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Now the hipsters are getting into robbery

By 11 August 2012

ACT Policing has released CCTV images of the man believed responsible for the robbery at the Coffee Club in Belconnen Westfield on Wednesday (August 8).
At 5.35pm, a female employee was counting money after closing the café when a man walked behind the service counter. The woman tried to grab the money however the man pushed [...]

Easy money at the Belco Coffee Club

By 9 August 2012

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to a robbery at the Coffee Club in Belconnen Westfield yesterday afternoon (Wednesday, August 8).
At 5.35pm, a female employee was counting money after closing the café when a man walked behind the service counter. The woman tried to grab the money however the man pushed her aside and took the [...]

Dog walking during the day – Belconnen area

By 18 July 2012

I have a 7 month old Border Collie at home who is in need of day-time walks.
I walk her every evening, but it seems once a day isn’t enough as she has SO much energy and is taking it out on our yard.  We own another puppy who she plays with during the day, but [...]

Belconnen teenager charged with sexual assault

By 29 June 2012

A 19-year-old Belconnen man will face court this morning (Friday, June 29) over an alleged sexual assault of a child under the age of 16.
Police will allege the offence occurred between February 2011 and March 2011, when the girl was aged 13.
The man attended the Winchester Police Centre yesterday (Thursday, June 28), where he [...]

The Stanhope legacy owl returns to Belconnen

By 26 June 2012

We have the happy news that the “owl” has returned to Belconnen.
Would it even be Belconnen without an enourmous phallus on a major road?
It’s been away for repainting. Non Government political candidates in Ginninderra should form an orderly queue to be photographed with it from the worst angles.
Bonus points to the candidate using perspective tricks [...]

The Voice winner Karise Eden coming to Westfield Belconnen

By 26 June 2012

[ 8 July 2012 at 12:30 pm; ]

The winner of this years The Voice is coming to Canberra.

To celebrate the release of her debut album, My Journey (which features no original tracks), Karise Eden will be performing nationwide at selected Westfield centers.

She will be performing centre stage at Westfield Belconnen, Sunday 8th of July at 12.30pm. Factorie is sponsoring the [...]

Canberra Cellars rolled

By 12 June 2012

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an aggravated robbery which occurred at Canberra Cellars in Belconnen last night (Monday, June 11).
About 10.55pm a man entered the store on Luxton Street in Belconnen armed with a knife. He approached a staff member and demanded he place the till into a black duffel bag he had placed [...]

The view from Altitude


Rebecca was up on the top of the new Altitude development in Belconnen this morning and has sent in some stunning photos over Lake Ginninderra.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .

Belco-style workmanship. Images of Canberra


Gday, here’s a bit of good old-fashioned Belco-style workmanship, taken a few days ago on a lovely autumn morning on Beissel street.
[Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to ]

Parking Belconnen Style


Marcothepolopony has sent in this intriguing example of parking in Belconnen.
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Townsend Place closing at night because we’re filthy grubs


Territory and Municipal Services are warning that they’re going to have to close Townsend Place in Belconnen at night to try and ward off the disgusting illegal dumpers.
The ACT Government wishes to advise that Townsend Place at the intersection with Aikman Drive in Belconnen will be closed between sunset and sunrise from Monday 7 May [...]

Car Spam in Belconnen


For the 2nd time in less than a week my car has been spammed by useless numpties.
Parking in a car park in Belconnen these two fliers were left under the windshield.
Apart from being illegal (litter laws) they’re both annoying and dangerous.
For the second one, the fool who did it only put it slightly [...]

Mugged in Disney Court

By 15 April 2012

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an aggravated robbery which occurred early this morning (Sunday, April 15) in Belconnen.
Around 12.37am a 24-year-old man arrived at his home in Disney Court Belconnen after finishing work. As the man parked in his driveway he was approached by three men. The man had a brief conversation with the [...]

Woden and Gungahlin to keep their 40 zones. Belco, Tuggers and Civic to follow

By 12 April 2012

The ACT Government never met a trial it didn’t like.
So it should come as no suprise that Chief Minister Gallagher has announced the trial of 40 zones in Woden and Gungahlin is to be made permanent.
ACT Chief Minister and Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Katy Gallagher, today announced that the 40 kilometre [...]

The crimson tide sweeps over Belconnen’s Prince Palace


The seemingly unending waves of prohibition notices sweeping over the ACT in the wake of the Silo Laws enactment (restauranteurs will really be thanking the Silo Bakery team for pushing the envelope) has now hit the Prince Palace on Belconnen’s Emu Bank.
If you see a prohibition notice be sure to snap a pic and fire [...]

NBN rollout. To 2014 we wait (unless we live in Gungahlin)


Labor MLA Chris Bourke has tweeted the planned NBN rollout.
Coming up in Canberra is Belconnen, Crace, Civic, Deakin, Kambah, Manuka, Monash and Scullin.
Julia Gillard has announced she intends 135,000 homes, businesses, schools and hospitals to be connected in Canberra by mid 2014.
NBNco has an interactive map.
It appears outside of Gungahlin and Mitchell we’re all going [...]

The Teepee and the Belconnen Skyline. Images of Canberra


Daryl has sent in this shot of Canberra’s favourite student accommodation afloat on Lake Ginninderra at night by the light of the Belconnen skyline.
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Known Macquarie man nabbed behind his couch

By 19 March 2012

A 26-year-old Macquarie man was arrested yesterday afternoon (Sunday, March 18) for the robbery at a north side chemist in January.
About 8.20pm on Sunday January 29, a man entered the Ginninderra Pharmacy on Nettlefold Street, Belconnen, and walked to the rear. A staff member offered assistance to the man however when informed he would need [...]

Going early with Kony on Coulter Drive

By 15 March 2012

Some enthusiastic vandals have started on the whole Kony 2012 campaign before April 20 (let alone March 20!)
This is at the bus Stop on Coulter drive just after the intersection with Belconnen Way.

Great authentic Thai food at ayutthaya Belconnen

By 7 March 2012

enjoying Ayutthaya Belconnen

Belconnen unit ablaze

By 3 March 2012

ACT Fire & Rescue is on the scene of an apartment fire in College Street Belconnen.
Firefighters managed to contain the fire within the property then extinguish it.
There was no one inside when fire crews arrived on scene.
The unit has sustained substantial damage.
The cause will be investigated.
7:47pm Friday 2 March 2012
[Courtesy ESA]
UPDATE 03/03/12 12:06: And the [...]

In The Taratory wrap. February 2012

By 21 February 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

In The Taratory is a blog run by two 20-somethings who share the same name (can you guess what it might be?), bringing reviews of all things to experience in and around the ACT. Having just celebrated our six month anniversary and with 40 posts under our belt, it felt timely to, well, review our [...]

Rolling the belco petbarn

By 9 February 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

ACT Policing has released footage of a man suspected to have been involved in an aggravated robbery last Monday morning (February 6).
Around 9am a man entered the Petbarn store at the Belconnen Markets and requested to use the store’s phone, telling staff he was having difficulties with his car.
After using the store phone he informed [...]

Belco cop shop moving

By 30 January 2012

ACT Policing will officially move into its new Belconnen Police Station on the corner of Benjamin Way and Market Street this Tuesday, January 31.
Members of Belconnen Police Station will start their 7 am shift in the new purpose-built station adjacent to the Winchester Police Centre and Belconnen Markets.
Officer-in-Charge of Belconnen Police Station Sergeant Matt Corbitt [...]

Macquarie apartment fire – police investigating

By 28 January 2012

A quick response tonight by ACT Fire & Rescue crews has prevented an apartment fire spreading to an adjoining property in Macquarie.
Several units responded to the Blaxcell Place home after receiving an emergency triple zero call just after 11 o’clock.
On arrival firefighters forced entry and conducted a search but found nobody inside.
They quickly extinguished the [...]

Belconnen bag lifter gets stabby with the broken glass

By 26 January 2012

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an aggravated robbery of a man at the Belconnen Community Bus Station yesterday (Wednesday, January 25).
About 3.15 pm the 37-year-old man was waiting to catch a bus when he was approached by an unknown female asking for money.
After giving the woman some coins he noticed his bag missing. When [...]

Belco Bug Mania

By 25 January 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

On a morning walk, I noticed what I thought was mould or markings on one of the Dept of Immigration buildings (College St side, the older ones). Turned out though it was a colony of bugs!
I went back this morning to take a couple of photos – does anyone know what these are? Google gave [...]

Work to start on the Belconnen Enhanced Community Health Centre

By 13 January 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Chief Minister Gallagher is letting us know she has once again been out looking at things and work will commence soon on the Belconnen Enhanced Community Health Centre:
“The $51.3 million Belconnen Enhanced Community Health Centre will provide the Belconnen community with a contemporary healthcare hub,” the Chief Minister said.
“It will be a light, airy and [...]

Coppins Crossing, Gossan Hill, and Urambi Hills burns

By 12 January 2012

The ESA is warning that they’re blazing up at three locales across town tomorrow in an attempt to get fuel loads down while the fire danger is low:
The ACT Territory and Municipal Services directorate (TAMS) will conduct three controlled burns tomorrow, Friday 13 January, 2012 weather permitting at Coppins Crossing in Belconnen, Gossan Hill [...]

Ikea dreams on Nettlefold Street?

By 11 January 2012

Naomi’s sent in this pic with the following note:
I work in Belconnen and have been walking past a major building construction for the past couple of months. When it first started I asked the workmen what was being built and they said it was apartments. Today it was being painted Ikea blue and looks the [...]

Commuters locked out of UC parking

By 21 December 2011

Commuters who currently park and ride using the abundance of free parking on Bimbimbie Street (off College Street) might be interested to know that UC are in the process of locking down their carparks for the exclusive use of students and staff.
Boom gates are currently being installed, and once operational will require a student/staff pass for access.
As a [...]

Wild drunken truck ride

By 21 December 2011

A 28-year-old Harrison man will be summonsed to court for drink driving after police pulled him over yesterday evening (Tuesday, December 20) driving a truck with five passengers on board.
About 6pm, members from Belconnen Police Station were on mobile patrol on Ginninderra Drive near Florey. They observed a white Mitsubishi rigid table truck turn [...]

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