is also at the Phoenix!

It is double also the first heat in this year’s ACT Australian Poetry Slam championships.

The winners will be sent to the ACT finals, the winners of the ACT finals will be sent to National Finals in Sydney, the winners of the National finals in Sydney will be [...]

Australian Poetry Slam heat dates announced

By 7 August 2013

[ 21 August 2013 at 7:30 pm; 5 September 2013 at 7:30 pm; ]

The Canberran slam poetry scene is massive, inspiring, and challenging. If you’ve got even a passing interest in the spoken word you owe it to yourself to check out some of the wonderful local performer/writers we have here.

In fact coming to one of these heats would be a great place to do just that.

The team [...]

BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! ready to fight at the Phoenix

By 8 July 2013

[ 17 July 2013 at 7:30 pm; ]

BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! is a wild beast and cannot be contained, and it is returning to the Phoenix.

The following release should answer any questions you have.


We give you a stage, 2 minutes, 2 microphones, an audience, The Master or Mister or Mistress of Conflict, 5 judges, 2 toilets, 2 MCs, and [...]

Bad!Slam!No!Biscuit! comes back with Ghostboy in tow

By 12 June 2013

[ 19 June 2013 at 7:30 pm; ]

Canberra’s most serious and longest running poetry event is coming back to the Phoenix Bar this month on the 19th of June.

This month we will be featuring Queensland’s finest entertainers Ghostboy and Sir lady Grantham who will be providing music, words, and sex appeal.

Get to it.

Slammin’ In Canberra by Mart Basa

By 27 May 2013

Mart Basa just sent us this wonderful little article on the amazing Slam poetry scene in Canberra:
Scratch the capital’s 100-year surface and discover it’s all in the poetry. Canberra’s poetry slam scene is spilling and thriving its heart out.
Poetry slam, for the uninitiated, is a competitive blend of hip hop, theatre and performance poetry [...]

BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! coming on the 15th of May

By 13 May 2013

[ 15 May 2013 at 7:46 pm; ]

Canberra’s finest night of drunken poetry and sometimes other things is coming back to the Phoenix Bar this Wednesday.

Featuring the talents of Queensland’s warrior wordsmith Darkwing Dubs, local snake-oil merchants (and occasional musicians) Dr. Stovepipe, and a very special memorial spot appearance by Canberra’s THUNDERCAT.

Also it’s a poetry slam, so you can compete for fabulous [...]

Andrew Galan gets published in a tiny book

By 19 April 2013

Andrew Galan is a poet. He runs writing workshops in Canberra’s food courts, co-founded Bad!Slam!No!Biscuit!, harasses people in the civic interchange as a part of the Tragic Troubadours, and has his hands in just about everything poetry related that goes on in Canberra.
He also has a blog, if you like those kind of things.
At any [...]

Folkie 2013 wrap up

By 2 April 2013

I love Folkie. I’ve haven’t missed a Folkie for 13 years. I get excited when it’s coming and depressed when it’s over. The combination of music, circus, friends, tents, kransky, and pyjamas pluck at a banjo that resides deep in my chest.
However, with the National coming in at the rear of the craziest festival and [...]

Thoughts from BADSLAM

By 28 March 2013

Local poet and video blogger Charlie J Quinn has put up some thoughts on BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! that are rather kind.
BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! is a poetry slam, it occurs on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at the Phoenix Bar, and it exists because of the rather warm community that has formed around it. Charlie has managed to put [...]

Bad!Slam!No!Biscuit! at You Are Here. A Papercuts review

By 22 March 2013

Ironically for a poetry slam, I don’t think words are the best way to describe Bad!Slam!No!Biscuit! Rather, it’s something that you have to experience for yourself.
If you were to enter the Phoenix mid-way through the poetry slam you might be forgiven for having thought that you had tumbled down a rabbit hole or fallen through [...]

How is your You Are Here?

By 21 March 2013

You Are Here continues to be one of the most exciting and exhausting events in the Canberran calendar. I hope you’ve been taking advantage of it Rioters.
Last night I saw a pair of time travelling scientists attempt to sell an audience insurance, I saw a pub full of rowdy drunks kept entranced by an even [...]

Canberra’s longest running poetry slam returns

By 6 March 2013

[ 20 March 2013 at 8:00 pm; ]

Did you know BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! is Canberra’s longest running poetry slam?

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.


By 7 February 2013

[ 20 February 2013 at 7:30 pm; ]

The best reason in the world to start drinking early in the Phoenix on a Wednesday night is to get a decent seat at the Phoenix from one of Canberra’s two poetry slams.

Facebook has details:

Have you been to BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT!?

BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! is the poetry slam that wants your words on stage for two minutes for 1st prizes.

And [...]

Bad! Slam! No! Biscuit! returns in 2013

By 11 January 2013

[ 16 January 2013 at 7:30 pm; ]

Facebook has a warning for all your souls:

BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! is inside the Phoenix Pub for 2013, which means you get two microphones, a stage, plenty of sound, prizes and more prizes, audience, clapping, prizes, judges, cheering, heckling, and the chance of glory! With MCs too, and scoring along with adding, prizes, conflicting, and poetry, especially poetry, [...]

January at the Phoenix

By 10 January 2013

[ 8 January 2013 to 31 January 2013. ] This just in:

Tuesday 8th 7:30pm
Andrew Galan’s Our Dystopian Futures Trivia

Thursday 10th 9pm
Chainsaw Hookers
Johnny Roadkill
Renegade Peacock

Saturday 12th 9:30pm
The Mouldy Lovers (Bris)
Underscore Orkestra (USA)
The Brass Knuckle Brass Band

Sunday 13th 8pm
Wil Wagner (The Smith Street Band, Melbourne)
Lincoln LeFevre (Hobart)
Isaac Graham (Sydney)
Ben David (Adelaide)

Tuesday 15th 7:30pm
Arc Cinema Presents
Liz and Bolings Quiz of Fortune

Wednesday 16th 8pm

Saturday 19th 9:30pm
Bob Log III
Crash [...]

An unseasonal Bad! Slam! for the festive period

By 6 December 2012

[ 12 December 2012 at 7:30 pm; ]

Facebook brings word:

The December BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! will be at the special time of the 2nd Wednesday of December.

So bring your words, your audience, your judges, your to do lists, your fridges, your poems, to The Phoenix Pub for prizes! Because we give you a stage, two microphones, two MCs, The Master of Conflict, The Score Adder, [...]

Bad! Slam! No! Biscuit! Back where it belongs

By 6 November 2012

[ 21 November 2012 at 7:30 pm; ]

Canberra’s best night of free entertainment returns to the Phoenix:

In November we provide you with a stage, an audience, five judges, The Score Adder, two microphones, and two minutes on stage, for prizes, FIRST PRIZES from Impact Comics, The Games Capital, Smiths Alternative Bookshop, and from underneath the back office desk.

And of course we provide [...]

Heats for the Australian Poetry Slam kicking off

By 24 September 2012

[ 28 September 2012; 6 October 2012; 17 October 2012; ]

Word has gone out about the ACT heats of the Australian Poetry Slam competition which will culminate in much hoopla at the Sydney Theatre:

For the first time ever the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has three Australian Poetry Slam heats throughout September and October. Showcasing some of Canberra’s finest poets these heats will decide who will [...]

Bad! Slam! No! Biscuit! September! 2012!

By 16 September 2012

[ 19 September 2012 at 7:30 pm; ]

It seems no laws of god nor man can restrain BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT!

BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! wakes from torpor to bring you the GODZILLA edition.

You may not know why, Why, WHY!

So bring your poems, your rants, your really short stories, your WHY did they have a baby Godzilla cartoon to BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT!

Because we want your words on [...]

August BAD! SLAM! @ The Phoenix

By 13 August 2012

[ 15 August 2012 at 7:30 pm; ]

We hear that madness and badness returns to The Phoenix this Wednesday for the best free night in town:

BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! launches into August The Month of Mystery.

With two microphones, a stage, an audience, judges, The Score Adder, Shakespeare, Prizes and your choice of beer, cider, spirits or water and cordial or water without cordial. This is [...]

July Bad! Slam! With bonus Rafe

By 10 July 2012

[ 18 July 2012 at 7:30 pm; ]

Last month’s Bad! Slam! No! Biscuit! featured a full brass band playing the poets in and out for what became a memorable evening despite the rivers of beer flowing.

This month facebook informs that RiotACT’s escaped musician Rafe Morris is performing. Which guarantees some good songs, but will he stay on duty providing the stings throughout [...]

Bad! Slam! No! Biscuit! Back at the Phoenix

By 6 June 2012

[ 20 June 2012 at 7:30 pm; ]

Facebook has the good news:

BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! is your poetry slam in June.

And that means bring your words, your crimes against poetry, your rants, your intent to coagulate on stage, your witticisms, your HERE I AM JUDGE ME BECAUSE I DON’T CARE FOR YOUR JUDGING, all for prizes, all for poetry, all for their poetry, ALL FOR [...]

Bad!Slam!No!Biscuit! May Edition

By 3 May 2012

[ 16 May 2012 at 7:30 pm; ]

Facebook brings word of returning mayhem:


That means, prizes, yes, prizes, for poetry, special prizes for poetry

And The Batman

Because we want you onstage with your 2 minutes, your original material, and your no props


Canberra Creatives: The Poets

By 5 March 2012

Poetry is rad
Especially haikus be-
Cos syllables rule
It’s a well known fact that poetry is sexy.  Children memorise limericks to steal a kiss from their primary school sweethearts, uni men don berets and recite Byron to the adoring eyes of uni women, even the oldies love to pull out a bit of bush poetry in order [...]

BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! Returns to the Phoenix

By 2 March 2012

[ 14 March 2012 at 7:30 pm; ]

Poetry is the new rock and roll. If you want to rock out at the poets BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! at the Phoenix is a great place to start. This from Facebook:



and that means we want your words in the Phoenix

AND YOU [...]

Bad Slam! No Biscuit! Returning to the Phoenix in 2012

By 10 January 2012

[ 18 January 2012 at 7:30 pm; ]

2012′s looking up already as facebook informs us the mirth and mayhem of slam poetry at The Phoenix returns:

And you have just killed a unicorn with your pick-up truck
that means it is BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! time.
“Why did you bring a cop to my command center? “
BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! gives you a microphone, a stage, an [...]

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