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The No Bell Bicyclists

By 27 December 2012

An encounter today on the shared footpath/bicycle caused a bicyclist who had no bell. We did not hear him coming from behind. I asked him where his bell was. He said he didn’t need one as it didn’t fit on his bars.
Well here is what you need under the ACT Road Rules:
258 Equipment on a [...]

NCA puts on a show for Christmas eve

By 17 December 2008

[ 24 December 2008 at 6:00 pm; ] The NCA is ringing the bells for a big Christmas Eve concert at the Carilion.

Some of you will be assembling complicated toys, I will be showing Notorious BOG all the new bars that have opened since in Canberra in the many years since he departed for Japan. But if you’re after something in between then [...]

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